Identity Politics and Pets

It seems to me that lately, Identity Politics is being talked about, concerning us rednecks.  Sophisticated folks are concerned that we, the simple people, don’t know how to sift through all of the information and make an educated choice. Apparently, we are also put into the basket of single issue-voters as well. I guess the decisions that we make and the people we vote for, don’t align with want the city folk want. Concurrently, there’s not enough diversity in the countryside according to the blue team, for them to call out for support. The thing is, if we don’t self-identify into a supposed marginalized group, for ease of identification, then how are these politicians supposed to know who and what to talk about. The politicians have to be able to change their personalities and their values at the drop of a hat, depending on whatever flag that group rallies around.

You know, when you have a pet, and from time to time, you might project your personality on that pet, I think these politicians see us as their pets. Since they view us as their subordinates, instead of their peers or superiors. If you’re a woman, black, hispanic, gay, a foreigner, then you need to be on the blue team, according to them. The red team, is just a gaggle of backwards and missing teeth hicks, if you listen to the media and the blue team. If you aren’t a straight, white male, Christian then the blue team will quickly tell you, that there is only room for you on their team. Kinda like and akin to the blue team having signs for certain areas, that say red only. Self-segregation, that’s what they do. They don’t allow any room for their constituents to think for themselves.

If you step out of the blue team, they will quickly and sternly, tell you to heel. Like when your pets get out. They will yell at you, tell you to sit and stay, until they can catch you. If you do decide to follow their instructions, and return to their team, they will make you sleep outside in the cold, for a while, until they feel that you’ve paid your penance to them. That’s what the blue team is all about, you gotta roll over and expose your belly to them. Only when you succumb to their demands, are you allowed to join that team, but only under their demands.

Identity politics and pets, they seem to fit together in today’s atmosphere of single-issue voters, cores and bases. All words and labels, of how they see us, not how we see them. Because, it’s their perception of us that is paramount, if they can’t put us in the white bucket, black bucket, the Mexican bucket, the gay bucket or the woman bucket, then how will they know how to talk to all of us at the same time. Politics and politicians, all it is basically is us interviewing them for the job, not the other way around. Maybe it’s time they start sleeping out in the cold for change.


Elon Musk, is a very inspiring businessman. He is a maverick and he is intelligent. Elon, has achieved more in the alternative fuel arena than any other person has up to this point. He is on a streak of success that doesn’t seem to be coming to an end for the foreseeable future. With every win he earns, he becomes bolder and bolder, never resting on his laurels. If Elon can say anything, it is that he puts his money where his mouth is, never asking for a handout, and allowing his products to do their own advertising. The products that he has developed and produced have garnered a loyal following in their short life, so far. Elon, doesn’t ask for do-overs, he either succeeds or he fails, either way, he does it himself, with his own money and his own interest.

Other products, developed by other people or groups survive on interest alone without any real history of success or backed by any tangible products, rather ideas. Bitcoin and cyber currency, have been getting a lot of free press and advertising as of late. While Bitcoin and other cyber currencies have increased in value. It seems that now they are simply imbuing people into buying into the cyber currency game. Maybe it will continue on its ascent, or it may plummet. Only, the cyber currencies futures will tell. But, with all of the free advertising Bitcoin and others are receiving, it seems to me, that the value is only going up due to public interest, which changes as the wind blows. If Bitcoin is artificially inflated, then the drop will be dramatic and devastating.

Bitcoin, is not the first attempt at a currency, not controlled by any country or government. I don’t know what will happen with it or other such currencies. But, I do know one thing and that is, by the time I find out about the latest investing trend, it is already too late to invest and expect any decent return on my risk and investment. I think all of the free press and free advertising being spoken about around the water cooler is simply to get more investors and hope to propel its value even higher. If someone buys into Bitcoin, you will surely hear about it. And they will feel imbued to teach all of their friends and family about their investment. Hopefully getting more people to buy in as well.

The biggest issue I have with cyber currency, is that it requires a want from someone else and it relies on electricity and an internet connection to trade it. I cannot hold it in my hand, and I cannot trade it as I would a tool, food, or another type of physical thing. I acknowledge that I am more or less uneducated in the arena of currency investment. But for a simpleton like myself, if I cannot physically use it, then it is a nice to have and not a need. I can easily use, trade or sell a hammer at the flea market or another venue. I’m sure that selling currency either physical or on the market can be done easily as well. However; if I have to try to convince someone as to why they could use cyber currency, then I have already lost on my investment. If an investment cannot sell itself, then it is no longer an investment, it has now become a burden.

Tesla Incorporated is a successful company because they offer something that no one else does. They are also a quality company, they don’t just release anything for the sake of a quick profit. Tesla, is proven, and it is real. It offers power and transportation. Tesla is tangible, expensive, but still physical. Bitcoin and other cyber currencies, are not tangible, but they can buy tangible things. Cyber currency might be the way of the future, but since we are not there yet, it may be replaced with another more legitimate cyber currency, that is backed by something other than a code. And managed by a central body.

If Bitcoin contuse to rise, then I will remain the same, as I have not invested, so I will not gain or lose. If it plummets, again, I remain, as I did the day prior. Good luck to those who have invested, I wish them the best.

The Oxymoron of Bernard “Bernie” Sanders

In the last election cycle, Bernie Sanders an “Independent” Senator representing Vermont ran on the Democratic Party ticket, competing for the Democratic national nomination for the 2016 Presidential Race. Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” who is supposedly part of the Independent Party. There is nothing independent about socialism and there is nothing democratic about socialism. Bernie Sanders is using the same ploy that chameleons do. Which is to blend in to their surroundings to avoid predators, but also to get close enough to their prey to devour them easily. Both blend in, fooling both their predators and their prey, until it’s too late.

Why didn’t Bernie Sanders just run as a member of the Socialist Party, or the Socialist Party of America? And why does he continue to mask his true intentions by remaining an Independent? Why would such a devote socialist disguise himself and his ideology in the Independent Party? Probably because that is exactly what socialists and socialist governments have been doing for over 100 years. Bernie Sanders, like all socialists, communists, fascists, Maoists and every other crooked ideology in human existence has done. They do this to fool their own people into thinking that they will be propelled to greatness, but only if they give in to these twisted ideas.

Independence is the exact opposite of socialism, democracy is also the exact opposite of socialism. In all and every single socialist country and government, the will of the people is overlooked for the supposed betterment of the state and the enrichment its leaders. So, when a Socialist or a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, aligns themselves with the Independent Party and then runs on the Democratic Party ticket. I think we need to wonder why he or anyone wouldn’t willfully just run on their own platform’s ideal’s, and remain in the party that they claim is better for America. Is Bernie Sanders scared that he won’t win any elections if he was to run on the Socialist ticket?

Bernie Sanders isn’t the only politician that has pulled this type of contempt and two-faced strategy to win and gain power over us. If a certain ideology is truly the answer, then it should win every time, easily and handily. And those politicians that espouse those ideas should compete in their exact party, not masking their ideology behind a convenient moniker. But instead, just more camouflage, lies and contempt for us, the citizens of the greatest nation in the universe.

My Concern with the Recent Decision on Net Neutrality

Lately there has been a lot of discussion on the pros and cons of Net Neutrality and the recent decision to revoke Net Neutrality. Everyone has an opinion and not everyone knows what they are espousing. It seems yet that again, we have been bamboozled into choosing sides of an argument that the majority of people don’t truly fully grasp. Also, it seems to me the majority of people talking about this are simply regurgitating talking points that they have heard from their favorite media personality. I also don’t fully understand how this will play out and I don’t know what each argument brings to the table for constructive decision making. The biggest flaw that I take away from the whole for and against Net Neutrality is how it was instituted and how it was revoked.

Net Neutrality was both invoked and revoked without any legislative legal process. It was brought about and enforced and now revoked with merely the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) creating and rolling back regulations. The government employees that voted on it were never elected by us, the people. It was voted on inside of the FCC. Another example of government getting too big and too powerful, that laws and regulations can be legally created and enforced without ever going through the legislative process.

That is my biggest problem with Net Neutrality, whether it is enforced or it is revoked. The “free market” will move forward with this latest decision, and only time will tell how successful it is. I think there is a lot of misinformation out there on both sides. But the simple fact that any government agency can decide on regulations without any legislative processes being followed by our elected representatives continues to solidify my fear in our juggernaut government.

If this type of government overreach continues, then who knows how far they will go. The FCC is not the only guilty agency, many of our government agencies enact regulations the same way. I may not always like or agree with any law, but it must go through the legislative process in order to be considered a law and enforced as such. If the FCC can sidestep the legislative process, then any government agency can, will and have. Who should have the power to create laws and regulations, government employees or our elected representatives? Instead of fighting amongst each other, why are we not calling out these agencies and our elected representatives for this yet another example of our government refusing to represent us, the people?

A Mirage

A mirage, an illusion, fog and low cloud cover. They all trick us into thinking that we see something that we want to see. The human mind is the trickster, the human spirit and the human soul is what is real. We all want to control our own lives, sometimes we give up too much in the name of convenience for a small grasp of control. Whether we allow ourselves to be fooled into using the latest gadget or we allow ourselves to be brainwashed into thinking that the fire won’t burn us if we approach it at a certain angle. The forces that push and pull us do so with everything else in the universe. Fire burns in all directions, if you don’t don the appropriate protective gear, then you will be burnt.

Allowing ourselves to think that we can control anything outside of ourselves, is letting someone else control what’s inside of you. It’s the day after Christmas 2017, and today the stores will be packed with shoppers. Looking for that next deal, searching for the latest marked down items of the season. All of us realizing that if we can save 75% off, then we are the ones making out over the stores. Any day of sale is a day that we are fooled into thinking that we are saving our money by spending only a fraction of it. The deals are everywhere so come on in for the steals!

All of it being counted and analyzed by the power brokers. How many shoppers, how many men, women, children, black, white, gay, transgender all of it being counted as we save our hard-earned money. It’s all a game of mouse trap, will we be zapped or will we get the small morsel of cheese? None of us is immune from this speculation of human behavior. We all need and we all want. But how much are we willing to pay for our conveniences and indulgences in life?

Today the top currency is personal information, that is what fetches the most power. Personal information and human behavior, we carry it around in our pockets, we use it to tell us how to get somewhere and we even post it on social media. All for free! And all at the cost of our own personal lives. These are the traits of spies and partisans communicating and passing along information to sabotage the enemy and halt them in their tracks. Now, instead of sabotage against a known enemy, we embrace it to help us relax and have the illusion of a small piece of control of our own lives. But wait, a text, a call, one like and more and more. Human behavior is the prize and the sales and deals are the illusions and mirages that lure us into the trap.

Commodities, to each of us they may be something different or we could agree on some or most. Commodities to me serve an immediate need, food, shelter, family, defense and a belief in God. Those are my commodities, I try to stick to them whenever I am faced with a decision of whether or not to buy. I am flawed and I have also been lured into the trap. We all are, we all want and desire something. Used to be that convenience only got you diabetes from eating too much fast food, in the name of convenience. But now convenience is being wielded as safety, security and control. We all managed up to this point, why now do we reach out for more and more, acting as if we don’t care about the true price of things.

The true price is you and me, we are the commodities that are sought after by the highest bidder, our information, medical history, habits, our likes and our dislikes. What we cherish and what we decline. All of it being stored, studied and waged against us every day.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

It’s Christmas Eve 2017, today thousands of years ago Joseph and his wife Mary will be traveling from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Joseph, being a descendant of King David, hails from Bethlehem. He is taking his young wife Mary to Bethlehem to register for the census imposed by Caesar Augustus, to ensure that all subjects of the Roman Crown paid their taxes in full. Once Joseph and Mary will reach Bethlehem, the inn will already be to capacity, so they will look elsewhere for shelter. Eventually, after finding no one to grant them quarter, they will find shelter in a stable, amongst animals. The humblest of settings for Jesus, the Savior of man to be born.

Early tomorrow morning, Jesus will be born in that same stable, he will be placed in a feeding trough for animals, a makeshift manger. An angel will appear in the early morning sky to shepherds watching over their flocks, to tell them that the Savior, the Messiah has been born. Suddenly a whole group of angels will appear over the shepherds saying “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men!”. The shepherds will hurry to the stable, to witness for themselves the birth of Jesus. Once they see Jesus, they will quickly spread the word of the Saviors birth.

A star will appear in the sky, signaling the birth of Jesus. Wise men will see the star, and tell their King, King Herod of the news. King Herod upon hearing of Jesus, will order the wise men to find this Jesus and report back to him so he can also worship Jesus. The wise men will travel to Jesus, following the star that will signal to the world that Jesus has been born. Upon their arrival, they will be completely taken aback and feel suddenly and completely humbled in his presence. They will present gifts for him, gold, frankincense, and myrr, the finest items the ancient world has to offer. Once the wise men’s visit will have come to a close, they will decide to take a different route home, avoiding King Herod. King Herod will have sent them there in hopes of finding where Jesus is, so he can kill him and keep his throne of Judea.

Joseph will then take Mary and Jesus to Egypt to escape King Herod’s wrath. Once king Herod is dead, they will return to Nazareth.

God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity, three in one and one of three. Even before the birth of Christ, the Romans, Egyptians and many other rulers had been killing the Jews and anyone else who spoke the name of God in heaven. Fearing that God would replace them as the King of all men. Thousands of years ago, like today Jews and Christians face persecution for our beliefs. Before Christ (B.C.) and Anno Domini (A.D.) Latin for “In the year of the Lord”. Christmas, Christ Mass, celebrating the birth of Christ, the savior of men. The signs are everywhere for the proof of God, Jesus is even cited in the Quran, all we must do is open our hearts to accept him as our lord and savior and ask forgiveness for our sins.

Jesus died for our sins, all we must do is accept him into our hearts and we are forever saved from eternal damnation. We are all born into sin, it is our free will that allows us to accept Jesus Christ or ignore him. We mark our time by Jesus’s time here on earth, we celebrate his birthday, Christmas, and he sacrificed himself and his son so that we may be saved. We can only be saved upon accepting him into our hearts. It’s an individual choice for each of us to make.

Just being Christian does not absolve us of sin. It takes work to try to be a good Christian.  We are all sinners, as am I, as are you, as are we all. I try not to sin, but sometimes sin is easier or more palatable in the moment. I know that I am flawed, and that I am a sinner. I work to make the right choice and sometimes more often than not, I make the wrong choice. We all have free will, it is how we decide to use that free will, that will dictate where we will spend eternity. That is my belief. I will pay for my sins, and I pray for my forgiveness. I pray for myself as I pray for my family, friends and sometimes even my enemies. Hopefully, when I am being judged before God, I will have worked off enough of my penance to be admitted into heaven. Ultimately, I will pay for my sins on earth, one way or another.

I hope that each and all of us can be admitted into heaven.

Merry Christmas everyone, may you and your family be blessed and loved.

“If You Don’t Work, You Don’t eat”!

If you don’t work, you don’t eat. If you don’t eat, you will fall apart and eventually die. We all have to work in some form or fashion to sustain our lives and our way of life. Why don’t more people serve in the military, police, firefighters or emergency medical technicians, or another type of civil service? I understand that not everyone is fit to serve in one capacity or another, but why can’t more young people step up to the vast plate of civil service? Civil service also provides an accelerated pathway to citizenship. There are many facets of civil service and they all serve the people of America. I think if more people would serve in some capacity or another then we would be much farther along and we would be an all-around better country.

When they stopped the military draft, in 1973, it was simply for political purposes. Since the end of the military draft our country has suffered. I cannot understand why people would not want to serve. If you don’t serve in some capacity, then why should you have a say in anything? Without the selfless people that have since volunteered to serve before us, the people and the nation, then we would have been long forgotten. It is because of selfless service that we are still surviving. As an all-volunteer military, we are still the strongest and the best, but for how long? What if every young person chose to serve? If you don’t directly serve in any capacity then why not support those who do step up and serve?

People now fight over college and healthcare. But if the majority was to volunteer to serve in the military, upon separation your healthcare would be provided by the Veterans Administration and your college would be paid in full. Just being able to satisfy and quell those two points of contention would benefit our country as a whole and it would save money for our delicate budget. Why not serve, and see the world or get the chance to work alongside different people? Civil service matures and creates a strong and diversified people that can work together and accomplish anything.

Civil service, I would argue creates a better person and provides the momentum from within for our country to continue to prosper and lead the world. For almost any government job, selective service registration is mandatory. What is so bad about selective service and why aren’t women expected by law to register for selective service? The purpose of selective service is to be able to identify and gather people to react to any national emergency. If true equality is what we want then why are we holding women back from registering? Why are more people are not compelled to serve? It is more than likely for so long people have gotten used to handouts and rights, without ever having to earn either?

Rights are granted at birth and simply refusing to serve does not void those rights. But what about showing gratitude for those rights and showing appreciation for every man and woman before you that volunteered to ensure those rights would be passed down to you? If we don’t work how can we expect to eat. If we don’t eat we will surely die and become a forgotten people. If we don’t step up and volunteer to serve, no matter the person’s motivation then more and more will refuse to serve. Eventually our protection and sustenance will be sought after by mercenaries and contractors, their allegiance is only to the highest bidder. Service from within produces a better society throughout, for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. Merry Christmas.