Amazon Prime

I love online shopping, so convenient, so much to choose from and so easy to find what I want (no matter how obscure). I hate waiting in line, I hate driving from store to store, finding a parking spot, looking for what I want, it’s just disappointment amplified. Before I know it, the day is over and I have driven all over the town, wasting gas and most importantly my time. That’s why I would rather shop from home, endless choices, sizes, colors and almost every online store offers free shipping.

The online shopping experience is vast, there’s a lot of competition (everybody price matches). Ultimately the customer wins every time, and on the off-hand chance your purchase doesn’t pan out, just mail it back for a refund. No waiting at the customer service desk, no driving, no traffic just peace and harmony from the comfort of your home. Online shopping is forcing the market to serve the customer, not forcing the customer to choose from what the brick and mortar store has in stock. No more waiting to see if there are any left in the back. Our time is fleeting and our time is precious, why waste it waiting on someone else to get you what you want.

I hate going to the DMV, I hate going to the pharmacy, I hate waiting in line, I hate waiting to talk to someone and hoping that they will be professional enough to do their job. I wish I could apply the ease of online shopping to every aspect of my life. I can make my own decisions on what I want to spend my time and my money on faster and better than someone else dictating what I must spend my money on. How revolutionary would it be if online shopping was used for every aspect of my life, not only could I read reviews about a certain healthcare plan, power plan, cable company, internet service provider or maybe who offers the best water. I would be able to make informed decisions about what is important to me, compare plans and brands, and chose only what I want, only what I will use, nothing more and nothing less. Wishful thinking on my part, I know. But Amazon Prime has opened my eyes to the possibilities, and it has slowly brought Walmart to its knees.

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