Hooked on Phonics

I’ve never used hooked on phonics, but I do remember the commercials back in the 1990’s when I was a wee lad. Hooked on Phonics advertised faster learning, easier comprehension and ultimately a life fulfilled and success. Who knows, maybe if I was hooked on phonics back then, I would be dictating this thought, rather than typing it myself like a chump.

But anyway, I digress, phonics and comprehension are very important to communicating and expressing ideas, filling complaints and making recommendations clearly and concisely. The English language as a whole is a true thing of beauty, so much so that the power that the English language commands and empowers its users that the entire world runs and depends on the English language. As people like to say “Words Matter” and they do, but words alone cannot hold power without grammar. Law is written with grammar, whether that grammar is coherent is another conversation. I would argue that grammar matters in a world that gets dumber with every new invention and every new generation is dumber than the last.

Laws are proposed, amended, written and enforced with grammar, grammar matters more than feeling, thoughts, intent and affiliation. Grammar can enslave the masses; however, it can also empower the individual to challenge their own government. Grammar above all is the opposing thumb of the intelligent and the Achilles’ heel of the idiots, never letting them express themselves as they want to be heard.

Instead of listening to words and phrases, listen for and to the grammar it makes a world of difference and empowers the everyday user to truly understand and comprehend what is taking place around them in real time. It allows us to keep the government in check and remind them that they work for us. Grammar was used to create the United States Articles of Confederacy, then the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and every piece of legislature therefore. Grammar is what elected representatives use to battle each other and try to confuse us. Let’s use proper grammar against them and get what we want for a change. The longer we allow them to use grammar against us the longer we will be beholden to them.

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