Kiddos, funny little people that will one day grow up and take care of us (one way or another). Kids are great, kids are interesting but most of all kids are exhausting. I have a few myself and I’ve never been so sleep and sex deprived since I was a teenager.

When my wife showed me the pregnancy test, I was so elated. Happy and excited to be pregnant, it would be nine long months until our child would be brought into this world in another country on another continent. There is something amazing about a pregnant woman, her full breasts, wide hips and a constant glow. My wife’s body was young, fertile and healthy, I was her lucky husband. The beauty of a young healthy pregnant woman is truly breathtaking.

It seems that as time progresses women work to look pregnant and fertile without the belly and without ever getting pregnant. It’s a trick on men, full breasts, wide hips, glossy lips and a suntan. Even though we know consciously that she is not pregnant, the caveman inside of our savage DNA tells us she is ripe and ready to bear children.

It’s 2017 and almost 2018, but for some reason killing kids seems to be at an all-time high in our country. When people talk about a retirement plan or healthcare for some reason kids are left out of the picture. Our kids should be our retirement accounts, we take care of them and they take care of us. It’s how we respect and care for our elders. Kids, they are the future and they are our lives.

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