Encyclopedia Britannica

When I was a kid in school, the only way to prepare and write a book report was to spend thousands of dollars on a set of encyclopedias, or go to the public library in town to use their encyclopedias. Encyclopedias had everything, they were organized and indexed alphabetically, so if you knew how to use the dictionary and knew your ABC’s then finding which book in the encyclopedia to use was the easy first step. Flipping through the encyclopedia was entertaining as well, so much information, facts and research all in one library of books. Some of the information was biased and some wasn’t, but overall it was the standard.

My parents were frugal, due to my dad being the one that worked for a paycheck and my mom stayed home to care for us. The encyclopedias we had were second hand from some family friends. My parents enjoyed telling us to look it up in the encyclopedia or dictionary whenever we required more information. The lesson they taught us was look it up for yourself, don’t depend on somebody to tell you what anything is. A valuable lesson I hope more parents impose on their children.

Today though it seems that access to information requires a healthy level of distrust. Everywhere you turn people and organizations are working hard and spending a lot of money to consciously and subconsciously sway your opinion and ultimately decision. This weekend an interest piece was released, it was hosted by a supposed news agency that looks more like smut magazine with every report they publish. It was led by a supposed honest and excellent pollster. It is being hailed as a valuable insight into the mind of the conservative, Christian Alabama voter for the upcoming election on Tuesday 12 December 2017. Every person on the panel was white, every person on the panel was a Christian and every person on the panel was a conservative. They discussed recent allegations, and their views on the validity of the allegations. They also had to defend their decision to support a certain conservative candidate.

On the outside, it seemed rather transparent and honest. But why was every person on the panel white? Why was every person on the panel a Christian? Why was every person on the panel a conservative? The Pollster that led the discussion got emotional at times, demanding why they had chosen the one candidate over the other? Was he hoping that the people at home watching this train wreck would become emotional as well. Was it to continue to vilify the white, Christian, conservative citizen? Not very transparent in my opinion. Not very honest either. The public and private sector have been spending billions of dollars to control us for a long time. In the past year, they have upped the ante, and are spinning even harder than before. Letting someone else tell you why something is or isn’t credible is never a good decision, you’re only allowing them to control your life and the lives of your family.

Independence is what we declared and demanded from the crown, independence is what we have earned. Independence is not a privilege it is our birthright as citizens of our magnificent country that is great from sea to shining sea. Independence is what my parents taught me when they told me to look something up myself. The encyclopedia had no restricted mode, it was information that was required for a student to study to compose a report. Independence, without it we are dependent, our parents will pass away one day, if they continue to tell us the answer every time, we will never be independent.

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