I remember attending church and bible school when I was a child. I remember the sermons being long and boring, I hated getting dressed up just to sit in the pews for what seemed like an eternity. We only attended church for a short period of my life. When I was older I asked my father why we stopped going, from what I understood there was a lot of hypocrisy and drama surrounding the flock. When my family stopped attending church, they got together with friends every weekend to participate in a bible study. It was fun for us, since we played outside while our parents discussed God, the bible and how we fit into God’s plan. Back then church was mainstream, almost everyone attended and if you did go to church you made sure that people knew you went to church.

Church is still big depending on where you are, God, religion and faith are being pushed away though. They are quickly being replaced with science. More and more people are buying into the idea that religion and faith are for the weak minded individual. It’s cool to make fun of God now. It’s cool to promote science as the next coming. In the year 2017, man has accomplished so much, and man’s progress is gaining in momentum at break neck speeds. Everywhere you turn people who are not scientists are quoting science as fact. It seems that to believe in science requires a lot of faith in the scientists and the science that they practice. The theories that they develop, the tests that they run, everything behind closed doors wearing white lab coats.

The relationship between science and God is close to the same, but very different. People who believe in science and discount God or religion do so with a healthy dose of faith. Faith in man, faith that man controls all, faith that man would never lie. If faith in men has taught us anything over the years, it is that hoping one man or many men will deliver us from the dark ages. This has proven that man will always take and steal power, however and whenever they can. I wonder how science is practiced in North Korea and how they inform their citizens about the science they conduct. Science is important, but total devotion and obedience to science is total obedience to man.

Hubris is what allows people to believe that they understand and have the ability to know all. Science says we evolved from apes or fish or a single celled organism, but where is the proof. Is the proof merely hubris with an extra dose of peer pressure? There is no solid proof to speak of, nothing. The only proof that is cited is proof that requires explanation, a lot of explanation. Make up your own mind concerning these two matters and their relationship, most have already. Just ask yourself, will you be on the right side of history or not? Do you know the right side of history to be on? Science has changed vastly over the centuries, religion however has basically stayed the same. Ultimately, both have drama and killings in their history and both definitely require faith. Faith in man or faith in God? God allows man to discover science, God gave man free will. Faith in science alone enables man’s hubris. If man is flawed, then so is his science.

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