Customer Reviews

Buying anything anymore seems impossible without reading the customer reviews. I always refer to the customer reviews before I purchase anything, I work hard for my money and I demand the best product I can afford with my money. Almost every company posts their customer reviews, one of the first agencies to post customer reviews was The Better Business Bureau. Companies and products live and die based on customer reviews and customer loyalty. Customer input and desire is what drives any industry or product. The customer review is so important now, that companies will pay you to review their product, post it on your social media or promote it to your friends and colleagues. All from the comfort of your home.

Customer reviews are usually one sided, based on their intent and expectation for the product. Why can’t we have customer reviews for everything? The only issue with customer reviews is you don’t know the person writing the review, you don’t know their motivation for writing the review. Purchasing products is very personal and driven by want, need or popularity. When we make a decision on anything we want all of the relevant information that will help us to make the right choice. Commercials and advertisements are fraudulent, by the time the commercial or advertisement is published and ready for public consumption it has been vetted by a team of psychological professionals, then it is tested on an audience. If there are any issues between the two, it is worked out until it passes a margin of error or success.

Choices that are presented to us rarely happen in real time. Choices are presented to us loaded with their chosen answer before we are even approached. The desire to come across intelligent, relevant and popular is used against us to steer us in the chosen direction we need to go to come to their predetermined conclusion (on our own, or that’s what we think). There are outliers, but they are not the majority. Most of us want to go throughout our day avoiding conflict, with conflict comes adversity and consequence. We are already overloaded with our day to day lives, that when a question is posed to us, we seek out the answer with the least amount of resistance. This allows us to accomplish what we set out to do in the first place, and move on and away from the question.

Customer reviews, sometimes they are relevant to what we are looking for and sometimes they are not. Nevertheless, take them with a grain of salt and a heaping dose of cynicism. They are valuable and do help for the most part, but sometimes we need to look past the reviews of anything or anybody and decide for ourselves, or not. Just because someone tells you that you must decide between one or the other doesn’t mean that you have to. Ultimately you are the decision maker for yourself, true relevancy, true intelligence and true popularity is usually due to making your own choices based on what is important to you. Avoid group think and buzz words, they are the first indicators of weakness and gullibility.

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