Lead from the Front, or Get The F*** Out of The Way!

That’s what we demanded from our leaders during my tenure in the U.S. Military. Lead from the front, lead by example and set the standard. If they couldn’t do it, how could they expect us to? Is it just me or is American interest and motivation driven by both core values and manufactured and selective outrage when our core values and beliefs are challenged? But when they are challenged, they are poised in a way that we must surrender, not the politicians. Freedom, it’s what we all have earned as our birthright as citizens of our country. We also have rights that are unalienable, rights, not needs and not wants, rights and rights alone.

It seems that people want to challenge our rights and the validity of those rights as they are written and as they are practiced. A mere right does not involve or require voluntary participation. A right does however require responsibility and respect. Just because you don’t agree with someone, that doesn’t mean that they have less rights. Just because you invoke your right doesn’t prohibit someone else from invoking their rights against you. A lot of fighting and debate over rights that belong to us and no one else. Why is there so much fighting and debate over which rights are guaranteed, which rights are funded and what rule must be followed to retain those rights. Rights are rights, no matter what language is used against that argument, rights are rights.

All politicians and all media make a lot of money talking about which rights they support and which rights they don’t. Which rights they will limit and which rights they will bolster. Then they say, it’s up to the American voter to choose as to which one will prevail and which one will be diminished. As a citizen, I think no matter what rights there are whether I practice them or not, it is important to hold each of our rights equally and fairly and defend them as such. Why do our elected representatives get to divide us up then complain about division, men, women, minorities, sexual preferences, gender preferences etc. They segregate us into what demographic we fit into based on their opinion of us.

The fighting that happens between us when we allow them to segregate us when they chose the low hanging fruit issues that will get them votes. Why should we pay them just to enrage us? Although I will say that division and unity happen in synchrony. Division breeds competition, competition is what they require to win our votes. Division can be good or it can be bad. But why let them control our division, why can’t we divide them, let them fight it out and we can decide the winner. Everything they talk about is hyperbole anyway, they never follow through on 100% of their promises. They are not better than us, they are our employees, when was the last time any of them took a random drug screening?

Sure, they’ll give us a little buy-in, let’s make marijuana legal, but only at the state level, and if you come up positive on a random drug screening then your employer can fire you. Let’s have national reciprocity, but let’s go back and look at the list of names on the list and incentivize both public and private agencies and organizations to add names to the list of prohibited persons. Everything they promise is only a half truth, they say I’ll give you this, but you must give me that. Why are we paying these people to tell us when we can go outside and play? Why are expected to exercise expectation management for their deeds? Why can’t they show us what right looks like by practicing it themselves before they demand we accept their decisions. Maybe if they were held to the same standard legally and morally that we are then we might go along with them. But first we must lead them.

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