Destiny, and the Sins of the Father

No fate, but what we make for ourselves, Sarah Connor carved that into a wooden table in Terminator 2. Destiny, fate and the sins of the father, or the sins of our fathers. Is everything predetermined, or is there room for improvement and failure, based on past experiences, lessons learned, input and advice from varying sources? Are we all individual humans existing in tandem with each other? Or are we all the same based on key identifying features and easily identifiable groups living together associating only with our own kind? Theft, rape, murder and lies, what group of people are immune from these horrible traits that plague us? I don’t believe there has ever existed a people or society so clean and absolvent of these crimes against humanity in the entire history of the human race.

Everyone is born into this world with the capabilities to commit sin and crime, guilt and shame are natural feelings regardless of your own values and beliefs. Culture allows us to label and identify what will bring shame and guilt onto someone. Culture also allows for a path to forgiveness, it does not lay out a timeline, but the ways to forgiveness are clearly laid out. Forgiveness is never guaranteed and forgiveness might not be given by those whom we have wronged, but forgiveness can also be received from within. Forgiveness does not right the wrong, but allows forward momentum to attempt a more honest life.

We will never be absolved of guilt and shame, no matter who we are, we all know the difference between right and wrong. Blaming our parents for our perceived shortcomings, only allows the user of that logic to shift the blame from their free will to their parents. Absolving yourself of free will is usually not worth the cost of your free will. You never know when you’ll need it back, once you willingly hand over your own free will to someone else, the outcome is never good for anyone.

Free will decimates the idea of destiny and the sins of the father, although free will is easy to achieve it requires responsibility, awareness and respect to maintain your free will. If we constantly give our free will away for a false sense of security and safety, our free will, will continue to be harvested as the will of the people. We the people ultimately lose, since our voices fall on deaf ears. If we are not free then we have no voice and nothing to leverage to get our voices back. Be cognizant of what you sign up for and what you stand against, sometimes they are the same, but designed differently to deceive us.

The sense of safety and security is a sham, we want safety and security. But who’s responsible for our safety and security if we have free will? Free will allows for Theft, rape, murder and lies to happen no matter where we are. Free will means that you can only control your free will, you cannot control someone else’s free will. Dr. Ian Malcom in Jurassic Park simply stated “Life uh…. finds a way”. Good or bad, someone will always find a way. We cannot legislate human behavior, it is not predetermined and the gene pool does not control it.

People can try to put you on a path and direction for a certain outcome. But what if you forget or willingly refuse to turn left at the second red light? Promises of safety and security are as false as the people that preach them. To be safe and secure requires personal responsibility. Listen to people or professionals or don’t. It’s your choice, take advice or don’t take advice, still it’s your choice. Allowing someone else to choose for you will only result in eternal servitude and submission. Once you allow someone else to convince you that they know what is best, every time thereafter it becomes easier and easier to forgo your free will and freedom to choose, they will always know which buttons to push, so you will give into their wants and desires. Their wants and desires, not yours.

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