Guns, Community, Family and Success

Gun Control, such a hotly debated idea and such a hotly contested topic that it drives people apart. Community, a sense of belonging and a place to call home. Family, always being challenged as we attempt to progress or are forced towards progress. Success, measured by society and vilified by the rich and the poor alike to find a common enemy.

Gun control and the second amendment, the two are not related but pushed together always. To be pro-gun is often assumed to be white, Christian and privileged. Many might not realize but gun control has its roots in racism and keeping African Americans defenseless from the democrat militant arm Ku Klux Klan and other groups of people that would rather keep the black community disarmed and open to attack. Gun control is spun in a way to push a sense of safety and security, to curb senseless killing and death of innocent people. Who are the arbiters of gun control and what are their standards? Who will be in control of who gets a gun and who doesn’t? It’s a battle of the haves and the have nots. Guns are banned in France, yet Islamic extremists (ISIS) were able to bring fully automatic weapons in and kill innocent people without any barrier or obstruction. Why is it that the same people that are pro-choice are also pro-gun control and anti-death penalty? Quite ironic and senseless, but I guess that’s the logic of educated people. To question abortion is sexist, to question gun control means that your pro-murder. Why are abortions funded with tax payer dollars and the second amendment is challenged daily?

Community, where we all belong, or not, its personal preference. Used to be community was self-sufficient. Community was where stores were owned by people, people that we knew. Big box stores, online shopping and corporations have moved in. Invited by us and encouraged by us to grow bigger and bigger, all the while closing down small-town America. Community was our home, it was our neighbor, New York City for as big as it is, once every store in NYC was a family owned business. We’ve lost our sense of community, because we have lost our communities. Corporations are now giving the illusion of community with subdivisions, shopping centers, and nostalgic housing communities all with sky high prices. We work more than ever and drive farther than our mothers and fathers did, just to survive and maintain our lifestyles. We are all looking for where we fit in, and what community is nicest. But these communities are artificially inflated, money from out of state is pumped in to create a quiet and quaint shopping plaza, that has a bistro, chic boutiques and a play area for the kids. None of it is organic and none of it is questioned. Just enough pleasantness and debt to keep us coming back and working our lives away, in the hopes of a break somewhere along the line.

Family, what it is to you and what it is to me could be the same and it could be different. The nuclear family is under attack and has been for longer than we know. The nuclear family is often stereotyped and pulled apart to delegitimize each person in the family and cause chaos for ultimately the entire country. Even today in the “news” there will be stories of how much money and stress children will cost their parents, or how having kids negatively impacts the environment. Why is it that our mothers and grandmothers cook better than we do? Why is it that our fathers and grandfathers knew how to fix the car and the roof? Why do we practice argument points about politics in preparation for thanksgiving? Is it all in the grand scheme to pull families apart and slowly admit that your dad is racist? Forcing us farther and farther away from the people that raised us. Forcing us to swear off having kids of our own since we are so unstable that we wouldn’t want to have kids just so they can be screwed up as well. The nuclear family is the core of America, if we lose the nuclear family and traditional family values, then America will follow. If we have no direction then our country will have no direction.

Success, is success good or bad? Success is often brought up to pit us against them. The successful, the rich, the evil lying and maniacal rich and successful. If we know one thing about the rich it’s that they don’t deserve what they have. Just because we don’t have it, it’s not fair for them to have it. It’s a scary thing to think that the rich are getting over while we work hard for what we have. But at the same time what is the measurement of success and when is too much, too much? Who decides who is the rich one and who decides how they should pay for their success? Wealthy people regardless of who they are, are people just the same as us. Sometimes they inherit their wealth, sometimes they steal it and mostly they work harder than any of us to get to where they are. Rich people are like sports athletes, the ones who make it big are the ones that work the hardest. We might not see that hard work that they do to become rich or successful, or be drafted by a major team, but I guarantee that they worked harder than 99% of us to get to where they are. If they inherited their wealth, then it takes a smart person to hold onto wealth and to make it grow, a stupid person would party that money away quick. So why are the rich vilified? Probably because they are the outliers, they are not the majority. But if we continue to make the rich pay for us, one day we will be the rich ones and we will have to face the same as those before us. Are we ready to be vilified ourselves, have our homes ransacked and our mothers, wives and daughters raped, just because we worked hard? I am not ready for that type of economic cleansing in the name of socialism and equality.

Ultimately, each of these facets are intertwined and all are being persecuted and questioned. Once guns are banned then, we cannot defend ourselves from those who would bring harm upon us. Gun control puts an expiration date on every law-abiding person (never the criminal), once that expiration date passes then your rights are no longer your rights, gone forever. Maybe your neighbor will protect you. Once our community and sense of community is gone and out of our control, the civil engineers will build cities and housing areas nice enough that they won’t need walls to control us and keep us inside. Family, if the nuclear family is lost and destroyed then we will be dependent on the government, we will be dependent on Trump or Obama, it’s that simple. Success, if we continue to persecute success with taxes, then the premium to working hard will be diminished, why work hard to get somewhere financially just to be penalized with higher taxes? Innovation and excellence will be replaced with government workers and government corruption.

All are important to some of us, pick and choose what you want, but to deny the person to your left and right their right, wants and desires is the same as having your stripped away. If you read this entire thought and the first thing that went through your mind that the author sounds racist or some other ism or ist then you are actually that person. Whoever smelt it dealt it. If you put labels on people to quiet them then odds are you are what you hate the most.

2 thoughts on “Guns, Community, Family and Success


    I enjoy our words and agree with your comments. But, does that make me a ism or ist? I’m sure it does to some. Your doing a good job keep them coming.


    1. I appreciate the support and your comment. Whether we are a little ism or ist or a lot, I dont think that detracts from where we are and where we are headed. Labeling people with isms and ists is a passive aggressive tool to tell people that they are not allowed to communicate or participate. Doesn’t seem very inclusive or equal to me. Inclusivity means all, not some and zero preferences. I do appreciate your comments as this is what I am looking to achieve. Openness and honesty in an effort to acknowledge that we all disagree but we all need to remain neighbors taking care of our own families and shopping at the same stores in town. Our differences are not as important as our culture and traditions are.


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