A placebo is used to fool someone who believes they are sick or are ailing from something physical or mental into taking something that actually has no benefit and does nothing at all except pass though you like any normal food. The people who advertise and enforce placebos never administer them onto themselves. Merely planting the idea into someone that something is wrong with them so that they will give up something or buy something is a powerful tool. Lately there are a lot of placebos (paid powerful people) out there working day and night trying to convince us that we must give up our rights and our families. The situations are often posed as you versus them or that you are not going with popular opinion (supposed honest polls) all to make you feel alone and isolated from your family or fellow man.

It seems that more and more are being convinced to surrender generations of wisdom, knowledge and experience in the name of perceived intelligence and class structure. Simply stated, giving up on your parents and grandparents because they use certain words or phrases. All because we are constantly being berated about our racist and sexist past (perceived problem that needs fixing). We all are human and we all have our own experiences, and to simply discount your own family in the name of progress will only rip more families apart and create a new more ignorant generation. You can’t just simply abduct someone from their family, it will create more love and desire for someone to be with their family and learn from their family. But if you can convince someone that their family is holding them back or that their family is responsible for today’s disasters, then that person gives up their family on their own accord (placebo introduction and submission). That is truly evil power, and it happens more than we know.

Giving up our rights and our families means giving up generations of wisdom, knowledge and experience for something new that has no real record of wins and losses. If you simply ditch your family and your rights to jump onto some new ideology or some new perceived state of being for past transgressions. Then it will be that much easier for the generation that follows yours to dump you as well, all in the name of progress and equality. You never really know your doctor and their intentions or their shareholders. But to bare your soul to what is really a stranger and ask them to tell you how to fix your perceived shortcomings. Is opening yourself up to someone else’s intentions, allowing them to use you as a small insignificant tool in their larger plan. Turning to those who are not your family and true friends and letting them into your life and psyche means that they will offer you placebos for your perceived aliments that will guide you to their desires and not yours.

Convincing someone that they would be safer without guns or any means for defense against an offender requires a lot of mental gymnastics. But like families, they know that they cannot go door to door demanding our guns. That’s what the Nazis did before they started to round up the Jews and we all know what happened after that. So today instead of taking our guns from us, from behind bullet proof glass and elite security teams they paint a picture of Utopia. A peaceful land, where everyone gets along. Aggressiveness and crimes are simply non-existent since guns have been taken from their subjects. Whenever there is a gun control talk, they always forget about the criminals. Gun control only works on law abiding citizens. Gun control would only disarm a delicate and peaceful people, and expose us wholly to those that would bring harm upon us.

Convincing people that if you give up this, then we can progress to that. Means that today its guns and families, once those are gone what will the next thing on the chopping block be? Tomorrow it could be speech and art. Our country only continues to exist at the head of the table still practicing and operating on the same principles because of families staying together, wisdom, knowledge and experience being handed down one generation at a time. Guns have protected us from criminals and the government for over 200 years, to give up your right to defend yourself means your fate will always lie in the hands of those who would do you harm, as you are no one to them.

Socialism, communism and fascism are all quite recent and all have failed in every attempt. All put the desires and wants of the state over the basic human needs of the people, the people always lose. The first measure that they initiate is to disarm their people and separate them from their families. Before we had capitalism, there were monarchies. The savagery of the crown is what drove the founding fathers to draft the Articles of Confederacy and fight for the right to have our own country. Are we really ready to throw it all away or abandon it in the hopes and faith of progress? Once the American family is gone then our country is gone. The second amendment protects the first amendment, give up our second amendment and the country will fall to the highest bidder. America is the jewel of the world. But unlike the rest of the world, America is only as strong as its families are.

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