Brother Against Brother

The American Civil war was the bloodiest war our country has ever experienced. The number of Americans that died in the American Civil War was approximately 620,000. Almost as many American deaths as all other wars combined. It’s a scary thing to think about our country being ripped apart, brother against brother. Why America went to war against itself is often debated, whether it was over slavery, the industrial north and the agricultural south, or other reasons, or maybe a little bit of each. But what can never be truly known is why each person who fought on either side, decided to fight. They were all personal choices. Convictions that each man, woman and child had decided for themselves, or was forced upon them.

It seems that we are more divided now than since the surrender of General Robert E. Lee to General Ulysses S. Grant, marking the end of the war. Many still had contentious feelings towards the north, the Yankees and President Abraham Lincoln. Some still do, they hold onto their beliefs in hopes that one day things will change. Others are happy and pleased that the north being the supposed anti-slavery group won. But unfortunately, even after the American Civil War, it would be decades, almost 100 years until African Americans would enjoy the same freedoms as the whites. It is truly unfair, and it’s a shame that it took so long. Americans are equal by birth and equal by law.

But like the American Civil War, today choices are being made, and sides are being taken. Some have more influence than others. But everyone is on one side or the other, even those who claim no affiliation and zero responsibility for one side over the other. Ultimately, we must decide for ourselves, and weigh the benefits of every vote we cast. Some vote for, other vote against and more today, are deciding not to vote at all. It is my belief, that ultimately, we all must chose, one side or the other and vote for our choice. Not voting means that you have no say in anything and that you are voluntarily succumbing to any imposing régime. But at the same time, simply casting a vote for someone or against someone does not itself come with a dying allegiance to any ideology, person or party.

Those who fool us and spin to help their side win, do so to become rich. They never truly believe in their candidate, they just trick us into believing in their candidate. They make things personal, which in turn allows us to personally attack the other side that does not agree with us. Looking down from the stratosphere, it must seem quite comical, to see us fight amongst each other. As if we can really invoke change, true equality and fundamental fairness for all. Hoping that the candidate we chose to back will be the promised one, the one that will right all of the wrongs that plague us both socially and personally.

Why don’t we remain critical of every person that is elected, regardless of whether we supported them or not is completely inconsequential. Criticism and questioning of our representation is the healthy way to approach our fellow man. If we are as simple as blue and red, then why are we special enough to be saved? To continue to buy into the blue versus red scenario, just feeds more and more into believed division. Unity is not what we want, division and diversity is to be championed in any competitive market. Unity is surrender, and division is winning. The division we have, and the more we are able to live in any divisive community. Means that we will continue to thrive. Red versus blue only promotes violence and death. Let’s be neighbors who agree on nothing, but respect each other enough to let the other live in peace and harmony. The minute we demand that other live up to our example and ideology is the same time we are expected to live up to someone else’s ideology, no matter our opinion on the matter. To each their own, live and let live.

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