Conservatism is the New Punk

Conservatism is the new punk, and those who are conservative are more open minded and more inclusive than the left and liberalism. People who identify as conservative, are more worried about being left alone, than everyone conforming to our ways. Conservatives don’t care about what you do as long as it doesn’t interfere with their lives. Liberals and the left have more in common with Hitler and Putin, as they want to silence anyone who disagrees with them, on every topic. The left demands that we pay our hard-earned money for the dregs of society. Conservatives pay their own money if there is a cause that they want to contribute to. The liberals don’t want to spend their own money, they demand that we spend our money on their interests.

The Conservative right is marginalized by the liberal left, the right is subjected to prejudice and bigotry from the liberal left. If you want to piss of your parents, become a young republican or young conservative, they will go crazy trying to figure out why you are all of a sudden, a supposed racist or any other ism, ist or ic. They will attempt to label you in hopes of shaming you enough to bring you back to their oppressive side.

Conservatives don’t care if your gay, if your skin is a different color, whatever religion or lack of religion you worship, if you’re a woman or if you are handicapped. Conservatives just don’t care, as long as you leave us alone. That’s all we want, just leave us alone, we don’t bother you, we don’t boycott you. We don’t protest you and shout you down. Just leave us, our families and our money alone. That’s all that we want. The left is the party of Nazis. The left operates like the Nazis did before Hitler won the election. Stop being an ass and please just LEFT me alone you dirty leftist liberals.

Now let’s get drunk together and have some fun! Merry Christmas Everybody!

2 thoughts on “Conservatism is the New Punk

  1. benjamindallas554

    This is spot on! Although one thing missing is the many different ways leftists utilize censorship… Since they have about the same chance of winning the battle of ideas as they would pointing out a successful Socialist Nation, they instead try to control the language as another way to “shut up” opposing views rather then discuss them. Part of it you touched on with all the name calling (racist, xzenoph, homophobe etc). The other part of controlling the language comes from their never ending supply of failed bumper sticker phrases that they keep regurgitating over and over again. Like a “woman’s body is a woman’s choice”, or when they’re claim that Republicans are blocking access to birth control by simply saying they should pay for it or literally any of their gun control positions that make absolutely zero sense.


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