“But Mom, Diego, Chang, Gunther and the rest of the “Civilized World” are Doing It”!

Why is it, that whenever free college, free healthcare and gun control are brought up, people want to compare America to the rest of the World? Are we the ones that are behind? Or are we the ones setting the pace and tone for the rest of the world to follow? The critics of America and our “evil, greedy and capitalistic ways” always want to compare us to the rest of the world, as if what they are doing actually works. But if it actually worked, then why do they still look to us for leadership, mentorship and most importantly our money and our military strength?

Maybe, their ways are flawed. Is it possible that the very reason they criticize us is the same reason immature teenagers around the world criticize their parents, but still demand that their parents provide for them? America is the greatest country and ideology the world has ever seen and we still remain at the top because we are free. We remain at the top not because we bend to the rest of the world’s immature demands. But because we are free, we are capitalists and we have guns.

In order to make it in America, you must have grit, toughness and fitness. The grit to push through the tough times, persist and figure a way forward for yourself. Toughness to face financial setback, regulatory setback, and a lot of criticism and scrutiny. And fitness to remain flexible and always looking for the next challenge. The fitness to overcome and dominate whatever challenge lies in your way.

Misery loves company, and the rest of the world is very miserable. Miserable that they don’t allow their own people to decide for themselves. Miserable that they have been taken advantage of and that they cannot stop refugees, immigrants and the regular dregs of their own societies from taking advantage of their socialist ways. The European Union is failing, the Euro gets weaker every year. China depends on us for their survival, we make them do what we want, not the other way around. Mexico is a puppet of the cartels. The rest of the world is abysmal and their misery grows every day. But they are helpless to handle their own business, since they all are a gaggle of broken governments and broken societies.

In America, we have the freedom and choice to go to school for whatever we want. In America, we have the choice to decide on whatever healthcare plan we want, or don’t want. In America, we have the freedom to criticize our own government and protest our government officials.  Ultimately in America, we have the right and the freedom to say and vocalize that America is the worst country in the world. But even when we do that, we are not exiled from America. The citizens of America that criticize America’s ideology and freedom are merely immature troglodytes.

In final, in America we are free to choose what we want and what we don’t want. The choices are ours, so the outcome is also ours. The ownership of all of our personal choices is ours to harvest and ours to follow through on.  If we do not take charge of our own lives, our choices and our government, then one day we will fall. Demand ownership and responsibility of yourselves and ourselves. It is our only way to survive as the greatest nation the world has ever seen. We are blessed by God in heaven, thank God, every day for America and for being born an American in the greatest society of all time.

Merry Christmas.

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