The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

It’s Christmas Eve 2017, today thousands of years ago Joseph and his wife Mary will be traveling from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Joseph, being a descendant of King David, hails from Bethlehem. He is taking his young wife Mary to Bethlehem to register for the census imposed by Caesar Augustus, to ensure that all subjects of the Roman Crown paid their taxes in full. Once Joseph and Mary will reach Bethlehem, the inn will already be to capacity, so they will look elsewhere for shelter. Eventually, after finding no one to grant them quarter, they will find shelter in a stable, amongst animals. The humblest of settings for Jesus, the Savior of man to be born.

Early tomorrow morning, Jesus will be born in that same stable, he will be placed in a feeding trough for animals, a makeshift manger. An angel will appear in the early morning sky to shepherds watching over their flocks, to tell them that the Savior, the Messiah has been born. Suddenly a whole group of angels will appear over the shepherds saying “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men!”. The shepherds will hurry to the stable, to witness for themselves the birth of Jesus. Once they see Jesus, they will quickly spread the word of the Saviors birth.

A star will appear in the sky, signaling the birth of Jesus. Wise men will see the star, and tell their King, King Herod of the news. King Herod upon hearing of Jesus, will order the wise men to find this Jesus and report back to him so he can also worship Jesus. The wise men will travel to Jesus, following the star that will signal to the world that Jesus has been born. Upon their arrival, they will be completely taken aback and feel suddenly and completely humbled in his presence. They will present gifts for him, gold, frankincense, and myrr, the finest items the ancient world has to offer. Once the wise men’s visit will have come to a close, they will decide to take a different route home, avoiding King Herod. King Herod will have sent them there in hopes of finding where Jesus is, so he can kill him and keep his throne of Judea.

Joseph will then take Mary and Jesus to Egypt to escape King Herod’s wrath. Once king Herod is dead, they will return to Nazareth.

God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity, three in one and one of three. Even before the birth of Christ, the Romans, Egyptians and many other rulers had been killing the Jews and anyone else who spoke the name of God in heaven. Fearing that God would replace them as the King of all men. Thousands of years ago, like today Jews and Christians face persecution for our beliefs. Before Christ (B.C.) and Anno Domini (A.D.) Latin for “In the year of the Lord”. Christmas, Christ Mass, celebrating the birth of Christ, the savior of men. The signs are everywhere for the proof of God, Jesus is even cited in the Quran, all we must do is open our hearts to accept him as our lord and savior and ask forgiveness for our sins.

Jesus died for our sins, all we must do is accept him into our hearts and we are forever saved from eternal damnation. We are all born into sin, it is our free will that allows us to accept Jesus Christ or ignore him. We mark our time by Jesus’s time here on earth, we celebrate his birthday, Christmas, and he sacrificed himself and his son so that we may be saved. We can only be saved upon accepting him into our hearts. It’s an individual choice for each of us to make.

Just being Christian does not absolve us of sin. It takes work to try to be a good Christian.  We are all sinners, as am I, as are you, as are we all. I try not to sin, but sometimes sin is easier or more palatable in the moment. I know that I am flawed, and that I am a sinner. I work to make the right choice and sometimes more often than not, I make the wrong choice. We all have free will, it is how we decide to use that free will, that will dictate where we will spend eternity. That is my belief. I will pay for my sins, and I pray for my forgiveness. I pray for myself as I pray for my family, friends and sometimes even my enemies. Hopefully, when I am being judged before God, I will have worked off enough of my penance to be admitted into heaven. Ultimately, I will pay for my sins on earth, one way or another.

I hope that each and all of us can be admitted into heaven.

Merry Christmas everyone, may you and your family be blessed and loved.

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