A Mirage

A mirage, an illusion, fog and low cloud cover. They all trick us into thinking that we see something that we want to see. The human mind is the trickster, the human spirit and the human soul is what is real. We all want to control our own lives, sometimes we give up too much in the name of convenience for a small grasp of control. Whether we allow ourselves to be fooled into using the latest gadget or we allow ourselves to be brainwashed into thinking that the fire won’t burn us if we approach it at a certain angle. The forces that push and pull us do so with everything else in the universe. Fire burns in all directions, if you don’t don the appropriate protective gear, then you will be burnt.

Allowing ourselves to think that we can control anything outside of ourselves, is letting someone else control what’s inside of you. It’s the day after Christmas 2017, and today the stores will be packed with shoppers. Looking for that next deal, searching for the latest marked down items of the season. All of us realizing that if we can save 75% off, then we are the ones making out over the stores. Any day of sale is a day that we are fooled into thinking that we are saving our money by spending only a fraction of it. The deals are everywhere so come on in for the steals!

All of it being counted and analyzed by the power brokers. How many shoppers, how many men, women, children, black, white, gay, transgender all of it being counted as we save our hard-earned money. It’s all a game of mouse trap, will we be zapped or will we get the small morsel of cheese? None of us is immune from this speculation of human behavior. We all need and we all want. But how much are we willing to pay for our conveniences and indulgences in life?

Today the top currency is personal information, that is what fetches the most power. Personal information and human behavior, we carry it around in our pockets, we use it to tell us how to get somewhere and we even post it on social media. All for free! And all at the cost of our own personal lives. These are the traits of spies and partisans communicating and passing along information to sabotage the enemy and halt them in their tracks. Now, instead of sabotage against a known enemy, we embrace it to help us relax and have the illusion of a small piece of control of our own lives. But wait, a text, a call, one like and more and more. Human behavior is the prize and the sales and deals are the illusions and mirages that lure us into the trap.

Commodities, to each of us they may be something different or we could agree on some or most. Commodities to me serve an immediate need, food, shelter, family, defense and a belief in God. Those are my commodities, I try to stick to them whenever I am faced with a decision of whether or not to buy. I am flawed and I have also been lured into the trap. We all are, we all want and desire something. Used to be that convenience only got you diabetes from eating too much fast food, in the name of convenience. But now convenience is being wielded as safety, security and control. We all managed up to this point, why now do we reach out for more and more, acting as if we don’t care about the true price of things.

The true price is you and me, we are the commodities that are sought after by the highest bidder, our information, medical history, habits, our likes and our dislikes. What we cherish and what we decline. All of it being stored, studied and waged against us every day.

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