My Concern with the Recent Decision on Net Neutrality

Lately there has been a lot of discussion on the pros and cons of Net Neutrality and the recent decision to revoke Net Neutrality. Everyone has an opinion and not everyone knows what they are espousing. It seems yet that again, we have been bamboozled into choosing sides of an argument that the majority of people don’t truly fully grasp. Also, it seems to me the majority of people talking about this are simply regurgitating talking points that they have heard from their favorite media personality. I also don’t fully understand how this will play out and I don’t know what each argument brings to the table for constructive decision making. The biggest flaw that I take away from the whole for and against Net Neutrality is how it was instituted and how it was revoked.

Net Neutrality was both invoked and revoked without any legislative legal process. It was brought about and enforced and now revoked with merely the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) creating and rolling back regulations. The government employees that voted on it were never elected by us, the people. It was voted on inside of the FCC. Another example of government getting too big and too powerful, that laws and regulations can be legally created and enforced without ever going through the legislative process.

That is my biggest problem with Net Neutrality, whether it is enforced or it is revoked. The “free market” will move forward with this latest decision, and only time will tell how successful it is. I think there is a lot of misinformation out there on both sides. But the simple fact that any government agency can decide on regulations without any legislative processes being followed by our elected representatives continues to solidify my fear in our juggernaut government.

If this type of government overreach continues, then who knows how far they will go. The FCC is not the only guilty agency, many of our government agencies enact regulations the same way. I may not always like or agree with any law, but it must go through the legislative process in order to be considered a law and enforced as such. If the FCC can sidestep the legislative process, then any government agency can, will and have. Who should have the power to create laws and regulations, government employees or our elected representatives? Instead of fighting amongst each other, why are we not calling out these agencies and our elected representatives for this yet another example of our government refusing to represent us, the people?

4 thoughts on “My Concern with the Recent Decision on Net Neutrality

  1. benjamindallas554

    You actually bring up a great point about the FCC that I never even considered. I was more focused on the smaller picture of how ineffective the law was. ISP’s continued to do what they’ve always done after the law was (temporarily) implemented by the Obama administration. They’ve been caught several times slowing down internet traffic and calling it a “mistake” while getting away with it. On the other hand, real net neutrality that actually worked would be beneficial to the ISP’s the free market and the consumers.


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