The Oxymoron of Bernard “Bernie” Sanders

In the last election cycle, Bernie Sanders an “Independent” Senator representing Vermont ran on the Democratic Party ticket, competing for the Democratic national nomination for the 2016 Presidential Race. Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” who is supposedly part of the Independent Party. There is nothing independent about socialism and there is nothing democratic about socialism. Bernie Sanders is using the same ploy that chameleons do. Which is to blend in to their surroundings to avoid predators, but also to get close enough to their prey to devour them easily. Both blend in, fooling both their predators and their prey, until it’s too late.

Why didn’t Bernie Sanders just run as a member of the Socialist Party, or the Socialist Party of America? And why does he continue to mask his true intentions by remaining an Independent? Why would such a devote socialist disguise himself and his ideology in the Independent Party? Probably because that is exactly what socialists and socialist governments have been doing for over 100 years. Bernie Sanders, like all socialists, communists, fascists, Maoists and every other crooked ideology in human existence has done. They do this to fool their own people into thinking that they will be propelled to greatness, but only if they give in to these twisted ideas.

Independence is the exact opposite of socialism, democracy is also the exact opposite of socialism. In all and every single socialist country and government, the will of the people is overlooked for the supposed betterment of the state and the enrichment its leaders. So, when a Socialist or a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, aligns themselves with the Independent Party and then runs on the Democratic Party ticket. I think we need to wonder why he or anyone wouldn’t willfully just run on their own platform’s ideal’s, and remain in the party that they claim is better for America. Is Bernie Sanders scared that he won’t win any elections if he was to run on the Socialist ticket?

Bernie Sanders isn’t the only politician that has pulled this type of contempt and two-faced strategy to win and gain power over us. If a certain ideology is truly the answer, then it should win every time, easily and handily. And those politicians that espouse those ideas should compete in their exact party, not masking their ideology behind a convenient moniker. But instead, just more camouflage, lies and contempt for us, the citizens of the greatest nation in the universe.

2 thoughts on “The Oxymoron of Bernard “Bernie” Sanders

  1. benjamindallas554

    The entire premise behind the “independent” or “centrist” platform is weakness & (intellectual) laziness…. Nobody is really a true centrist because everyone (who actually cares about Politics) has to at least lean one way or the other. When someone declares to be a centrist, what they are really saying is that they’re too lazy to defend the failures of whatever “side” they lean towards while giving themselves the advantage of being on offense all the time. This allows them to be in the comfortable position of consistently pointing out what they think is wrong without having to do a shred of research or give any specific solutions. Apparently this age old tactic continues to work on the sheep time and time again.


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