Elon Musk, is a very inspiring businessman. He is a maverick and he is intelligent. Elon, has achieved more in the alternative fuel arena than any other person has up to this point. He is on a streak of success that doesn’t seem to be coming to an end for the foreseeable future. With every win he earns, he becomes bolder and bolder, never resting on his laurels. If Elon can say anything, it is that he puts his money where his mouth is, never asking for a handout, and allowing his products to do their own advertising. The products that he has developed and produced have garnered a loyal following in their short life, so far. Elon, doesn’t ask for do-overs, he either succeeds or he fails, either way, he does it himself, with his own money and his own interest.

Other products, developed by other people or groups survive on interest alone without any real history of success or backed by any tangible products, rather ideas. Bitcoin and cyber currency, have been getting a lot of free press and advertising as of late. While Bitcoin and other cyber currencies have increased in value. It seems that now they are simply imbuing people into buying into the cyber currency game. Maybe it will continue on its ascent, or it may plummet. Only, the cyber currencies futures will tell. But, with all of the free advertising Bitcoin and others are receiving, it seems to me, that the value is only going up due to public interest, which changes as the wind blows. If Bitcoin is artificially inflated, then the drop will be dramatic and devastating.

Bitcoin, is not the first attempt at a currency, not controlled by any country or government. I don’t know what will happen with it or other such currencies. But, I do know one thing and that is, by the time I find out about the latest investing trend, it is already too late to invest and expect any decent return on my risk and investment. I think all of the free press and free advertising being spoken about around the water cooler is simply to get more investors and hope to propel its value even higher. If someone buys into Bitcoin, you will surely hear about it. And they will feel imbued to teach all of their friends and family about their investment. Hopefully getting more people to buy in as well.

The biggest issue I have with cyber currency, is that it requires a want from someone else and it relies on electricity and an internet connection to trade it. I cannot hold it in my hand, and I cannot trade it as I would a tool, food, or another type of physical thing. I acknowledge that I am more or less uneducated in the arena of currency investment. But for a simpleton like myself, if I cannot physically use it, then it is a nice to have and not a need. I can easily use, trade or sell a hammer at the flea market or another venue. I’m sure that selling currency either physical or on the market can be done easily as well. However; if I have to try to convince someone as to why they could use cyber currency, then I have already lost on my investment. If an investment cannot sell itself, then it is no longer an investment, it has now become a burden.

Tesla Incorporated is a successful company because they offer something that no one else does. They are also a quality company, they don’t just release anything for the sake of a quick profit. Tesla, is proven, and it is real. It offers power and transportation. Tesla is tangible, expensive, but still physical. Bitcoin and other cyber currencies, are not tangible, but they can buy tangible things. Cyber currency might be the way of the future, but since we are not there yet, it may be replaced with another more legitimate cyber currency, that is backed by something other than a code. And managed by a central body.

If Bitcoin contuse to rise, then I will remain the same, as I have not invested, so I will not gain or lose. If it plummets, again, I remain, as I did the day prior. Good luck to those who have invested, I wish them the best.

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