Identity Politics and Pets

It seems to me that lately, Identity Politics is being talked about, concerning us rednecks.  Sophisticated folks are concerned that we, the simple people, don’t know how to sift through all of the information and make an educated choice. Apparently, we are also put into the basket of single issue-voters as well. I guess the decisions that we make and the people we vote for, don’t align with want the city folk want. Concurrently, there’s not enough diversity in the countryside according to the blue team, for them to call out for support. The thing is, if we don’t self-identify into a supposed marginalized group, for ease of identification, then how are these politicians supposed to know who and what to talk about. The politicians have to be able to change their personalities and their values at the drop of a hat, depending on whatever flag that group rallies around.

You know, when you have a pet, and from time to time, you might project your personality on that pet, I think these politicians see us as their pets. Since they view us as their subordinates, instead of their peers or superiors. If you’re a woman, black, hispanic, gay, a foreigner, then you need to be on the blue team, according to them. The red team, is just a gaggle of backwards and missing teeth hicks, if you listen to the media and the blue team. If you aren’t a straight, white male, Christian then the blue team will quickly tell you, that there is only room for you on their team. Kinda like and akin to the blue team having signs for certain areas, that say red only. Self-segregation, that’s what they do. They don’t allow any room for their constituents to think for themselves.

If you step out of the blue team, they will quickly and sternly, tell you to heel. Like when your pets get out. They will yell at you, tell you to sit and stay, until they can catch you. If you do decide to follow their instructions, and return to their team, they will make you sleep outside in the cold, for a while, until they feel that you’ve paid your penance to them. That’s what the blue team is all about, you gotta roll over and expose your belly to them. Only when you succumb to their demands, are you allowed to join that team, but only under their demands.

Identity politics and pets, they seem to fit together in today’s atmosphere of single-issue voters, cores and bases. All words and labels, of how they see us, not how we see them. Because, it’s their perception of us that is paramount, if they can’t put us in the white bucket, black bucket, the Mexican bucket, the gay bucket or the woman bucket, then how will they know how to talk to all of us at the same time. Politics and politicians, all it is basically is us interviewing them for the job, not the other way around. Maybe it’s time they start sleeping out in the cold for change.

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