“Don’s Tell the Kids That There is Broccoli in the Lasagna”

It is very important to feed our children a healthy balance of protein, roughage and vegetables of all colors. But sometimes our kids don’t like certain healthy foods, so we mask those beneficial foods into more pleasing and palatable dishes. But when you do this you must not tell your kids what they are eating until they have finished it. Informing your children about putting broccoli into their lasagna, could prevent your child from trying the lasagna. But once they finish their plate, after hearing about what they just ate, they may be more inclined to try broccoli by itself next time, since their last experience was easy and scrumptious.

Last night during the 2018 State of The Union, my observation of the democrats, reminded me of the same face a child puts on when they find out that they have to eat their vegetables. The democrats are constipated and they are not smart enough to realize that if they would just drink more water and eat more vegetables, then their episodes of lack of movements would dwindle. The democrats do not realize that they must embrace American citizens if they are to be successful in the future. The refusal to hear and see their fellow Americans as their constituents has brought them to this moment. Eventually President Trump will win the immigrant vote, he has already taken the union vote, the minority vote, the gay vote and every other faction that the democrats used to bank on for guaranteed numbers.

The people in blue do not embrace American values and their fellow citizens as their employers. The more they rage, the farther left they go, abandoning legitimate American citizens, vying for their own political prowess. Willfully tossing aside their devout constituents, looking to gain more power and influence, than actually doing their job. The democrats live and die on the special issues crowd, never really including everyone, just using those few outliers to virtue signal, hoping that feelings and emotions will propel them to political victory. Unfortunate for their supporters, positive feelings and uplifting emotions do not put food on the table or keep a roof over their family’s heads.

The democrats and the rino republicans must remain malnourished, they are adults and even though they know how to remedy their ailments, they refuse to do so. They have followed the same model for over 100 years, change is hard, especially since it is that easy. They need to practice their war face in the mirror before they unveil it in public.

American Projection Trumps Politics

Projecting American values and ideology does not allow any politicians or pundits on the left or the right to succeed. American exceptionalism is dependent on embracing a hybrid of perceived conservative and liberal practices. That is why for so long we have been divided on the left and the right. We are so concerned about our chosen side winning and dominating, that we often forget that in order to bring people together so they can live their own lives, free of government, both sides should be embraced in the middle to live in harmony. Our country has been able to succeed and thrive in a world of kings, queens, dictators and chancellors because both sides have equal opportunity to be represented. The quality of American life and the future of America remaining free is completely dependent upon a delicate balance of both left and right, liberal and conservative, democrat and republican.

None of us are perfect and no one is clairvoyant. We can look to history and other countries, other governments and other societies to pull examples from. But America and Americans are so different from every other people and nation, that we must decide for ourselves which path to take. It is imperative to the future of America and American citizens that we hear each other, regardless of opinion or stance, America is about freedom. If we demand freedom for ourselves, then we must demand freedom for all American citizens. The minute we forget, that if our neighbors are not free, then it is only a matter of time before we will no longer be free.

Good and bad politicians come and go, that is what is exceptional about America. If we do not hold this standard for the future then we are working on borrowed time. I know that politics can be mind-numbing, but if we constantly turn off whenever politics is discussed, then we will eventually be forgotten. Football and baseball are not our original pastime, politics, legislation, and policy are. I know that in order to maintain order, politics should not always be discussed. But that doesn’t mean that it should never be discussed. We all have opinions and it is of utmost importance that we are free to discuss and decide our own outcome.

Suppressing a side because you do not agree with them, only allows that side to grow underground out of control. Before you know it, an evil will become known and since it has been silenced for so long, the way to combat will be widely unknown. Talking amongst ourselves is how we conspire to thrive in a dangerous world. Talking, conversing and debating is what we must do on both sides to. If the left is suppressed, then eventually it will exercise terrorist methods to explode onto the scene and cause chaos for everyone, the same is true for the right, if the left suppresses the right. That is what has been lost over the decades, we all must respect each other enough to leave each other alone. Live and let live, it’s what every person desires, to be left alone.

Regardless of affiliation, we are all Americans and we must treat each other as such. We do not have to accept one another, but we must acknowledge every American citizen. If we willingly put American citizens aside for our own benefit, then we are not worthy of being Americans.

Trump Will Never Measure Up

President Trump and his supporters will never measure up to the left’s or the right’s idea of what is acceptable and what is tolerable. To those who cannot stand Trump, is the very reason they are blind to what President Trump spoke to and what he has stood against. They decry President Trump at every opportunity, as if it were mandated speak when applying for a job. To denounce President Trump is the same as vocalizing that they voted for President Obama. His base as they are often refed to (code for white), are slandered and mocked in the media, on campus and online, relentlessly and free of restraint. President Trump won, because we were tired of being held down and expected to thank our captors.

It’s always been that way, us as Americans were expected to place other countries and other people before ourselves. But as well all know, you must put on your own oxygen mask before you can help anyone else. If we do not eat first, then how are we expected to have the energy to help anyone else? We need to come first, before anyone else, we are the citizens, we are the American People. For decades now, our government has spent trillions of dollars helping out other countries, never giving a second thought to its own citizens, until campaign season. They’ve handed out food, built schools, provided free medical and medicine, propped up someone else’s infrastructure. All the while manufacturing and raw material refinement was being pulled out of this country and placed elsewhere in the world. With all of the vast energy sources in our own country, we were expected to pay exuberant amounts of what little money we had for imported energy.

Everywhere we turned, whether it was commercials on television or our own elected representatives, we were being lectured to either voluntarily or involuntarily put the needs and wants of other countries before our own. After generations of constantly being let down and bamboozled, enough was enough. Any person can only take so much criticism and terrorism before they take a stand, against whatever they identify as the biggest threat. Our government hands out more food and other humanitarian aid to other countries, than it does within our own borders. Why don’t all of these supposed philanthropists spend their own money on their own interests before they legislate for us to do what they won’t do on their own accord? President Trump is not a single actor expected to right every perceived wrong, but I do believe that he is the catalyst. He has motivated enough people that they can make a difference and speak their own mind, on both sides. If we are expected to continue, then regardless of each person’s side or beliefs, it is imperative that we continue to voice our opinions and not be penalized for unpopular speech.

Perhaps President Trump’s victory, halted the possibility of a civil war in America again. Telling people that they’re values and beliefs are inconsequential due to pigmentation, sex and affiliation only deepen and embolden hatred and distrust. President Trump’s election win has renewed interest and opened more two-way communication than any other person or practice has in modern history. No matter what side or lack of side each American citizen has taken, more are talking and conversing, which is how we remain in power over our own government and enforce transparency. It is more empowering and more beneficial that we talk to each other, free of fear and free from oppression. As we have witnessed from the last president and from the terrorist organizations that supported him such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, suppression is temporary, eventually the American spirit will clamor about to break free from the chains of acceptability.

As American’s we must remain free and independent, civilized citizens must continue to argue, curse and belittle. If we ever move away from vocal discourse, then the next step will be violent and fatal. Listen and speak, yell and scream, it is far safer and better for our future than sponsored military and police intervention.

Sleepless Night Consciousness

After beating the Dalai Lama in a game of golf, Carl Spackler received the gift of total consciousness on his deathbed, since the Dalai Lama wouldn’t cough up the money that he had bet on the game. Consciousness is a humbling experience, it causes panic and pride, both with seemingly copious amounts. Some say that ignorance is bliss, and at times I yearn for ignorance, constant reexamination, doubt and other outcomes sometimes overtake me. Although consciousness allows us to know and understand where we are and what we must do. But at night, tossing and turning, waiting to fall asleep, my head is sometimes filled with past scenarios and I become totally enveloped in questioning myself as to whether or not I made the right decision. I think it is something that we all go through trying to navigate our lives.

I don’t know if I would want total consciousness on my deathbed. Between having to say goodbye to my family and trying to maintain my composure and self-respect. I think that a final lapse of total self-consciousness would just add more drama to possibly the most traumatic part of my life, the ending of it. Rather than laying there waiting to cross over, I would rather it happened quick and relatively painlessly. But only time will tell, I got plenty of work ahead of me. Back to those sleepless nights. During the daytime, I still have the same questions, but I can reach out for advice and answers. But at night I am all alone, left to my own devices to ask questions of myself, in a fatigued state.

I wonder if this symptom of restlessness helps to create and customize my attitude and personality for the next day. Helping to remind me that if I am not careful and I don’t pay attention, then the effects could be devastating. As much as I cannot stand these sleepless nights, I think they help me to make better choices tomorrow and so forth. In the past I would self- medicate to fall asleep, but now I run the course, perhaps my body is helping me to work something out.

I no longer look to numb myself from myself and the world, I just take one step at a time. It is never easy, and at times it seems that all I encounter are mountains, but if I continue to reexamine what has happened in the past, then at least I know where to place my next step. Nothing is guaranteed and nothing is free. I hope that when my time does come, that if I am stricken with total consciousness. I will be at peace with my entire life, accepting that I am who I am. This is merely a request, hopefully it will be filled.

Convenient Christians

Why is it that when questioning forgiveness, the first people to cast doubt upon forgiveness are those who self-proclaim as non-believers. Or, on the other hand, they call out believers for not living up to their own standards. One of the main covenants of Christianity and believers is acknowledging sin and that everyone sins. So, when I forgive someone who trespasses against me, that is my forgiveness to give, it is of no concern to me how that will be questioned in the public square. Atheists and those of no faith will never miss an opportunity to point out perceived hypocrisy, from their small understanding of faith and forgiveness. They always look to call out Christians for not living up to their perception of what a Christian is.

Except when it comes to Islam or other religions. Christianity is under attack as it has been ever since the Jews started talking about God, a belief that broke the chains of slavery in the old testament a belief that freed the slaves in America. Christianity and faith in God has done more to free people and create a better society in America, than in any other country in all of existence. Understanding that we are all human and we all sin, gives us Christians a model to strive for, but again, we are all flawed, sin happens, asking for forgiveness from God does not absolve us of sin, but makes us more aware of how we should act. A belief in God, does not automatically make us better than anyone else. We are simply trying to live better, that is all, it is humbling and hard, it doesn’t mean that we will not give into temptation. But holding this against us, just continues to solidify our faith, you are not shaking us, your scrutiny is making us stronger.

We know that this type of persecution will never end. We are persecuted today for the same reasons we were persecuted since the beginning of time. We do not believe in man, we believe in God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus, we are persecuted because we believe in a higher power. We are not chained to popular opinion and we are not slaves to our fellow man. Christianity and the belief in God will free you more than any drug or the latest trend. I forgive, because I know that like me anyone can and will at times give into temptation. I forgive because I desire forgiveness for my sin. God will judge me one day for my life and the choices I made, my sins are mine to bear solely, the forgiveness that I give to others is also mine.

Let ‘Em Hang Ladies

Wow, just wow, there are some that want to ditch the bra, they feel that it is their right to go throughout the day sans support and coverage. Good for them, I say let them do it. If they think that ditching their bras will empower them more, I say go for it, I fully support this movement. Although I don’t think that it will have the desired outcome that they are calling for, especially in predominately Muslim areas. If women want to flaunt their business in everyone’s faces, I hope they are prepared for the amount of attention, both good and bad, they will receive. Men everywhere will rejoice at the sight of jiggly women. No more peeping toms, it’s all out in public. I highly doubt this type of idiocrasy will become mainstream, but if it does, God knows, that us men will never tire of ogling. We will have to invent new ways of staring without calling attention to ourselves. Can people really be this stupid to think that tossing aside braziers will empower and free more women?

I really don’t understand what they are trying to accomplish besides comfort and using their assets to their advantage (as they have done since Eve). How comfortable will women be, when all eyes are on them while they run errands. I thought yoga pants were a distraction, now we get yoga pants and no bras, this is the greatest idea ever. I heard Trump was going to Make America Great Again, but this is incredible, more money, more jobs, ISIS is on the run for the first time in a decade and now women are burning their bras. Incredible, its only January and already 2018 is turning out to be the best year ever!

So, go for it ladies, if you’re brave enough, just make sure you don’t expect us toxic oppressive men to bail you out of a dangerous situation. Remember to get your concealed carry license and always have your gun on you. Make sure the police only send female law enforcement! You’re empowering yourselves and like you say The Future is Female!

Feminist Droppings

The Women’s March has left mass pollution everywhere they infested and swarmed. People’s lawns and gardens were trampled, rampant vandalism and massive amounts of waste and trash is what they left in their wake. I thought the feminist were about accountability, respect and power. Turns out, the riot was merely a slide of hand to freely dispose of trash on the street, sidewalks and private property. Dirty womanizers are what they turned out to be, trash and filth not only being worn, screamed and acted out, but pollution and total disregard for global warming and their voluntary participation in promoting massive weather disruption. All because they were too lazy to recycle. I guess these mere simpletons cannot be expected to have the consciousness of promoting a green life while they assault our delicate planet with their droppings.

Non-biodegradable articles left, for the lowly street sweepers to pick up. These womanizers that stake their claim on feminism have once again, exhibited their shallow and false demands, if they cannot demonstrate cleanly and clearly, then their platform should be revoked until they police their path. Pick it up and put it where it belongs, is that too much to ask of these manipulative trollops? If these supposed equal rights insurgents were true and genuine, then their corners where they blatantly engaged in pseudo embrace, would have been as clean and spotless as they were before these rejects descended upon our infrastructure.

Litterers is what they are, pure and simple, look what they have left the rest of us to deal with, since they are so completely selfish and braindead. They cannot hear what anyone else is saying, since they drown out their competitors with noise pollution and litter. Designer coffee cups mixed with human excrement and other pollutants that when combined form toxic and poisonous hazardous waste which can take thousands of years until it has decomposed enough to where it will no longer pose a threat to our delicate environment. If the future is female, then we will require chemical suits to navigate the fatal poisons that will be espoused to promote these phony imposters.

Harlotry Drives Liberalism

Sex sells, and sexuality is how liberalism appeals to the faithless masses. Abortions rob liability from sexual relations between a man and a woman. Liberalism needs to be free of responsibly and accountability in order to entice people to engage in the orgy and debauchery of liberal ideology. The liberal will use the bare flesh of a man and woman to lure those devoid of belief into the clutches of defilement. They must be able to exercise indulgence free of guilt and consequence, any such notions of responsibility will scare them away. The liberal feigns enlightenment and understanding as a segway carnal pleasures of the flesh. They toss aside humanity and respect for one another in the hopes of a few seconds of intense release. These relations are preserved for the true embrace between married man and his wife.

Prostitution of our children, the most innocent among us, is used as equity into liberal custody. Liberalism is founded solely on consequence free sex, that is the only tenant of their perverted ideology they strictly embrace. Feminism and male feminist, tricks used to penetrate the next damsel. Semi naked or fully nude bodies wrapped together in animalistic lust, devoid of love, respect and compassion. The harlots standing on the corners, flashing parts of their bodies, advertising their availability and encouraging us to partake in their quasi warm embrace. Fundamentally we strive to achieve companionship and partnership, knowing that our lives depend on it. Foolishly, we give in for a sense of false alliance, fully knowing that what we are engaging in will never truly flourish into a relationship built on love.

To give into liberalism and to happily kill babies, those people will never contemplate the happiness and fulfillment of raising a family with the one you love. Bliss and pleasure is only genuinely achieved through monogamy, loyalty and honesty between a husband and wife. Polyamory, infidelity and promiscuity are the most expeditious ways to addiction and loneliness. These tools of the liberal ensure segregation and guilt of those who participate, which devolves down to servitude, always chasing the next high and each fix being less effective than the last. If it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Love the person and their soul, flesh spoils, but the soul remains.

Forged Art

Lately so-called art and self-proclaimed artists seem to be rather one sided. Have they sold out in the hopes of riches and fame? The audio and visual assault that has been waged against America, seems to all lean and point to one singular place, liberalism. All the same, nothing original, mushed together with repurposed elementary level resentment against their parents. They all use drugs and celebrate drug usage amongst minors, they practice debauchery and drown themselves in mind altering chemicals, hoping to numb themselves of their own consciousness. Entertainment today requires the viewer to remain in an inebriated state, in order to laugh and clap at appropriate times. What once required skill, now is plug and play for the operator. Makeup artists and life coaches help to mold these heaps of manure into something half recognizable and only partially coherent.

The pretenders that assume these idol like characters, slowly lose their composure as they continue their plummet into oblivion. No one stands out and no one is noticeable, they all chant the same rhetoric, with the same shrill and obnoxious screams as they continue to sell their souls to the demonic and dark forces of fame. The lost souls, like vampires have leached off of every cause that came their way. They have no foundation to grow from, so they continue to float aimlessly from one group to the next. Like the pilot fish, latching on to the shark in hopes of sloppy seconds. Feeding freely off the work of the strong. Entertainers is what they call themselves, but in reality, they are a traveling circus, performing from town to town until they find a lost child along the way to feast upon. They kidnap our children, like the poisonous mushrooms found on the forest floor, bright colors, lights, sounds and curious smells, help them to lure children away from their parents forever.

They can only communicate with children and those with childish minds, they cannot attempt to talk with the parents, the parents are too wise. These jesters, dancing, twirling and speaking with twisted and tainted tongues, they want attention, they feed off of fools. Screams, forced laughter and the slow creep of irrelevance, that is their life cycle. Everyday they become more and more desperate, clinging onto fame with jagged claws and the aptitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to feel the spotlight and to see their name in print. The leaches for what they are, this is all they know and all they desire, they give no second thought to anything else. Desperate people will do desperate things and ask for forgiveness later.

They will say things like, well I am a comedian or I am a reporter, casting doubt on their own profession, asking for forgiveness and blaming their vocation for their inability to exercise self-control. Is there a central office that hands out certifications for these careers in propaganda? I thought they stood against conformity, turns out they deal in it for a living. They are fakes, they cannot live in the real world without the artificial life support that is provided, as long as they toe the line. These voices and insurgents will destroy your life if you live by their model, their entitled example of enlightened living is a farce, a trap meant to confuse the wanderers.

Whoever falls for these vain cries of insanity, will assuredly succumb to the poison that they self-inject in the hopes of finding friends. These circles of freaks do not operate under the auspices of family, friendship, love and forgiveness, no good deed will go unpunished. They will turn on each other like a wounded piranha, once there is blood in the water, they will strip their comrade to the bone.

These monsters peddle in demagoguery, masked and wrapped in counterfeit freedom of expression. They do not believe in freedom of expression, they must feed off the host, freely expressing oneself will alert the host to the infestation of moochers. It’s all the same, white noise in the background, simple enough to relax to. Easily digested, addiction is how they grasp control. They want us addicted to everything that come out of their mouths, crazy ideas and sparse knowledge, with just the right lighting to seem appealing when we are exhausted from our day on the job.

Everything, everywhere, all advertisements, navigating this life can be challenging if we devote any attention to these displays of bogus equality. The more we ignore the harder they will attempt to fool us into laying down for them to walk over our backs and heads.

The Zombie Horde

One year in, and the zombie horde continues. Americans are making more money, have more job security and the overall outlook for all Americans has grown exponentially. I do not know of any other American President that has promoted American growth and prosperity more than President Trump. But even after all of these monumental gains, the ignorant masses cannot grasp the simple idea that American citizens and their welfare are more important than anything else. Today, brokered and manufactured rage still persists, demanding that we sacrifice our families and ourselves for their selfish and greedy immature demands. When we the people elected President Trump, we took a chance, a gamble on a total outsider, so far, our bet has been met with the best economy in history. It’s all about the money, it always has been and it will always be. Money is what makes the world go round, it is what allows us to provide for our families and it allows us to continue to prosper.

The zombie hordes will never be satisfied, until the blood of their artificial enemies has been shed. They want death and disease to fall on those who would stand in their way, while they storm troop to total oppression. Total oppression and suppression is what they desire, the extermination of us, and the torching of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, the American Flag and us. They want all of us to burn in the ovens of liberalism. They are simply braindead and they will never stop. They pretend to champion women and children, that is the children that escaped abortion. The aborted fetuses are of no concern to them. America, our future and our freedoms are merely a rug to wipe their muddy boots on. They scream progress and equality, however; these are simply buzzwords that they regurgitate to fool the idiot into joining their death march.

Hats that signify female genitals adorn their heads, and ISIS is in their midst. These zombies are unquestionably terrorists, and they should be treated as such. Their riots and violence mirror that of the early Third Reich. They violently and fatally silence anyone that would speak out against them. They promote rape, incest and pedophilia while singing songs about peace and understanding. A chilling quote of unknown origin has been circulated for the past 100 years is “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross and espousing liberalism”, this quote and insight has come to fruition in America. More than ever, fascism is being pushed on the internet, the television, radio, schools and other institutions that are provided and enabled by freedom and capitalism. The KKK, Neo-Nazi’s, Skinheads and Antifa have all embraced this malpractice of deceit. The purveyors of this trickery do so to only enrich and empower themselves. They motivate the masses of zombie minions to carry out their killings, assaults and vandalism.

They attack our children in school, they sabotage our families and neighborhoods with empowered terrorists that enjoy diplomatic immunity. Their attacks and assaults will never cease, they are demanding an American life that is below scabies and tapeworms. All they want is destruction, the obliteration of the American family and every single American. If their dream comes true, then even they will not be immune from the totalitarian take over. This is already happening in Hollywood, the celebrities that have been identified for execution, can no longer be saved with their money and influence. This is the model of liberalism, kill everything and everyone.

So, while they riot and destroy everything they touch, remember, do not invite them into your home or family. They must be cut out, like a cancer on the humanity of America or an invasive patch of poison ivy in the playground. All they leave is waste and despair in their trail. If allowed to continue, they will put every child and citizen under the guillotine, they will sever the heads from the bodies of civilized Americans that stand in their way. They are ISIS, and once they succeed here, the crescent moon will be raised above the American flag, and we will all fall from grace. America will be quickly transformed into a land, desolate, cannibalism and slavery will rule here.

The zombie horde is deaf and dumb to basic human needs, they willingly toss aside humanity, traded for reliance on evil and dystopia. They want to be heard, to silence themselves. If we succumb to their demands, they will also falter. The zombies eat and destroy until their stomachs explode, their entrails dragging on the muddy floor, while they continue to stuff their faces. Nothing will ever satisfy their animalistic hunger, they are zombies, they have one simple function and that is to annihilate and liquidate everything in their path. Nothing is safe, nothing will be saved.

Do not allow these zombies to gain ground or increase their numbers. Allow them to starve on their own message, they must be starved out of existence, allowing just one to be fed, will warranty their movement. Cut them off, and cut ourselves off from their message, without money and influence, they cannot procreate.

The zombies must be stopped, with every step forward they take, we lose our way of life, and we endanger our children. Stop them, before we are overrun, to the last man, our livelihood and our kin depend on it. If we do not stop them now, they will continue to flourish us out of existence. Supposed “comedians”, actors, professors, elected representatives and perverse entertainers are their messengers, cut them off from your wallets, and silence their message from young ears and minds.

Racism, It’s Other People’s Problems

We have been fooled and bamboozled into buying into other people’s concerns. Racism is other people’s problems, it is not my problem, so why should I worry about it? I someone else cries racism, then obviously it is their issue that they must deal with, there is no need for me to get involved and there is no responsibility on my part to calm them down. Racism does not exist, favoritism does exist, but racism is a lie. Acknowledging racism forces people to accept and invite people that they just don’t like and don’t trust. If someone doesn’t like somebody. How medieval is it that we demand that they are included and forced together against their own will?

If racism is real, then is it possible to be racist against different foods? What about pets, can people be racist against certain pets? Labeling anyone as racist, is a crime against favorites. Instead of blaming race, just tell people that they do not have the right to choose their favorites.

The Humanity in Preserving and Promoting Womanhood

Women, the arguably most powerful, most protected and most valued people in the entire universe. All of these movements lately have been suggesting that women, somehow cannot access their power without regulation and intervention from men. A virgin bride, fetches the highest bidder and the majority of women are the decision makers in their relationships. To say that women are oppressed is to suggest that women, being the bearers of life have no clout. If it wasn’t for the desire of reproduction and companionship from men, then I think it would be accurate to say that women are undervalued. A man will put more effort and energy into appealing himself to women than any other aspect of his life. His life depends on it. Men, throughout history have held women in the highest regard, their safety, their sanctity and their happiness are the only reason men compete and risk their lives.

Arguably, women are more important than men, without women, the entire human race will cease to exist. Men are the protectors of women and womanhood. To make women equal to men, is to reduce their worth and their basic purpose in the partnership of man and woman. Since America’s inception, women have been protected and cherished more in America than in any other country. We must treat women with respect, courtesy and dignity, they are of incredible creation and their ability to facilitate and carry life inside them, is the sole reason we must do so. That is why a woman who makes herself available to many men, and cheapens her reproductive ability will always be looked down upon. A woman who openly advertises her intent to possibly reproduce with multiple men, in the hopes of a few seconds of carnal pleasure, willingly forfeits her rank as a desirable mate. She has voluntarily brought herself down to a man’s level and unfortunately, both women and men will treat her as such.

Men fight, compete, attempt vulnerabilities and give into compromises, all in the hopes of fetching their preferred partner and companion in life.  That is why a man will go on a bent knee to beg and propose a contract of love for the hopes of marring his woman. Marriage, is almost exclusively the woman’s decision, she will have to decide if the man that is proposing to her, will cherish her, protect her, provide for her and ultimately be her husband and the father to their future children. Strength, endurance, communication and intelligence are the core factors of how most women will chose their man. A man who lacks any of these traits will have to strengthen one to make up for the weakness of another. Women, have their pick of the litter, they know this and they wield this prowess over us.

These supposed movement lately to fight for women, promote women and defend women, is all a sham to convince women to sexually sell themselves out to men. Trying to reassign the role of men and women after millions of years, will do nothing but hurt those women who fall for these tricks and deceit. Women, who want total and equitable equality with men, in all aspects, only cheapen themselves. Women who disregard equality to men, will continue to thrive as the fairest partners and most valuable humans in existence. If equality and promiscuity worked, then pornographers and prostitutes would be happiest and most fulfilled groups of people in existence.

Rape, sodomy and molestation are crimes against humanity, and those perpetrators that would exact these types of torture on women, girls, men and boys are savages and should be treated as such. However; the woman who would make a false claim or calculated decision to provocate in such fraud, should be treated and regarded as the same savage that would carry out any attack.  If a woman cheapens her reproductive ability to enrich herself, she has then made a calculated decision that money, power and influence are more important to her than her holy and saintly purpose to facilitate life.

A man and his woman, a woman and her man, love that cannot be measured or forgotten. Man and woman are created with love. We cannot survive without each other. We are not equal and should not be treated as such. We all have our purpose, to attempt any change in that purpose, only limits and cheapens our respect and love for each other. Do not treat a woman as you would a man, do not treat a man as you would a woman. Both are slights against the foundation and tradition of humanity and America.

True Intentions

True intentions always reveal themselves, it just takes patience, time and attention to detail. The future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is currently under questionable status due to the blatant inaction of our elected officials. Resolution for these people and their families can be attained rather easily, but unfortunately, like always members of congress are lame. They are showing us that their pockets, future book deals and feelings matter more to them than actually doing their job. The democrats parade around on the shoulders of immigrants and refugees when it comes to election, but now they are cozy, warm and satisfied to let these same people suffer, for their own gain. The majority of representative do not care about the future of DACA, they are lame, since the polling is not yet complete on which way they should vote.

For the past two plus years, Donald Trump’s greatest strength has been allowing these so-called people of action to show their true colors. Impoverished people are always an assured money maker for the snakes in D.C. But only when there is no call for follow through, these frauds can basically fire and forget, move on to the next special interest that will line their pockets. Money, it has always been about money and power for these tricksters. President Trump has outlined his conditions for DACA, and instead of meddling like former President Obama, President Trump demands that congress do their part, executive actions are easily overturned or reversed, but a law has actual staying power. For DACA recipients to have any solid ground, it must be implemented into law.

Instead of these representatives beating down the door to the Whitehouse for resolution, they would rather sit back and discuss racism and other such manufactured issues to try and shift the blame. Blame shifting does not solve anything, all it does is create sides. Whatever happens with DACA is exclusively on the democrats and rino republicans. Congress must do their job, whatever they chose will be held against them. That is what the ultimate hold up is, with the mid-term elections quickly approaching, they are unsure of how to proceed to guarantee their reelection. They care only for themselves, if they wanted a resolution, then they would work tirelessly for an answer and a deal.

Power is the name of the game, and they lust for power above all else. They do not possess the self-control to abstain from the udder of incentivized victimhood and they do not possess the inner strength to face their decisions. The inaction of elected representatives has led to this moment in time. Now the propaganda of crying children and separated families is being broadcast to promote feelings of helplessness. Whatever happened to the empowered single mother, or abortions, or children are the future? All flip flops from one side to another, self-proclaimed champions of the little guy. Now words have no meaning without action behind them. The career representative is happy to rest on their laurels and celebrity endorsements, while the impoverished people freeze out in the cold, waiting for answer that may never come.

Instead of choosing sides in this battle, open your eyes to the truth of these fraudsters. They do not care, nor will they ever care, they are the privileged ones and they are the criminals that will never be brought to justice. Our elected representatives work less than teachers and bankers, yet for some reason their ability to sham and whine, deserves a six-figure salary. Weeks long vacations and sabbaticals, all at the expense of the American tax payer and the illegal votes of the illegitimate. Elected representatives that refuse to represent. For decades now, they have been able to slide by on complaints alone. But now when action is the priority, they are motionless, they’ve encouraged and promoted atrophy of the legislative process so much so, that all they understand are campaigns.

The propaganda arm of the anti-American insurgent movement is spinning their yarns, continuing to paint President Trump as lower than swamp scum. But this propaganda does nothing to fix any problem. Merely conversing about an issue regardless of affiliation, just promotes more inaction. Marches and demonstrations, will not fix a problem if the gears are out of alignment. Our representatives are lame and must be replaced by people of action, people who are willing to make the tough choices, even if it means that their tenure will be short lived. History is filled with outliers, the ones who stood their ground and took action. Time is up, we must occupy our government if we expect to get anything done. Suspend the pay and benefits of these crippled politicians, make them deal with what they have dealt us.

DACA was implemented outside of the legislative process, DACA is a political tool used and wielded to win votes for the rich and powerful. If DACA was legitimate, it would be a law, but unfortunately, it was kept out of the legislative process. If the representatives cared about DACA, then they would have put it through the legislative process to ensure it future or its demise. As stated earlier, these supposed legislators do not care about the future of DACA, their only concern is their future and survival in their leather high back chairs and climate-controlled tax payer funded mansions. After the decision is announced, they will continue their flamboyant lifestyle, nothing will be altered in their world.

Regardless of whether you are for or against DACA, see these representatives for what they are, lame and motionless. They have more confidence in maintaining in their own enrichment than they do in actually doing their job and earning their paycheck. The time to oust these malpractice legislators has long since passed, take action to ensure their time in D.C. will not progress past the next campaign cycle.

The Opposite of Opposite

The majority of American elected representatives must have no peer or superior, any perceived peer or superior is a threat to their dominance. That is why Putin versus almost every American representative is the opposite of opposite. They cannot live in a universe of harmony, content with their own people and their own nation. They must cancel each other out, for their own relevancy. Instead of viewing the American people as their masters, the representative must be perceived as above and beyond reproach, scrutiny need not apply and their allegiance of unquestionable doubt. Their health must also be pushed on the public as incredible, feats of strength and endurance will regularly be broadcast. Any notions of addiction or handicap will be looked upon as rebel propaganda. Drug use, smoking and fainting are quickly covered up, while dancing, martial arts and light exercising are highlighted. Gosh, they are running a country into the ground and somehow, they manage to carve out time in their hectic schedules to still get a workout in. What models to live by, right?

Vladimir Putin, must be broadcast in a negative light, he must be portrayed as evil and conniving, our modern-day James Bond villain. Meanwhile; our representatives, in front of the camera, stand tall, puff out their chests and pretend to call him outside to tussle, the eternal battle between the light and the dark. For the majority of American representatives, Putin must be delegitimized, since they are one in the same. Pushing propaganda and a narrative of Shangri La, for only a few cents a day. Putin is often aligned with Trump, however; they couldn’t be more different. President Trump seems to appreciate strong leaders, leading their own countries to prosperity. It is because Trump does not follow the globalist mantra, sacrificing America and Americans on the altar of global dominance. He does not propel any person, family or color to prominence, he is content to protect America and his desire is to elevate America above all else.

Putin, along with the nominal American leader, regards their district and constituents as requiring cultivation and compost to enrich themselves. They employ the media, pit us against one another and propose legislation and resolution to manufactured and illegitimate tribulations that only serve them and their maniacal vocation. Appearing too American and too manly is to be viewed as toxic and unbalanced, possibly like a drunk sailor, tearing up the town while on weekend liberty. For these American traits, we are expected to turn up our noses at any such display of healthy doses of testosterone. Since a broadcast example of a healthy and balanced superior leader, would be more at home dining with refugees or celebrating the sexual transition of a minor.

The opposite of opposite is the same, and maintaining status quo will only serve to further our servitude to ruthless leaders, whether American or foreign. Most times, the best source of advice out there, is an old person, espousing truth and brash realism. Or, sometimes the truth can be heard from a drunkard, stumbling about, mumbling truths, since their inhibition has been lost for the time being. Public unhealthy displays of human behavior are showcased as the cowboy American in our natural habitat. I would argue, that maintaining the media’s obsession with foreign practices is merely an exercise in futility and insanity. President Trump is the first true opposite in recent memory, and it is because he is an outsider that the power brokers who have controlled America for so long are willing to do whatever it takes to get him out of here.

President Trump is a threat to Vladimir Putin and the regular American elected representative. Whining and complaining about President Trump will no longer suffice. Our representatives’ backs are against the wall and there is a strong chance that they may have to actually start working for their districts for a change, rather than hogging the spotlight to voice their fabricated and privileged complaints. President Trump, through his action has been able to fuel more congressional motivation, than any other president in modern history. Former President Obama, had more in common with Vladimir Putin, their practices of leadership, speaking and partnership with the media.

Congress is complicit with rape and forced sodomy, drug addiction and acceptable bribery. President Trump has been able to bring more transparency and access to Washington D.C. than any other politician or reporter in history. But even President Trump is not beyond or above the smallest American citizen, he must also be put through the wringer of disparity, since he is human and due to being a human he is prone to greed.

Whenever a leader exudes charisma and the media and celebrity is cast upon them. Beware, and proceed with caution, every banana republic was founded on the same notions of coolness and perceived sainthood. Do not be conned into complacency or complicity. History is filled with mass graves and honor killings for the good of the state and the good of the subjects. The continuance to elect “normal” politicians will ensure more of the same, and the farther we will be forced from our founding.

Uterine Bastard Intake

A lot of time is being used to discuss providing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to those less fortunate in America. Last, I checked, America is the best chance for anyone to succeed, why do we need to tax everyone even more to provide food, water and shelter to perceived impoverished people. Any American who refuses to make their own way, is basically on artificial life support, until they pass. Other countries and governments have tried to provide a basic income to their citizens, and it always becomes another crutch that bankrupts that nation and its people. Collectivism doesn’t work, it didn’t work in the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Venezuela or Cuba. The countries and nations that practice collectivism are now realizing that there is not enough money in the world to continue this façade. Countries and nations like Germany, the European Union and Canada, they just continue to raise taxes on their own workers to finance the home bodies, citizen or not.

With all of the government funded programs, and all of the not for profit companies and organizations out there, do we really need another tax? Some say we do and others say we don’t. However; those who say we do, do not willingly fork over their own money first, they stomp around and throw tantrums until we give in. The same people that clamor about for UBI are the same people that want free education. Do none of these people know that just because it may be free to attend, you will pay through the nose in taxes once you graduate and become employed. The majority of people only hold their hands out for free things, when someone else is paying for it.

Compassion has been weaponized. We live in the greatest country in the entire history of the world, yet for some reason, this is not enough for some. Everyone lusts for influence, power and money, therefore in today’s market, capitalized compassion is the quickest way to make a buck. If you can convince enough people to buy into a pyramid scheme of compassion, then you will be an overnight success. Plus, people avoid adversity, so when pressured to feel compassion for something or someone, the majority of people will always make the correct public choice.

Universal Basic Income is just another think tank political tool, don’t buy into the façade, there is no turning back once you do. Everybody has enough and most of us have too much, but that doesn’t mean the government needs to come in to limit us. Once you invite the government into your home, they will never leave. If you grant the government quarter in your home, like vampires, they only require one invite. Universal Basic Income will only create more fatherless children and a devotion to government, giving up your rights for government cheese.

Internet Frustrated

The conversation concerning Net Neutrality is still going on and the decision that was made last year currently still stands. As a traditional American man, I find humor in everyone’s selective outrage both for and against Net Neutrality. For a while now, juggernaut information and sharing companies have been controlling access to conservative websites and videos. So now that left sites may experience the same treatment, attention is now being devoted to it. Now, since the left is outraged over this decision, apparently the internet is a platform to project free speech, but when it was happening to gun channels, Pro-Trump discussions platforms or Obama and Clinton doubters, then nobody cared.

When anything right of center or traditional American was being controlled, monitored and limited, it was widely acknowledged that the platforms that they used to spread their message were private companies. But now, it seems that there is an inherent right to information via the internet alone. Big business is always associated with the right, however; the left controls the majority of business and money in America. Another slide of hand from the left. With mega powerful companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, if they really cared about getting information to its users, then all of these companies possess enough capital and influence to do this rather easily. But like any other business, they only care about making a profit, so their desires to be free quickly erodes. Now that everyone is addicted, the masses will gladly fork over their money for their quick fix.

If this nightmare of losing the free internet comes true, we might earn some of our privacy back. What could be so bad about unplugging? Sure, we would be forced to go back to the library and look to our elders for information, is this the biggest problem with revoking Net Neutrality? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. I still don’t completely grasp the pros and cons of Net Neutrality, and I think it is formulated in this way to once again pit us against each other. If it was the Obama administration that revoked Net Neutrality, would the outrage and discussion be the same, or possibly flipped? Probably not.

Outsourced Success

The Democrats and the Liberals cannot win or succeed in an organic election, they rely heavily on outsourced votes. The liberal message is so tainted and vile, that immigration often decides who wins and who loses. The democrats don’t care for America or Americans, if they did, then they would win over America more often than not, organically. That is why they continue to pander to the immigrants, and perceived minorities. When you win the immigrant vote, there is no need for follow through, the immigrants will not and do not possess the authority to demand action for their vote. If the democrats actually cared for America, then they would win every election handily.

The democrats cannot win on their own, they need to outsource their votes, between illegal immigrants voting, to felons to those who vote multiple times in multiple states for one election. The liberals clamor onto any platform in the hopes of winning, and winning alone. Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. A liberal, socialist democrat against marijuana and those who partake in it? Not in today’s world, right? Funny how the democrats flip flop year after year in hopes of winning to become rich famous and powerful.

Under president William Jefferson Clinton, the U.S. lost more jobs and manufacturing to China than ever before in the history of the U.S. On May 28, 1993, then President Clinton signed into law Executive Order 12850, “Conditions for Renewal of Most-Favored Nation Status for The People’s Republic of China in 1994. President Clinton had successfully and now legally enabled himself to become richer of the backs of American Workers by wielding foreign policy and international monetary trades. President Clinton did this by championing human rights travesties happening in China at the time, this executive order did nothing to bolster human rights, it did however make it more profitable for manufacturing to leave the U.S. and move to China. President Bill Clinton did not care about America or Americans, he cared only for himself, his influence potential, power and most importantly his wallet. Why is it that under liberal Democrat Presidents, has our country continually undergone loss in American jobs and massive overall loss in American quality of life? President William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton is the catalyst for setting young Americans behind their parents when it comes to jobs, education, finances and the overall loss in quality of life.

Democrat Liberal Presidents do not care about any of us, to become America’s president as a democrat and as a liberal is merely a springboard to riches for themselves, rather than actually being the president to only Americans. Democrats are dirty and will do whatever it takes to rule the world, even if it means sacrificing America and Americans, we are merely cannon fodder to cover their advance to the throne. It is the democrats that are the Ku Klux Klan, it was a democrat that presented the first movie in the Whitehouse, the KKK propaganda film “The Birth of A Nation”, it was a democrat that made marijuana illegal and a felony, it was a democrat that stifled and limited recovery from the great depression, it was a democrat that enslaved the black population to government via welfare and other programs that held up the black population in America, it was a democrat, backed by the KKK that started and still runs government funded abortions. And on and on and on, the democrat liberal presidents and representatives have their models to follow, all they must do is assign feeling to everything, then the illiterate population can back them.

The liberal democrat is the same as Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, Mao, Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler etc. etc. etc. The examples are there throughout history, both past and present. The liberal democrat wants us to be illiterate and easily malleable, charisma is the only strength that they possess. When people reminisce about past presidents, they will always refer to the liberal democrat as charismatic. If charisma is the first thing when you think of a person, more often than not, those people are con artists and carpet baggers. Every single dictator throughout history captured the hearts of their countrymen through charisma, once they captured their power, those same countrymen were executed at the hand of those they helped to reach power. Hillary Clinton’s inability to exude charisma was probably our only saving grace, it was what kept her from winning. We all know that millions of illegal and illegitimate votes were cast in her favor.

The liberal democrat cannot win in their own districts without the plentiful help of the illegal and fraudulent vote and voters. They cannot win, because their platform, their message and their historic record point to one thing, sacrifice their constituents for their own selfish betterment. If the democrat liberal was a winner, then they would not have to run on racism or other hateful ideologies, they cast hate and disparity for their own benefit.

The left must outsource their constituents to become victorious. The left hates America and Americans, they don’t know us, they don’t want to know us and they gladly accept our heads and wallets as their property and their stepping stones for their own enrichment.

The Diversity Division

Using stereotypes, racism and sexism to appear on the surface as promoting diversity will always fail, since this type of diversity is merely skin deep. Diversity promotes government mandated segregation, and legal discrimination. Allowing others to judge any organization from the outside looking in, checking for skin color, gender and sexual preference is a slow drip to failure. Companies both public and private are mandated to halt competition and success until they hire and employ people based on race, sex and preference alone. A company with an entire white male board, will undergo more scrutiny due to skin color than actual effectiveness.

What is the problem with treating every organization, like a major league sports team? Hire the best based on performance and performance alone. The idea that hiring anyone based on skin deep perceptions, will bring in that peoples’ experiences and identity as a whole is an idea based of failures and less than acceptable performance. Imagine if merit and merit alone was the indicator of anyone’s qualifications. Their performance would be judged, instead of them. Judging a person’s performance is much more constructive and beneficial to the person and the organization, rather than allowing racism and sexism into the conversation.

Basing decisions on what appears on the surface, allows for further division and separation. This type of diversity also encourages less expectations for those that we are told are born as less. Telling people that they are less or that others are less will always ensure that we as a whole can be controlled and directed based on appearances. It’s a two-way street, if we are to judge the good actions of one as that of many, then any infraction can be judged in the same way. Promoting someone as an ambassador of any certain race or sex, is asking a lot of any one person. They can only be expected to be responsible for themselves.

When we are force fed diversity for the idea that perception is reality means that success and failure should not be taken into account. If diversity is to be championed above all, then the government will have to step in at some point and subsidize everything and everyone. The only diversity that should be placed on a pedestal is diversity of thought, thinking that all black people think and act the same is racist. Hiring a few black people will not quell racism, it will only promote it. Hire and fire on merit, merit allows for decisions to be based on performance alone.

Professional sports are not judged on race, they are judged on performance. When a team trades or cuts a player, it is based on performance or lack thereof. Why is business any different, are they not competing? Diversity is for losers, and mandating diversity will ensure everyone loses. If diversity was truly the answer, then race and sex would no longer be palatable and viable conversations. To acknowledge diversity is to legitimize racism and sexism, and the hateful ideologies behind both. Merit keeps everything attainable and equal, merit and performance are the only true indicators and predictors of future success or failure. If race or sex was an indicator, then less will always be expected.

If diversity of color and sex were truly the answer, then those who lack diversity of color and sex would fail and plummet. Exercising the personal choice to promote color and sex diversity should be just that personal choice, however; legally mandated diversity needs to be outlawed.

So, It’s Progress You Want?

True effective two-way communication is incredibly important and quite possibly the most underrated method of resolving issues. Refusing to listen to someone that you disagree with on any level will almost always result in the ineffective repetition of history, making the same mistakes and underestimated grasp of most situations. Telling someone that their perspective or experience is not welcome and will not be taken into account allows for the continuance of complete ignorance when attempting to correct problems. Willfully stepping into the ever-present pitfalls of conflict and obstacle resolution.

Respect and the willingness to put your own feelings aside to hear someone out is inherently beneficial to understanding how to correct anything. Some call it the Socratic method and it is as simple as asking for others input on a project or working group. If history has taught us anything, it is that dictatorships, monarchies and any other society that executes and actions on the thoughts of one person exclusively, is that they will always fail. These groups only exist due to the constant threat of violence and terrorism that they exercise against their own people.

Questions and criticism from all angles can help ensure that anything proposed will stand the test of time. The way to get there is to disagree, listen and debate. Debate, free of personal preference and debate for the resolution, not for any one side exclusively. Just because you cannot please everyone all the time, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try every time. Don’t fall into the mind trap and peer pressure of solidarity and unity. These cages allow for feelings to take precedence over logic, knowledge and experience.

Humility is the best indicator of hope to overcome any roadblock that prevents positive and workable outcomes. Approach problems and issues with humility and the ability to listen to those who can help us. More often than not, progress is placed over innovation and forward momentum, in the hopes of ethical decision making. Ethical decision making in these scenarios ignores proven history and basic human behavior. Find solace in listening to our elders, no matter how abrasive they may seem, they’ve been there and done that, or have witnessed many different outcomes throughout their years.

Do not simply disregard someone that may appear brash and insensitive, if they are speaking, we must listen. They have dealt with more setback than us, they know at least what the best practices are not. Choosing to exercise ignorant decisions propelled by hubris and selfishness will always fail the “smell test” and will only work and remain through the threat of loss to others. Listen to your mothers and fathers, listen to your grandparents, listen to those who have come before us, there is a good chance they know what they are talking about. Young people know very little about real life, to put them on a pedestal of knowledge is to suppress our elders and silence history. This promotes the over used term of history repeats itself.

Our country and ideology were founded on a healthy distrust of government and authority, if we give that up in hopes of free things, more will be taken from us. We will be further restricted from exercising our God given rights as a people and as a nation. Do not look to the government to solve anything, if history has taught us anything about government involvement is that the government is run by people, with basic human behavior. They will take more and more if we don’t put them in time out.

If we are to continue as a people, then we must encourage disagreements and respect. Allowing ourselves to be forced into any type of acceptance will ensure more acceptance is expected of us, with every compromise we make in the hopes of anything free. We must not lose our rebellious ways and we must not forget that disagreements often result in the ultimate betterment of our future and our country. Intelligence will never replace knowledge and experience.

Listen to each other and disagree when you see fit, do not allow your voice to go unheard. The minute you decide that you do not have an opinion or care about the outcome is the minute, you willfully give up your own choice to determine the future of anything. Nothing is so complicated that we all cannot have a seat at the table. There are plenty of chairs and time is of no concern, it is our future at stake, let us know what your observations are and what your thoughts on the matter are.

Stand for The National Anthem

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for the national anthem and he also recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Dr. King recognized American exceptionalism. Why can’t these supposed modern day civil rights advocates do the same?

The other day Alabama won the 2018 college football championship over Georgia in overtime. It was a game filled with giant physically strong men, clashing with one another and at times literally flying through the air. Professional and college football is comprised of teams of men, so huge, fast and strong, that they make the rest of us look tiny and slow. Yet for some reason, these giants are cowards, so afraid of any boos from the stands that they hid in their locker rooms to avoid addressing the American Flag during the playing of The National Anthem.

Giant strong men, scared of criticism, sticks and stones will break my bones, but names and words will never hurt me. They claimed they were protesting the supposed violence that apparently police had inflicted upon minorities. Even though they had zero data to back up their claims, they stood by their protests, like illiterate nincompoops. While they were on the clock, getting paid to play football, on company time. They happily oblige to trash the flag and the anthem of the Nation that guarantees their rights.

Speaking of Ambassadors

Since when were people suddenly self-made ambassadors for the rest of us? These supposed ambassadors place themselves on a platform, to look down upon us, and lecture us on their opinions. Then they attempt to back up their claims, by sliding in the ever faithful “as a woman” or “as a person of color”. I don’t recall anyone ever granting these so-called emissaries, intellectual and communicative authority to educate the masses on points of view that are skin deep. Expressing a belief and then wrapping yourself in the blanket of those who may look the same, possibly think the same and sometimes act the same, is never a valid point.

Attempting to legitimize any estimation with subtle racism or sexism is just that, racist and sexist. It’s the logical equivalency of all African Americans know one another, or all women have a menstruation cycle. Liberals will gladly interject to both defend and object on both of these claims, all in the same breath. They will execute this mental and ethical flexibility by regurgitating, popular culture, emotions and comic book like literature. These are the very same liberal practices they used, when they have attempted to exterminate the Jews and the Blacks throughout history.

Attempting to express the message for any group of people, without being properly appointed and vetted, only allows the lies and stereotypes of those groups to become doctrine. The continual push for ignorant voices to improvise their aptitude and thoughts on anything, based solely on a polaroid picture of the event. This will only continue to have devastating effects on those groups. Causes, don’t require celebrity endorsement for validation, or are they competing with “Weight Watchers”?

Victimization and persecution, are dealt into all of these public displays of weak minded and buffoon like inebriation. Emotions and emotion based decisions are what propel and sink any type of policy decision or cultural appropriation, in record time. Tell these idiotic comedians and self-gratifying stereotypes to continue their parade of insanity. The more they rage, the more we win. So, let them talk and with shrill voices scream like the toddlers they are. They are proving to the rest of us how corrupt these false idols and fraudulent soothsayers are. They remain available for purchase however; their expiration has lapsed, consume and apply at your own risk.

Doubt is Natural, Love is Learned

We all doubt, we are all cynical, it comes easily and naturally. Love is a learned trait, love must be tended to and fostered. Doubt is what ultimately brought down the Soviet Union, doubt from its own citizens, their lack of faith in their government. The only question is where did that doubt come from, was it already inside the country, or was it the plot of a foreign or alien psyop? Doubt is fully capable when exercised from a single person, there are no conditions of doubt that shake its stance or importance. Love and trust are earned, both can be lost easily if continual maintenance and reaffirmation are not practiced at appropriate intervals.

Seeds of doubt, planted in the desert, void of water and maintenance can grow rapidly and spread like the plague. Nations and Empires have been burned out of existence with doubt. Planting doubt in the minds of the masses will eliminate anything and everything. Like the army ants of South America, they destroy and kill everything in their path. All powered by a small dose of doubt, planted into their heads. That’s the thing about doubt, all it takes is a tiny morsel, doubt is plug and play. Doubt is self-sufficient and does not require massive amounts of fuel to catch a blaze. The hardest aspect of doubt is once it is unleased on any society, it will rapidly grow out of control.

The entire media spectrum currently controls the doubt narrative, they have wielded it against powerful regimes, and have always won. If you venture out and doubt their chosen path, then they will cast doubt upon you, calling you racist for questioning President Obama or sexist for questioning Hillary. Then you must defend yourself from this doubt, in the public eye. Whoever gets the most airtime, clicks or reads, will control the doubt and will have the power to destroy anyone or anything they deem fit to crush back into the earth from which they came.

Convincing someone that the grass is greener on the other side starts with planting doubt and inflating their hubris. It’s how Satan works.

The Delirious Hide of The Matrix

Taking the red pill is synonymous with having your eyes and your mind opened, although revolutionary in theory, perhaps it’s merely old-fashioned honesty. The dangers of this empowering honesty, is that there are real world consequences for seeing the world for what it really is and discussing it. Not only will you be putting yourself in danger, your family will also be branded and shamed for you not towing the line. The many threats you may face could be, loss of your job, your children will be harassed in school by the faculty, your property could be damaged etc., these threats are very real and very dangerous. You and your family may never recuperate for generations.

To be a conservative, possess and exercise conservative values and speak those beliefs, true bravery, courage and grit must be within. The very minute you speak up, the “net” and the public will be made aware of your location, from then on, they will be looking to cut you down at every opportunity. Agent Smith will be there at every turn to rip you and your family to shreds. The “sheep” don’t want to know the truth, and to speak the truth in public, is to expose yourself, your family and their reputation to assassination. Before you willingly administer the “red pill” upon yourself, realize these treacherous implications you will be submitting yourself to.  Because the “net” will find you, is has all of your information, once they locate you, there are no limits to the severe torture they will inflict upon you and those you love.

As conservatives, we walk softly, clearing each corner before we continue our advance. Those with whom we speak openly with, undergo weeks, months, years and have demonstrated their credibility through feats of bravery and trust. We are confined to secretive looks, whispers and coded messages when we communicate truth and fact. If we aren’t careful we will be discovered and everything that we have worked so hard for throughout our entire lives, will be taken from us by the “Agent Smiths” of the information comptrollers. We don’t know who is surveilling us and who is scouring our public and private records so they may find anything that can be construed in the public square to solidify our guaranteed execution.

So, for survival sake we do what we can to blend into the herd. We are the very same protectors of the herd, that the wolves want to eliminate. It’s the wolves who dictate where the sheep can and cannot go and it’s the wolves that kill the sheep that stray from the herd. They kill them by ripping the sheep’s throat out, only these wolves go after our kids while they dine on our remains. Knowing that our family will be next on the menu, and there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop this lethal terrorism.

That is what has happened to the left, they are enraged and they will never stop their storm trooping and goose stepping until everyone is beat into submission. The models that the left follows are all around us, they espouse liberal ideology to the public, while behind closed doors they conspire. Using capitalism against us, and demanding that we cater to their wants and desires, regardless of the price on our freedom and the safety of our families. The examples they follow can be seen in North Korea, the Soviet Union, the Third Reich and countless other oppressive and suppressive regimes, both foreign and domestic.

It’s only a matter of time until the catalyst is reached and we declare a war within our own country against each other. I hope respect can be found before that. It is incumbent that we demand diversity of thought and encourage disagreement between ourselves. Unity and solidarity are the stepping stones of servitude, discrepancy and healthy conflict promote understanding and growth. Regular deviation and quarrels will ensure respect, real balance and wellness for our exceptional ideology and society.

We must remove the wolf’s teeth and claws before we can attempt to avoid subjugation. It’s the partisans that greatly enhanced America’s ability to overpower and decimate the Nazi regime. We must take America back from the warped ideology of the infected powerbrokers and drivers that are steering us off the cliff into obliteration.

Islam and Atheism, Partners in Crime

Atheism and Islam are perfect bedfellows. Islam is the arguably the most violent, oppressive and backwards religion in the entire world, scientology takes a close second. To each their own, I say. But for Atheists, Islam is what they align themselves with the most, that and a collective hatred of President Trump. The modern hipster sympathizes with Islam, as with most juveniles who cannot stand their parents and have a genuine disregard for any western tradition and American exceptionalism. It’s perceived cool to mock Christianity and tear down the nuclear family, all the while standing in solidarity with the woman hating movement known as Islam. Ask most college students and faculty and they will proudly tell you that while they despise religion in all fashions, they will in complete hypocrisy tip their hat and show respect for the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. The reason why Islam gets a pass is because hipsters and liberals despise their forefathers and their western traditions.

Atheism isn’t exclusive to any one political party, but the left has the majority. They claim to practice science and espouse facts wherever they see fit. The left, along with their Atheists, the Muslim brotherhood and Linda Sarsour have more hipster and liberal followers than Bernie Sanders. Liberals blame flags and guns for violence and murder, but for some reason the Muslim prayer rug is always left out of the conversation when it comes to banning inanimate objects for despicable human behavior. Hippies practice free love and polyamory, Islam executes women for being raped. Yet for some reason, Atheists are willing to grant Muslims asylum and look past their pedophilia and inbred savage murderous ways. A perceived sign of progressive values and open minds or is it that Atheists, hipsters and liberals welcome Islam because they hate their family tree?

Islam and Muslims are praised everyday by the left, universities and by Atheists. While in tandem, they wipe their soiled bottoms with the American Flag, trash Christians, western values and traditions. Liberals claim to stand up for the little guy, but what about Israel? The only democratic country in the entire middle east, why is it so easy for the Atheist to spit on the Jews and Christians in Israel, while championing Islam?

The political left in this country has been the same socialist and fascist party, virtually unchanged for over 100 years. The Bundy Ranch Standoff, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Internment Camps all under Democratic Party presidents all targeted, wounded, killed and murdered American Citizens. The New Deal, The Fair Housing Act, The Fair Deal Program, The Great Society, pardoning the Vietnam War Draft Dodgers, The Department of Education and Woodrow Wilson screened the first film in the Whitehouse “The Birth of a Nation” a film that praised the Ku Klux Klan. These were also committed by Democratic Party Presidents.

The left, hipsters’ atheists and Muslims for the majority claim an allegiance to the Democratic Party as well as the Shah of Iran, Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Maoism and every single oppressive ideology and government. For the left, personal responsibility and accountability is uncalled for since its always someone else’s fault for their direct actions. That is why Islam and Muslims get a pass from these groups, their behavior and violence is always in their mind due to the perceived oppressive consumerism of the west. The Democratic Party and the left want to enslave American citizens to the government, the liberals embrace this ideology, sine it cleanses them of personal responsibility and paves the way for the downfall of the west.

Muslim refugees are given quarter over the Christian and Jew, all three come from the same desert, why does only the Muslim enjoy this hospitality? In order to bring down America, the Islam religion must succeed here, in America. Once Islam takes hold then sharia law will be enforced while the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are torched. Atheism, liberalism, and Islam all have the same goal in mind, to torch the world, but first the educated Atheists must grant their Muslim brothers entrance. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, an old doctrine, but traditions must make way for a new more progressive nation. A new nation built on eugenics and a deep seated and genuine hatred for God, Family, Community and the Greatest Nation the universe has ever seen, America.

America, is the lone candle in a dark world. America is the light of the world, do not let our nation fall. If America is abolished, the world will be forever in the dark, enveloped in witchcraft and ignorance.

Antifa is the New Ku Klux Klan

Antifa is the new Ku Klux Klan (KKK), and like the Klan, they have been legitimized by the Democratic party, their affiliates, the left leaning liberal media and Hollywood. Last night, the majority if not all of Hollywood came out for the golden globes dressed in black, signifying to their militant arm Antifa, that they are behind them one hundred percent. The left is losing their minds and their backs are up against the wall. They will stop at nothing to sell America out, for their own profit. President Trump, has them in a quagmire and now they are signaling to the world that Antifa has powerful allies, giving them the go ahead, to cause catastrophic mayhem. While the police step aside and allow them freedom of movement to do so, just like the police allowed the KKK back in the 1960s, during the civil rights movement. Sound familiar?

The democratic party started and to this day runs the KKK. However; in these more modern times, the KKK has been beaten back and down at every opportunity, now the left has another militaristic extremist wing, Antifa. Antifa will, like the Klan, kill and maim with no regard for human life and American values. Antifa, are today’s skinheads and neo-Nazis. Representative Keith Ellisson, recently tweeted out a pic of him holding the Antifa handbook, while smiling. He did this while threatening President Trump. That is where the democrats and liberals are now, so far left, that they are willing to dig up the graves of fallen KKK members, to once again ride through the night, violently terrorizing and cutting down their enemies.

Antifa, is fascist and they are terrorist, just as the KKK was and is. The KKK intimidated minorities and those whom they deemed sympathizers, to keep them quiet, just like Antifa. Antifa, has murdered their perceived enemies, just as the KKK did. The parallels between the KKK and Antifa are more than just coincidence, they are one in the same, just a new outfit and new members.

Antifa is to be taken seriously as a threat to our families and our country, they should be granted no quarter for their villainous deeds. They have destroyed both public and private property, committed arson, assaulted men, women and children with no regard for the sanctity of human life. Antifa has blood on its hands, for the murder of Americans, throughout the nation. Antifa is scum, do not let them into your homes or communities, they are a disease and must be cut off and separated, or their disease might spread amongst the morons and those with liberal arts degrees.

Don’t be fooled by the main stream media, Antifa is the KKK, the skinheads and the neo-Nazis. A hybrid, meant to disappear in the shadows and cause death and destruction wherever they amass. Allowing Antifa freedom of movement, will only embolden their stride and put more of us in danger. Antifa will not stop until they are dead, they are terrorist. Do not project your morality and humanity upon them, they are animals and they are savages. They will kill you and rape your children.

It’s only a matter of time until the next tragedy and we will be saying, how could any of this happen. When kids don all black to rage, kill and torture, then they are no longer kids, they are now enemy combatants and should be treated as such.

Personal Protection in the Era of Trump

With the world exploding all around us at every turn and Trump in the Whitehouse. Maybe it’s time everyone gets a gun, or a bunch of guns to protect themselves and their families from the dangers of the Trump presidency. President Trump is dangerous, for the citizens of America and the world. Since he is such a loose cannon, therapy and medication will not stop him and will not numb us. We must take our fate into our own hands and have a plan of defense from the lampoon in D.C. DJT is the reason Kim Jong-Un is starving his own people, and threatening America. The Iran protests are due to Donald’s blatant racism and sexist attitudes towards women (only the attractive ones).

Why with such a buffoon in office are people still calling for gun control? I would think with our country being on the precipice of destruction, now is the time to arm ourselves and protect our ways of life from the jackass that is DJT. Advocate for yourselves and us in tandem, do not turn in your guns, do not support bans. Background checks will merely inform our president and his minions of who is ready and who is not. Demand constitutional carry and the freedom to buy whatever might tickle your fancy.

Perhaps our representatives would prefer us unarmed, naked, completely and utterly defenseless. If women are to be treated as equal to men, then they must be armed, since women are physically far weaker than men. Men must be armed to protect their families from the roving gangs of criminal Neanderthals and rapist primates, not to mention the illegals and the terrorist. All thanks to Trump and his affection for chaos and havoc.

If anything, instead of abstinence, a call to arms should be shouted from the seat of every anchor and praised in the classroom. You get a gun, you get a gun, everybody gets a gun. Guns and firearms, the great equalizers. If Trump is the problem, then why do all of these fools want him to have all of the guns? Buy a gun today, buy ammunition today, train and train some more. Become proficient in your aptitude and ability to put your firearm into battery and keep it there. Buy a gun and help your neighbor to buy their first gun, it’s the only true way to remain free and untouched.

Buy your wife, your daughter and your mother a gun, teach them to use it. They will be stronger for it. If independence is what women want, then they should demand it with a gun on their person. Only then will the goons take them seriously. Guns are America and America is an armed population. Don’t fool yourself or allow yourself to be taken for a fool, the minute your guns are gone is the very minute you become a victim, it’s only a matter of time. A statistic, a chalk outline, if you are not armed, then hopefully those who would trespass against you would do so with a dose of grace and charm. If you’re going to be assaulted at least they can exhibit manners while doing so.

So perhaps Trump is not the problem, but rather the solution to decades of misrepresentation and flamboyant taxation. Maybe Donald is the reason why now more than ever the spinsters are spinning out of control. They are the goons and the criminals, hopefully their time in office will come to a close soon, and they will be gone next election cycle. It is time for new representation, it is time we were represented, not the special interests. Get a gun today, keep the demonic ones at bay and within range.

The Vanity of Abortion

Abortion is paralleled with breast enlargement, liposuction and Botox injections. Abortions are never truly justified. Abortions and those who advocate for them do so only to get laid or because they are vain, so very vain and incredibly weak. An abortion should not be financed by any government or public authority, as an abortion is the same as a nose job, just doing it for looks and convenience. Too bad all of those who champion abortion, weren’t aborted themselves. Abortion is a very selfish and self-centered concept, abortion is to kill an innocent baby, who can be given up for adoption. Those people that demand that a woman should be allowed to choose whether or not to kill her babies, should undergo mandatory hysterectomies. The men that advocate for abortion, should be castrated, as they don’t require their sperm any longer. Their children taken from them, as the children will always be in a perpetual state of danger, while they reside with a murderer sympathizer.

Abortion questions should be mandatory for any and all child care employment. Why should a person who believes that abortions are a valid choice be allowed to care for someone else’s children? Allowing an abortionist to be around children, is just as dangerous as allowing a child molester to be an elementary school teacher. Abortion, is vanity, killing someone without their explicit consent simply for your own convenience, nothing is more vain than that.

Abortion, is an oxymoron, the argument for abortion defeats itself, in the justification that in America, we have it so good, that we can argue about legal murder. Abortion, is self-defeating, a nation will never survive while abortion is legitimate. Abortion, along with homosexuality, cannot survive in nature. If you cannot reproduce, then eventually you will die out. It’s science and fact. Abortion is big business, they are cashing in on your aborted babies and their parts, like a salvage yard. If people were truly worried about the mother and her health, then they would demand that the mother give birth to the child that she is carrying.

Women, who have abortions, are forever scarred and damaged. Women, are put on this earth, for the sole purpose of reproduction. Taking that very real and important task from a woman merely lowers her to being a holster, worthless, a toy for men to pass around. If a woman willingly undergoes an abortion, then she has chosen worthlessness as her place in the world. A woman who voluntarily kills her children, is utterly and completely worthless to the nation and to the human race. If a person chooses themselves over the future of others, then they are sabotaging those to their left and right, for their own gain.

Why do some protect the saboteurs of our people and our country? They shield those who murder their own blood, from scrutiny and persecution. Abortion, is the same offense as rape and forced sodomy. Abortion is evil, and those who purvey and deal in it, are minions of the devil. Abortion will most assuredly ensure the women who partake, will remain single and alone until their demise. Men, who fight for the right to abort, will always be just that, betas and cuckolds. Any man, who doesn’t want to pass his bloodline along, will one day find himself alone, surrounded by artificial pleasures, that never come close to replicating the love and adoration of a family.

Abortion is never the answer. There are plenty of couples who want to adopt your baby, they will love and care for it as if it were their own. Tell those abortionist that they are vain and close minded. Any women who has an abortion, will always be that, an empty vessel, slowly going insane and forever damned, while they are on this earth.

Teaching Toddlers

When you speak to toddlers and kids in general, you use simple words and phrases that are easily memorized and repeatable. Warning a toddler or young person about bad or dangerous things such as the stove or an electrical outlet is very simple as long as you do it dramatically. Waving your arms around, screaming and singing songs all help to drive home the point about what is acceptable behavior from those you control and herd on a daily basis. Looking at yourself in the mirror and acknowledging that you are more than a single dimension is encouraged, but at the same time painting everything that is evil and bad as such is also demanded. Greed and pride in oneself is completely selfish and unnecessary. Therefore, forcing those under you to bend to your will is what is required. After all, what is the point of leading if not to enrich yourself by taxing those that support you?

Men, especially the white ones are bad, white in general is unfavorable and punishable via taxation and unlimited and unending persecution. Women are to be praised to the highest extend, when Eve bit into the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, she only did so because Adam demanded too much from her. Right? White men have since the beginning of time, been responsible for every travesty that has afflicted brown people and women, let alone the thousands of genders throughout the galaxy. White men are bad, white successful men are evil, white men simply need to be delegitimized and wiped out of existence.

People of color and white women are forced into eternal servitude by white men. Thereby whatever perceived crimes these marginalized populations may commit, is only due to the unending persecution they and their ancestors have faced at the hands of the white straight Christian conservative man. In turn, they cannot be held accountable for their missteps or sins. The simple deed of being born any color besides white or gender male, then they are forever and significantly less fortunate and skilled. See, it’s that simple.

Teaching toddlers, is merely that simple. Blame everyone and everything else, except yourself. Personal accountability and responsibility is a privilege exclusive to the white Christian conservative man. Just be dramatic and overly aggressive when driving these points home, so they will sink in and be regurgitated at a later time when blame shifting is the most convenient method to avoid sentencing. Accuse the white man of your bad deeds and take credit for walking all over them at every turn.

Hitler was a socialist as was Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Ku Klux Klan was started and is still run by the democrats, Lyndon B. Johnson ramped up the Vietnam war and encouraged and grew the welfare state. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a conservative Christian, but taking his memory and using it for political and financial gain is a tactic of the left and the democrats. Instead of reading books and talking with our elders, let Hollywood teach us history, their honest brokers anyhow. During the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, it was the left and the democrats donning white hoods and causing havoc for the right and the rights of others.

Never allow toddlers to choose for themselves, their diet and schedule will forever be trashed, instead force them to live the lifestyle you outline for them. Achieving the milestones that you set for them will mean that they will forever be paralyzed without your exclusive guidance and approval. Community is great as long as it’s other peoples money and not your money being spent!

The Power of Brands

Brands fool us into thinking that something is good or bad, high quality versus low quality. Brand loyalty often eventually ends up in heartbreak and the last time that person will ever buy into that brand again. When a person, personally invests their own money into any brand, it is a very intimate experience. Often, when a decision is being made between two brands, the one with the better reviews and the better track record is a hard choice to turn away. For example, Nike or Reebok, Ford or Chevrolet, Glock or Smith and Wesson, Democrat or Republican etc. Buying into any brand exclusively is always a poor choice, it alleviates that brand from having to innovate and earn their money and prestige. Thereby, simply labeling things with a certain brand, also have a tendency to garner support or distain, only by their name. For example: Obamacare aka The Affordable Care Act or the ACA, The GOP Tax Plan aka. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

More work is put into names and titles during the development process than the actual execution or body of anything. Brands, always sell us their history and lineage over quality and reliability. That’s why their names and titles are so important, it’s what separates the winners from the losers. Even the SUX 6000 is deemed a winner with its catchy commercial, all the “bad guys” want one and most of them get one. Democratic Socialist, not simply socialist, but democratic, like the National Socialists Workers Party in Deutschland. Any brand worth its weight in gold, will be able to sell an idea without ever having to explain anything. That’s what a brand is, an idea, a dream of something better, without ever really knowing all the details, how to get from here to there, or how we fit into that plan.

Standing up for the little guy, being a voice for those who have no voice, that’s often how brands are started. Brands come at a premium though, and it’s always our money they are after. Money, status and power are what drives any brand. The ability to attain and sustain all three, everything or nothing. Buying into any brand one hundred percent, only grants that brand your free will and undying loyalty, most assuredly, your gullibility should demand a higher price. Us against them, that’s how they spin it, there is always a fight to be had, as long as you are willing to fight for the brand you identify with. Brands, kind of like tribes, with cores and bases, surviving solely on single issues, one at a time.

The ability to read, comprehend, decipher and question is how we start to delegitimize these brands with their greedy and hateful ideologies. All questions and accusations are acceptable, although they must be used measured and exact, or else they will fall short. Any one person, who champions themselves as the voice of the people, only seeks to do so, for their own gain. The Pope doesn’t share the church’s gold, and our politicians want to be our voices so they aren’t expected to hear us, since they speak for us. Brand loyalty is underhanded and dishonest, devoting oneself to any brand exclusively, will only ensure your voice falls on deaf ears. Why do they need to convince you, you’ve already happily branded yourself. Submission and servitude to a brand, means they never have to ask your permission or seek out your exclusive approval.

The power of brands is between our ears and in our hearts. Don’t be fooled by brands, read the fine print. It’s the only way you can take them to court, to sue them for your money back and then some for damages. Hat, shirts, pins and bumper stickers all free advertising for them, that we readily pay for. Do any of these brands even know our names, or what issues we face? Don’t buy into brands, question them and help them to go bankrupt. It’s the only way to keep them honest.

The Financial Hardship, of Convincing Us, That New Year’s Resolutions Actually Work

Every year it’s the same, commercials, sales and deals to help us to correct our ways and become better, at bargain basement prices. Better individuals, better parents and better students, for the entire betterment of our world. Throughout history people are people wherever you go. Starting new habits that contribute to your health, the environment, knowledge or your local community are always good. We should continue to better ourselves always, not just for a new year. It’s all a scam and a way to convince us that if we fork over our money, then we will be beach body ready in as little as 30 days.

Outside influencers can help us, but if we are constantly barraged by images and audio cues that we are horrible, then the weak minded among us will encourage these entities to continue their attack on our American way of life. All of us would like to look better, feel better, have more money or have more time off. But simply paying for the hopes of a better you in a few “easy” steps, often leads to further disgust with oneself. The disgust, that once again, you’ve been taken for a fool and the money that you paid, is forever gone. Besides, you only really change when you must. A late-night infomercial or an advertisement on social media, is really only a subconscious tool used against you, for the benefit of the advertising company.

Instead of allowing yourself to being shamed into changing, take charge of your own life, and the choices that you make every day. Often, the easiest way to change, is to make small changes in your lifestyle. Any promise of drastic change will assuredly, only result in an even bigger disappointment once the new lifestyle is too rigorous, expensive or time consuming. Small changes that are easily implemented, will often result in the biggest alterations and ultimately, the best payoff after patience and repetition are met.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your money will buy a new you. You are there wherever and whenever you are. In order to achieve what you have set out for, is to apply dedication, and a thorough understanding of what will and what won’t work for you. Execute what is easiest to hardest over time, the rest will work itself out. Happy 2018, hopefully 2018 will be even better than 2017. 2017 will be a hard year to beat, but with dedication and repetition, 2018 could be the best year this year.

Paradoxed, For All, For Our Own Perceived Good

Government science and scientists, forced charity, institutional science and scientists. All of it contradictory and all of it a farce. However; it is forced through our digestive tracts as for the collective good of all. Like the hive or the collective of the Borg, assimilation places the vessel over its inhabitants and crew. All for the perceived achievement of perfection. But, if there is a true collective, who decides when they have ascended to perfection? All of this selective patronage is enforced via the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and every single law enforcement agency in this country. Every paramilitary organization trained and weaponized by them but funded by us, to ensure we never step out of line.

Science and those who claim to practice it, “scientists” are only doing so, at the expense of us the lowly tax payer, for their opportunity to have a reserved parking spot at whatever government facility they currently reside. College educated, intelligent, open minded, all tricks to ensure those sheep will want to be included in the headcount of the conclusions that your tax dollars pay to ensure are met. Sometimes, maybe the smartest person in the room, is the one that refutes everything that they are presented as “proof”. Science and its practitioners, need only separation from any outside source of income or intent, it’s the only possible way they can remain bona fide.

Why are we forced into servitude and enslavement by politicians and their hired guns, the tax man and the scientists? Why do we pay our politicians, why are they not just provided a house for their time in their seat with a minimum wage to live on? Are they truly superior to us, they must be, since they walk all over us. Never bothering to look down at who’s larynx they are crushing while they place their boot heels on one of our throats. All, perfectly legal and within their rights to hold over us, the lowly unbathed laborer.

Instead of tax funded charity, why not tax deductible charitable donations for the welfare recipients. Why not tax-deductible donations for charities wherever our money is spent in the world sans our individual consent. If those who wanted to give could and those who did not didn’t, we will have achieved more success, fairness and equality. A better system of money management, government accountability and the individual freedom to choose what, where and how much you want to spend, or not at all, it could be all of our choices.

Thanks to the invited lobbyist, we have been taxed without true representation for almost the past 30 years, maybe more. Top secret meetings and rendezvous, all behind closed doors and all without our real consent. Spending our money on their interests, and their interests alone. Term limits and a gun carrying population should keep these imposters in their place, always looking over their backs and sleeping with one eye open. Unfortunately, though, those representors are insulated from us the public, the investors. Elected representatives, forever insulated and protected from their own decisions and actions. Never facing the decisions and laws they enact against us, their backers and supporters.