Paradoxed, For All, For Our Own Perceived Good

Government science and scientists, forced charity, institutional science and scientists. All of it contradictory and all of it a farce. However; it is forced through our digestive tracts as for the collective good of all. Like the hive or the collective of the Borg, assimilation places the vessel over its inhabitants and crew. All for the perceived achievement of perfection. But, if there is a true collective, who decides when they have ascended to perfection? All of this selective patronage is enforced via the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and every single law enforcement agency in this country. Every paramilitary organization trained and weaponized by them but funded by us, to ensure we never step out of line.

Science and those who claim to practice it, “scientists” are only doing so, at the expense of us the lowly tax payer, for their opportunity to have a reserved parking spot at whatever government facility they currently reside. College educated, intelligent, open minded, all tricks to ensure those sheep will want to be included in the headcount of the conclusions that your tax dollars pay to ensure are met. Sometimes, maybe the smartest person in the room, is the one that refutes everything that they are presented as “proof”. Science and its practitioners, need only separation from any outside source of income or intent, it’s the only possible way they can remain bona fide.

Why are we forced into servitude and enslavement by politicians and their hired guns, the tax man and the scientists? Why do we pay our politicians, why are they not just provided a house for their time in their seat with a minimum wage to live on? Are they truly superior to us, they must be, since they walk all over us. Never bothering to look down at who’s larynx they are crushing while they place their boot heels on one of our throats. All, perfectly legal and within their rights to hold over us, the lowly unbathed laborer.

Instead of tax funded charity, why not tax deductible charitable donations for the welfare recipients. Why not tax-deductible donations for charities wherever our money is spent in the world sans our individual consent. If those who wanted to give could and those who did not didn’t, we will have achieved more success, fairness and equality. A better system of money management, government accountability and the individual freedom to choose what, where and how much you want to spend, or not at all, it could be all of our choices.

Thanks to the invited lobbyist, we have been taxed without true representation for almost the past 30 years, maybe more. Top secret meetings and rendezvous, all behind closed doors and all without our real consent. Spending our money on their interests, and their interests alone. Term limits and a gun carrying population should keep these imposters in their place, always looking over their backs and sleeping with one eye open. Unfortunately, though, those representors are insulated from us the public, the investors. Elected representatives, forever insulated and protected from their own decisions and actions. Never facing the decisions and laws they enact against us, their backers and supporters.

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