The Financial Hardship, of Convincing Us, That New Year’s Resolutions Actually Work

Every year it’s the same, commercials, sales and deals to help us to correct our ways and become better, at bargain basement prices. Better individuals, better parents and better students, for the entire betterment of our world. Throughout history people are people wherever you go. Starting new habits that contribute to your health, the environment, knowledge or your local community are always good. We should continue to better ourselves always, not just for a new year. It’s all a scam and a way to convince us that if we fork over our money, then we will be beach body ready in as little as 30 days.

Outside influencers can help us, but if we are constantly barraged by images and audio cues that we are horrible, then the weak minded among us will encourage these entities to continue their attack on our American way of life. All of us would like to look better, feel better, have more money or have more time off. But simply paying for the hopes of a better you in a few “easy” steps, often leads to further disgust with oneself. The disgust, that once again, you’ve been taken for a fool and the money that you paid, is forever gone. Besides, you only really change when you must. A late-night infomercial or an advertisement on social media, is really only a subconscious tool used against you, for the benefit of the advertising company.

Instead of allowing yourself to being shamed into changing, take charge of your own life, and the choices that you make every day. Often, the easiest way to change, is to make small changes in your lifestyle. Any promise of drastic change will assuredly, only result in an even bigger disappointment once the new lifestyle is too rigorous, expensive or time consuming. Small changes that are easily implemented, will often result in the biggest alterations and ultimately, the best payoff after patience and repetition are met.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your money will buy a new you. You are there wherever and whenever you are. In order to achieve what you have set out for, is to apply dedication, and a thorough understanding of what will and what won’t work for you. Execute what is easiest to hardest over time, the rest will work itself out. Happy 2018, hopefully 2018 will be even better than 2017. 2017 will be a hard year to beat, but with dedication and repetition, 2018 could be the best year this year.

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