The Power of Brands

Brands fool us into thinking that something is good or bad, high quality versus low quality. Brand loyalty often eventually ends up in heartbreak and the last time that person will ever buy into that brand again. When a person, personally invests their own money into any brand, it is a very intimate experience. Often, when a decision is being made between two brands, the one with the better reviews and the better track record is a hard choice to turn away. For example, Nike or Reebok, Ford or Chevrolet, Glock or Smith and Wesson, Democrat or Republican etc. Buying into any brand exclusively is always a poor choice, it alleviates that brand from having to innovate and earn their money and prestige. Thereby, simply labeling things with a certain brand, also have a tendency to garner support or distain, only by their name. For example: Obamacare aka The Affordable Care Act or the ACA, The GOP Tax Plan aka. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

More work is put into names and titles during the development process than the actual execution or body of anything. Brands, always sell us their history and lineage over quality and reliability. That’s why their names and titles are so important, it’s what separates the winners from the losers. Even the SUX 6000 is deemed a winner with its catchy commercial, all the “bad guys” want one and most of them get one. Democratic Socialist, not simply socialist, but democratic, like the National Socialists Workers Party in Deutschland. Any brand worth its weight in gold, will be able to sell an idea without ever having to explain anything. That’s what a brand is, an idea, a dream of something better, without ever really knowing all the details, how to get from here to there, or how we fit into that plan.

Standing up for the little guy, being a voice for those who have no voice, that’s often how brands are started. Brands come at a premium though, and it’s always our money they are after. Money, status and power are what drives any brand. The ability to attain and sustain all three, everything or nothing. Buying into any brand one hundred percent, only grants that brand your free will and undying loyalty, most assuredly, your gullibility should demand a higher price. Us against them, that’s how they spin it, there is always a fight to be had, as long as you are willing to fight for the brand you identify with. Brands, kind of like tribes, with cores and bases, surviving solely on single issues, one at a time.

The ability to read, comprehend, decipher and question is how we start to delegitimize these brands with their greedy and hateful ideologies. All questions and accusations are acceptable, although they must be used measured and exact, or else they will fall short. Any one person, who champions themselves as the voice of the people, only seeks to do so, for their own gain. The Pope doesn’t share the church’s gold, and our politicians want to be our voices so they aren’t expected to hear us, since they speak for us. Brand loyalty is underhanded and dishonest, devoting oneself to any brand exclusively, will only ensure your voice falls on deaf ears. Why do they need to convince you, you’ve already happily branded yourself. Submission and servitude to a brand, means they never have to ask your permission or seek out your exclusive approval.

The power of brands is between our ears and in our hearts. Don’t be fooled by brands, read the fine print. It’s the only way you can take them to court, to sue them for your money back and then some for damages. Hat, shirts, pins and bumper stickers all free advertising for them, that we readily pay for. Do any of these brands even know our names, or what issues we face? Don’t buy into brands, question them and help them to go bankrupt. It’s the only way to keep them honest.

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