Teaching Toddlers

When you speak to toddlers and kids in general, you use simple words and phrases that are easily memorized and repeatable. Warning a toddler or young person about bad or dangerous things such as the stove or an electrical outlet is very simple as long as you do it dramatically. Waving your arms around, screaming and singing songs all help to drive home the point about what is acceptable behavior from those you control and herd on a daily basis. Looking at yourself in the mirror and acknowledging that you are more than a single dimension is encouraged, but at the same time painting everything that is evil and bad as such is also demanded. Greed and pride in oneself is completely selfish and unnecessary. Therefore, forcing those under you to bend to your will is what is required. After all, what is the point of leading if not to enrich yourself by taxing those that support you?

Men, especially the white ones are bad, white in general is unfavorable and punishable via taxation and unlimited and unending persecution. Women are to be praised to the highest extend, when Eve bit into the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, she only did so because Adam demanded too much from her. Right? White men have since the beginning of time, been responsible for every travesty that has afflicted brown people and women, let alone the thousands of genders throughout the galaxy. White men are bad, white successful men are evil, white men simply need to be delegitimized and wiped out of existence.

People of color and white women are forced into eternal servitude by white men. Thereby whatever perceived crimes these marginalized populations may commit, is only due to the unending persecution they and their ancestors have faced at the hands of the white straight Christian conservative man. In turn, they cannot be held accountable for their missteps or sins. The simple deed of being born any color besides white or gender male, then they are forever and significantly less fortunate and skilled. See, it’s that simple.

Teaching toddlers, is merely that simple. Blame everyone and everything else, except yourself. Personal accountability and responsibility is a privilege exclusive to the white Christian conservative man. Just be dramatic and overly aggressive when driving these points home, so they will sink in and be regurgitated at a later time when blame shifting is the most convenient method to avoid sentencing. Accuse the white man of your bad deeds and take credit for walking all over them at every turn.

Hitler was a socialist as was Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Ku Klux Klan was started and is still run by the democrats, Lyndon B. Johnson ramped up the Vietnam war and encouraged and grew the welfare state. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a conservative Christian, but taking his memory and using it for political and financial gain is a tactic of the left and the democrats. Instead of reading books and talking with our elders, let Hollywood teach us history, their honest brokers anyhow. During the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, it was the left and the democrats donning white hoods and causing havoc for the right and the rights of others.

Never allow toddlers to choose for themselves, their diet and schedule will forever be trashed, instead force them to live the lifestyle you outline for them. Achieving the milestones that you set for them will mean that they will forever be paralyzed without your exclusive guidance and approval. Community is great as long as it’s other peoples money and not your money being spent!

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