Personal Protection in the Era of Trump

With the world exploding all around us at every turn and Trump in the Whitehouse. Maybe it’s time everyone gets a gun, or a bunch of guns to protect themselves and their families from the dangers of the Trump presidency. President Trump is dangerous, for the citizens of America and the world. Since he is such a loose cannon, therapy and medication will not stop him and will not numb us. We must take our fate into our own hands and have a plan of defense from the lampoon in D.C. DJT is the reason Kim Jong-Un is starving his own people, and threatening America. The Iran protests are due to Donald’s blatant racism and sexist attitudes towards women (only the attractive ones).

Why with such a buffoon in office are people still calling for gun control? I would think with our country being on the precipice of destruction, now is the time to arm ourselves and protect our ways of life from the jackass that is DJT. Advocate for yourselves and us in tandem, do not turn in your guns, do not support bans. Background checks will merely inform our president and his minions of who is ready and who is not. Demand constitutional carry and the freedom to buy whatever might tickle your fancy.

Perhaps our representatives would prefer us unarmed, naked, completely and utterly defenseless. If women are to be treated as equal to men, then they must be armed, since women are physically far weaker than men. Men must be armed to protect their families from the roving gangs of criminal Neanderthals and rapist primates, not to mention the illegals and the terrorist. All thanks to Trump and his affection for chaos and havoc.

If anything, instead of abstinence, a call to arms should be shouted from the seat of every anchor and praised in the classroom. You get a gun, you get a gun, everybody gets a gun. Guns and firearms, the great equalizers. If Trump is the problem, then why do all of these fools want him to have all of the guns? Buy a gun today, buy ammunition today, train and train some more. Become proficient in your aptitude and ability to put your firearm into battery and keep it there. Buy a gun and help your neighbor to buy their first gun, it’s the only true way to remain free and untouched.

Buy your wife, your daughter and your mother a gun, teach them to use it. They will be stronger for it. If independence is what women want, then they should demand it with a gun on their person. Only then will the goons take them seriously. Guns are America and America is an armed population. Don’t fool yourself or allow yourself to be taken for a fool, the minute your guns are gone is the very minute you become a victim, it’s only a matter of time. A statistic, a chalk outline, if you are not armed, then hopefully those who would trespass against you would do so with a dose of grace and charm. If you’re going to be assaulted at least they can exhibit manners while doing so.

So perhaps Trump is not the problem, but rather the solution to decades of misrepresentation and flamboyant taxation. Maybe Donald is the reason why now more than ever the spinsters are spinning out of control. They are the goons and the criminals, hopefully their time in office will come to a close soon, and they will be gone next election cycle. It is time for new representation, it is time we were represented, not the special interests. Get a gun today, keep the demonic ones at bay and within range.

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