Islam and Atheism, Partners in Crime

Atheism and Islam are perfect bedfellows. Islam is the arguably the most violent, oppressive and backwards religion in the entire world, scientology takes a close second. To each their own, I say. But for Atheists, Islam is what they align themselves with the most, that and a collective hatred of President Trump. The modern hipster sympathizes with Islam, as with most juveniles who cannot stand their parents and have a genuine disregard for any western tradition and American exceptionalism. It’s perceived cool to mock Christianity and tear down the nuclear family, all the while standing in solidarity with the woman hating movement known as Islam. Ask most college students and faculty and they will proudly tell you that while they despise religion in all fashions, they will in complete hypocrisy tip their hat and show respect for the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. The reason why Islam gets a pass is because hipsters and liberals despise their forefathers and their western traditions.

Atheism isn’t exclusive to any one political party, but the left has the majority. They claim to practice science and espouse facts wherever they see fit. The left, along with their Atheists, the Muslim brotherhood and Linda Sarsour have more hipster and liberal followers than Bernie Sanders. Liberals blame flags and guns for violence and murder, but for some reason the Muslim prayer rug is always left out of the conversation when it comes to banning inanimate objects for despicable human behavior. Hippies practice free love and polyamory, Islam executes women for being raped. Yet for some reason, Atheists are willing to grant Muslims asylum and look past their pedophilia and inbred savage murderous ways. A perceived sign of progressive values and open minds or is it that Atheists, hipsters and liberals welcome Islam because they hate their family tree?

Islam and Muslims are praised everyday by the left, universities and by Atheists. While in tandem, they wipe their soiled bottoms with the American Flag, trash Christians, western values and traditions. Liberals claim to stand up for the little guy, but what about Israel? The only democratic country in the entire middle east, why is it so easy for the Atheist to spit on the Jews and Christians in Israel, while championing Islam?

The political left in this country has been the same socialist and fascist party, virtually unchanged for over 100 years. The Bundy Ranch Standoff, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Internment Camps all under Democratic Party presidents all targeted, wounded, killed and murdered American Citizens. The New Deal, The Fair Housing Act, The Fair Deal Program, The Great Society, pardoning the Vietnam War Draft Dodgers, The Department of Education and Woodrow Wilson screened the first film in the Whitehouse “The Birth of a Nation” a film that praised the Ku Klux Klan. These were also committed by Democratic Party Presidents.

The left, hipsters’ atheists and Muslims for the majority claim an allegiance to the Democratic Party as well as the Shah of Iran, Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Maoism and every single oppressive ideology and government. For the left, personal responsibility and accountability is uncalled for since its always someone else’s fault for their direct actions. That is why Islam and Muslims get a pass from these groups, their behavior and violence is always in their mind due to the perceived oppressive consumerism of the west. The Democratic Party and the left want to enslave American citizens to the government, the liberals embrace this ideology, sine it cleanses them of personal responsibility and paves the way for the downfall of the west.

Muslim refugees are given quarter over the Christian and Jew, all three come from the same desert, why does only the Muslim enjoy this hospitality? In order to bring down America, the Islam religion must succeed here, in America. Once Islam takes hold then sharia law will be enforced while the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are torched. Atheism, liberalism, and Islam all have the same goal in mind, to torch the world, but first the educated Atheists must grant their Muslim brothers entrance. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, an old doctrine, but traditions must make way for a new more progressive nation. A new nation built on eugenics and a deep seated and genuine hatred for God, Family, Community and the Greatest Nation the universe has ever seen, America.

America, is the lone candle in a dark world. America is the light of the world, do not let our nation fall. If America is abolished, the world will be forever in the dark, enveloped in witchcraft and ignorance.

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