The Delirious Hide of The Matrix

Taking the red pill is synonymous with having your eyes and your mind opened, although revolutionary in theory, perhaps it’s merely old-fashioned honesty. The dangers of this empowering honesty, is that there are real world consequences for seeing the world for what it really is and discussing it. Not only will you be putting yourself in danger, your family will also be branded and shamed for you not towing the line. The many threats you may face could be, loss of your job, your children will be harassed in school by the faculty, your property could be damaged etc., these threats are very real and very dangerous. You and your family may never recuperate for generations.

To be a conservative, possess and exercise conservative values and speak those beliefs, true bravery, courage and grit must be within. The very minute you speak up, the “net” and the public will be made aware of your location, from then on, they will be looking to cut you down at every opportunity. Agent Smith will be there at every turn to rip you and your family to shreds. The “sheep” don’t want to know the truth, and to speak the truth in public, is to expose yourself, your family and their reputation to assassination. Before you willingly administer the “red pill” upon yourself, realize these treacherous implications you will be submitting yourself to.  Because the “net” will find you, is has all of your information, once they locate you, there are no limits to the severe torture they will inflict upon you and those you love.

As conservatives, we walk softly, clearing each corner before we continue our advance. Those with whom we speak openly with, undergo weeks, months, years and have demonstrated their credibility through feats of bravery and trust. We are confined to secretive looks, whispers and coded messages when we communicate truth and fact. If we aren’t careful we will be discovered and everything that we have worked so hard for throughout our entire lives, will be taken from us by the “Agent Smiths” of the information comptrollers. We don’t know who is surveilling us and who is scouring our public and private records so they may find anything that can be construed in the public square to solidify our guaranteed execution.

So, for survival sake we do what we can to blend into the herd. We are the very same protectors of the herd, that the wolves want to eliminate. It’s the wolves who dictate where the sheep can and cannot go and it’s the wolves that kill the sheep that stray from the herd. They kill them by ripping the sheep’s throat out, only these wolves go after our kids while they dine on our remains. Knowing that our family will be next on the menu, and there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop this lethal terrorism.

That is what has happened to the left, they are enraged and they will never stop their storm trooping and goose stepping until everyone is beat into submission. The models that the left follows are all around us, they espouse liberal ideology to the public, while behind closed doors they conspire. Using capitalism against us, and demanding that we cater to their wants and desires, regardless of the price on our freedom and the safety of our families. The examples they follow can be seen in North Korea, the Soviet Union, the Third Reich and countless other oppressive and suppressive regimes, both foreign and domestic.

It’s only a matter of time until the catalyst is reached and we declare a war within our own country against each other. I hope respect can be found before that. It is incumbent that we demand diversity of thought and encourage disagreement between ourselves. Unity and solidarity are the stepping stones of servitude, discrepancy and healthy conflict promote understanding and growth. Regular deviation and quarrels will ensure respect, real balance and wellness for our exceptional ideology and society.

We must remove the wolf’s teeth and claws before we can attempt to avoid subjugation. It’s the partisans that greatly enhanced America’s ability to overpower and decimate the Nazi regime. We must take America back from the warped ideology of the infected powerbrokers and drivers that are steering us off the cliff into obliteration.

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