Speaking of Ambassadors

Since when were people suddenly self-made ambassadors for the rest of us? These supposed ambassadors place themselves on a platform, to look down upon us, and lecture us on their opinions. Then they attempt to back up their claims, by sliding in the ever faithful “as a woman” or “as a person of color”. I don’t recall anyone ever granting these so-called emissaries, intellectual and communicative authority to educate the masses on points of view that are skin deep. Expressing a belief and then wrapping yourself in the blanket of those who may look the same, possibly think the same and sometimes act the same, is never a valid point.

Attempting to legitimize any estimation with subtle racism or sexism is just that, racist and sexist. It’s the logical equivalency of all African Americans know one another, or all women have a menstruation cycle. Liberals will gladly interject to both defend and object on both of these claims, all in the same breath. They will execute this mental and ethical flexibility by regurgitating, popular culture, emotions and comic book like literature. These are the very same liberal practices they used, when they have attempted to exterminate the Jews and the Blacks throughout history.

Attempting to express the message for any group of people, without being properly appointed and vetted, only allows the lies and stereotypes of those groups to become doctrine. The continual push for ignorant voices to improvise their aptitude and thoughts on anything, based solely on a polaroid picture of the event. This will only continue to have devastating effects on those groups. Causes, don’t require celebrity endorsement for validation, or are they competing with “Weight Watchers”?

Victimization and persecution, are dealt into all of these public displays of weak minded and buffoon like inebriation. Emotions and emotion based decisions are what propel and sink any type of policy decision or cultural appropriation, in record time. Tell these idiotic comedians and self-gratifying stereotypes to continue their parade of insanity. The more they rage, the more we win. So, let them talk and with shrill voices scream like the toddlers they are. They are proving to the rest of us how corrupt these false idols and fraudulent soothsayers are. They remain available for purchase however; their expiration has lapsed, consume and apply at your own risk.

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