So, It’s Progress You Want?

True effective two-way communication is incredibly important and quite possibly the most underrated method of resolving issues. Refusing to listen to someone that you disagree with on any level will almost always result in the ineffective repetition of history, making the same mistakes and underestimated grasp of most situations. Telling someone that their perspective or experience is not welcome and will not be taken into account allows for the continuance of complete ignorance when attempting to correct problems. Willfully stepping into the ever-present pitfalls of conflict and obstacle resolution.

Respect and the willingness to put your own feelings aside to hear someone out is inherently beneficial to understanding how to correct anything. Some call it the Socratic method and it is as simple as asking for others input on a project or working group. If history has taught us anything, it is that dictatorships, monarchies and any other society that executes and actions on the thoughts of one person exclusively, is that they will always fail. These groups only exist due to the constant threat of violence and terrorism that they exercise against their own people.

Questions and criticism from all angles can help ensure that anything proposed will stand the test of time. The way to get there is to disagree, listen and debate. Debate, free of personal preference and debate for the resolution, not for any one side exclusively. Just because you cannot please everyone all the time, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try every time. Don’t fall into the mind trap and peer pressure of solidarity and unity. These cages allow for feelings to take precedence over logic, knowledge and experience.

Humility is the best indicator of hope to overcome any roadblock that prevents positive and workable outcomes. Approach problems and issues with humility and the ability to listen to those who can help us. More often than not, progress is placed over innovation and forward momentum, in the hopes of ethical decision making. Ethical decision making in these scenarios ignores proven history and basic human behavior. Find solace in listening to our elders, no matter how abrasive they may seem, they’ve been there and done that, or have witnessed many different outcomes throughout their years.

Do not simply disregard someone that may appear brash and insensitive, if they are speaking, we must listen. They have dealt with more setback than us, they know at least what the best practices are not. Choosing to exercise ignorant decisions propelled by hubris and selfishness will always fail the “smell test” and will only work and remain through the threat of loss to others. Listen to your mothers and fathers, listen to your grandparents, listen to those who have come before us, there is a good chance they know what they are talking about. Young people know very little about real life, to put them on a pedestal of knowledge is to suppress our elders and silence history. This promotes the over used term of history repeats itself.

Our country and ideology were founded on a healthy distrust of government and authority, if we give that up in hopes of free things, more will be taken from us. We will be further restricted from exercising our God given rights as a people and as a nation. Do not look to the government to solve anything, if history has taught us anything about government involvement is that the government is run by people, with basic human behavior. They will take more and more if we don’t put them in time out.

If we are to continue as a people, then we must encourage disagreements and respect. Allowing ourselves to be forced into any type of acceptance will ensure more acceptance is expected of us, with every compromise we make in the hopes of anything free. We must not lose our rebellious ways and we must not forget that disagreements often result in the ultimate betterment of our future and our country. Intelligence will never replace knowledge and experience.

Listen to each other and disagree when you see fit, do not allow your voice to go unheard. The minute you decide that you do not have an opinion or care about the outcome is the minute, you willfully give up your own choice to determine the future of anything. Nothing is so complicated that we all cannot have a seat at the table. There are plenty of chairs and time is of no concern, it is our future at stake, let us know what your observations are and what your thoughts on the matter are.

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