The Diversity Division

Using stereotypes, racism and sexism to appear on the surface as promoting diversity will always fail, since this type of diversity is merely skin deep. Diversity promotes government mandated segregation, and legal discrimination. Allowing others to judge any organization from the outside looking in, checking for skin color, gender and sexual preference is a slow drip to failure. Companies both public and private are mandated to halt competition and success until they hire and employ people based on race, sex and preference alone. A company with an entire white male board, will undergo more scrutiny due to skin color than actual effectiveness.

What is the problem with treating every organization, like a major league sports team? Hire the best based on performance and performance alone. The idea that hiring anyone based on skin deep perceptions, will bring in that peoples’ experiences and identity as a whole is an idea based of failures and less than acceptable performance. Imagine if merit and merit alone was the indicator of anyone’s qualifications. Their performance would be judged, instead of them. Judging a person’s performance is much more constructive and beneficial to the person and the organization, rather than allowing racism and sexism into the conversation.

Basing decisions on what appears on the surface, allows for further division and separation. This type of diversity also encourages less expectations for those that we are told are born as less. Telling people that they are less or that others are less will always ensure that we as a whole can be controlled and directed based on appearances. It’s a two-way street, if we are to judge the good actions of one as that of many, then any infraction can be judged in the same way. Promoting someone as an ambassador of any certain race or sex, is asking a lot of any one person. They can only be expected to be responsible for themselves.

When we are force fed diversity for the idea that perception is reality means that success and failure should not be taken into account. If diversity is to be championed above all, then the government will have to step in at some point and subsidize everything and everyone. The only diversity that should be placed on a pedestal is diversity of thought, thinking that all black people think and act the same is racist. Hiring a few black people will not quell racism, it will only promote it. Hire and fire on merit, merit allows for decisions to be based on performance alone.

Professional sports are not judged on race, they are judged on performance. When a team trades or cuts a player, it is based on performance or lack thereof. Why is business any different, are they not competing? Diversity is for losers, and mandating diversity will ensure everyone loses. If diversity was truly the answer, then race and sex would no longer be palatable and viable conversations. To acknowledge diversity is to legitimize racism and sexism, and the hateful ideologies behind both. Merit keeps everything attainable and equal, merit and performance are the only true indicators and predictors of future success or failure. If race or sex was an indicator, then less will always be expected.

If diversity of color and sex were truly the answer, then those who lack diversity of color and sex would fail and plummet. Exercising the personal choice to promote color and sex diversity should be just that personal choice, however; legally mandated diversity needs to be outlawed.

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