Outsourced Success

The Democrats and the Liberals cannot win or succeed in an organic election, they rely heavily on outsourced votes. The liberal message is so tainted and vile, that immigration often decides who wins and who loses. The democrats don’t care for America or Americans, if they did, then they would win over America more often than not, organically. That is why they continue to pander to the immigrants, and perceived minorities. When you win the immigrant vote, there is no need for follow through, the immigrants will not and do not possess the authority to demand action for their vote. If the democrats actually cared for America, then they would win every election handily.

The democrats cannot win on their own, they need to outsource their votes, between illegal immigrants voting, to felons to those who vote multiple times in multiple states for one election. The liberals clamor onto any platform in the hopes of winning, and winning alone. Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. A liberal, socialist democrat against marijuana and those who partake in it? Not in today’s world, right? Funny how the democrats flip flop year after year in hopes of winning to become rich famous and powerful.

Under president William Jefferson Clinton, the U.S. lost more jobs and manufacturing to China than ever before in the history of the U.S. On May 28, 1993, then President Clinton signed into law Executive Order 12850, “Conditions for Renewal of Most-Favored Nation Status for The People’s Republic of China in 1994. President Clinton had successfully and now legally enabled himself to become richer of the backs of American Workers by wielding foreign policy and international monetary trades. President Clinton did this by championing human rights travesties happening in China at the time, this executive order did nothing to bolster human rights, it did however make it more profitable for manufacturing to leave the U.S. and move to China. President Bill Clinton did not care about America or Americans, he cared only for himself, his influence potential, power and most importantly his wallet. Why is it that under liberal Democrat Presidents, has our country continually undergone loss in American jobs and massive overall loss in American quality of life? President William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton is the catalyst for setting young Americans behind their parents when it comes to jobs, education, finances and the overall loss in quality of life.

Democrat Liberal Presidents do not care about any of us, to become America’s president as a democrat and as a liberal is merely a springboard to riches for themselves, rather than actually being the president to only Americans. Democrats are dirty and will do whatever it takes to rule the world, even if it means sacrificing America and Americans, we are merely cannon fodder to cover their advance to the throne. It is the democrats that are the Ku Klux Klan, it was a democrat that presented the first movie in the Whitehouse, the KKK propaganda film “The Birth of A Nation”, it was a democrat that made marijuana illegal and a felony, it was a democrat that stifled and limited recovery from the great depression, it was a democrat that enslaved the black population to government via welfare and other programs that held up the black population in America, it was a democrat, backed by the KKK that started and still runs government funded abortions. And on and on and on, the democrat liberal presidents and representatives have their models to follow, all they must do is assign feeling to everything, then the illiterate population can back them.

The liberal democrat is the same as Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, Mao, Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler etc. etc. etc. The examples are there throughout history, both past and present. The liberal democrat wants us to be illiterate and easily malleable, charisma is the only strength that they possess. When people reminisce about past presidents, they will always refer to the liberal democrat as charismatic. If charisma is the first thing when you think of a person, more often than not, those people are con artists and carpet baggers. Every single dictator throughout history captured the hearts of their countrymen through charisma, once they captured their power, those same countrymen were executed at the hand of those they helped to reach power. Hillary Clinton’s inability to exude charisma was probably our only saving grace, it was what kept her from winning. We all know that millions of illegal and illegitimate votes were cast in her favor.

The liberal democrat cannot win in their own districts without the plentiful help of the illegal and fraudulent vote and voters. They cannot win, because their platform, their message and their historic record point to one thing, sacrifice their constituents for their own selfish betterment. If the democrat liberal was a winner, then they would not have to run on racism or other hateful ideologies, they cast hate and disparity for their own benefit.

The left must outsource their constituents to become victorious. The left hates America and Americans, they don’t know us, they don’t want to know us and they gladly accept our heads and wallets as their property and their stepping stones for their own enrichment.

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