Internet Frustrated

The conversation concerning Net Neutrality is still going on and the decision that was made last year currently still stands. As a traditional American man, I find humor in everyone’s selective outrage both for and against Net Neutrality. For a while now, juggernaut information and sharing companies have been controlling access to conservative websites and videos. So now that left sites may experience the same treatment, attention is now being devoted to it. Now, since the left is outraged over this decision, apparently the internet is a platform to project free speech, but when it was happening to gun channels, Pro-Trump discussions platforms or Obama and Clinton doubters, then nobody cared.

When anything right of center or traditional American was being controlled, monitored and limited, it was widely acknowledged that the platforms that they used to spread their message were private companies. But now, it seems that there is an inherent right to information via the internet alone. Big business is always associated with the right, however; the left controls the majority of business and money in America. Another slide of hand from the left. With mega powerful companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, if they really cared about getting information to its users, then all of these companies possess enough capital and influence to do this rather easily. But like any other business, they only care about making a profit, so their desires to be free quickly erodes. Now that everyone is addicted, the masses will gladly fork over their money for their quick fix.

If this nightmare of losing the free internet comes true, we might earn some of our privacy back. What could be so bad about unplugging? Sure, we would be forced to go back to the library and look to our elders for information, is this the biggest problem with revoking Net Neutrality? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. I still don’t completely grasp the pros and cons of Net Neutrality, and I think it is formulated in this way to once again pit us against each other. If it was the Obama administration that revoked Net Neutrality, would the outrage and discussion be the same, or possibly flipped? Probably not.

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