Uterine Bastard Intake

A lot of time is being used to discuss providing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to those less fortunate in America. Last, I checked, America is the best chance for anyone to succeed, why do we need to tax everyone even more to provide food, water and shelter to perceived impoverished people. Any American who refuses to make their own way, is basically on artificial life support, until they pass. Other countries and governments have tried to provide a basic income to their citizens, and it always becomes another crutch that bankrupts that nation and its people. Collectivism doesn’t work, it didn’t work in the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Venezuela or Cuba. The countries and nations that practice collectivism are now realizing that there is not enough money in the world to continue this façade. Countries and nations like Germany, the European Union and Canada, they just continue to raise taxes on their own workers to finance the home bodies, citizen or not.

With all of the government funded programs, and all of the not for profit companies and organizations out there, do we really need another tax? Some say we do and others say we don’t. However; those who say we do, do not willingly fork over their own money first, they stomp around and throw tantrums until we give in. The same people that clamor about for UBI are the same people that want free education. Do none of these people know that just because it may be free to attend, you will pay through the nose in taxes once you graduate and become employed. The majority of people only hold their hands out for free things, when someone else is paying for it.

Compassion has been weaponized. We live in the greatest country in the entire history of the world, yet for some reason, this is not enough for some. Everyone lusts for influence, power and money, therefore in today’s market, capitalized compassion is the quickest way to make a buck. If you can convince enough people to buy into a pyramid scheme of compassion, then you will be an overnight success. Plus, people avoid adversity, so when pressured to feel compassion for something or someone, the majority of people will always make the correct public choice.

Universal Basic Income is just another think tank political tool, don’t buy into the façade, there is no turning back once you do. Everybody has enough and most of us have too much, but that doesn’t mean the government needs to come in to limit us. Once you invite the government into your home, they will never leave. If you grant the government quarter in your home, like vampires, they only require one invite. Universal Basic Income will only create more fatherless children and a devotion to government, giving up your rights for government cheese.

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