The Opposite of Opposite

The majority of American elected representatives must have no peer or superior, any perceived peer or superior is a threat to their dominance. That is why Putin versus almost every American representative is the opposite of opposite. They cannot live in a universe of harmony, content with their own people and their own nation. They must cancel each other out, for their own relevancy. Instead of viewing the American people as their masters, the representative must be perceived as above and beyond reproach, scrutiny need not apply and their allegiance of unquestionable doubt. Their health must also be pushed on the public as incredible, feats of strength and endurance will regularly be broadcast. Any notions of addiction or handicap will be looked upon as rebel propaganda. Drug use, smoking and fainting are quickly covered up, while dancing, martial arts and light exercising are highlighted. Gosh, they are running a country into the ground and somehow, they manage to carve out time in their hectic schedules to still get a workout in. What models to live by, right?

Vladimir Putin, must be broadcast in a negative light, he must be portrayed as evil and conniving, our modern-day James Bond villain. Meanwhile; our representatives, in front of the camera, stand tall, puff out their chests and pretend to call him outside to tussle, the eternal battle between the light and the dark. For the majority of American representatives, Putin must be delegitimized, since they are one in the same. Pushing propaganda and a narrative of Shangri La, for only a few cents a day. Putin is often aligned with Trump, however; they couldn’t be more different. President Trump seems to appreciate strong leaders, leading their own countries to prosperity. It is because Trump does not follow the globalist mantra, sacrificing America and Americans on the altar of global dominance. He does not propel any person, family or color to prominence, he is content to protect America and his desire is to elevate America above all else.

Putin, along with the nominal American leader, regards their district and constituents as requiring cultivation and compost to enrich themselves. They employ the media, pit us against one another and propose legislation and resolution to manufactured and illegitimate tribulations that only serve them and their maniacal vocation. Appearing too American and too manly is to be viewed as toxic and unbalanced, possibly like a drunk sailor, tearing up the town while on weekend liberty. For these American traits, we are expected to turn up our noses at any such display of healthy doses of testosterone. Since a broadcast example of a healthy and balanced superior leader, would be more at home dining with refugees or celebrating the sexual transition of a minor.

The opposite of opposite is the same, and maintaining status quo will only serve to further our servitude to ruthless leaders, whether American or foreign. Most times, the best source of advice out there, is an old person, espousing truth and brash realism. Or, sometimes the truth can be heard from a drunkard, stumbling about, mumbling truths, since their inhibition has been lost for the time being. Public unhealthy displays of human behavior are showcased as the cowboy American in our natural habitat. I would argue, that maintaining the media’s obsession with foreign practices is merely an exercise in futility and insanity. President Trump is the first true opposite in recent memory, and it is because he is an outsider that the power brokers who have controlled America for so long are willing to do whatever it takes to get him out of here.

President Trump is a threat to Vladimir Putin and the regular American elected representative. Whining and complaining about President Trump will no longer suffice. Our representatives’ backs are against the wall and there is a strong chance that they may have to actually start working for their districts for a change, rather than hogging the spotlight to voice their fabricated and privileged complaints. President Trump, through his action has been able to fuel more congressional motivation, than any other president in modern history. Former President Obama, had more in common with Vladimir Putin, their practices of leadership, speaking and partnership with the media.

Congress is complicit with rape and forced sodomy, drug addiction and acceptable bribery. President Trump has been able to bring more transparency and access to Washington D.C. than any other politician or reporter in history. But even President Trump is not beyond or above the smallest American citizen, he must also be put through the wringer of disparity, since he is human and due to being a human he is prone to greed.

Whenever a leader exudes charisma and the media and celebrity is cast upon them. Beware, and proceed with caution, every banana republic was founded on the same notions of coolness and perceived sainthood. Do not be conned into complacency or complicity. History is filled with mass graves and honor killings for the good of the state and the good of the subjects. The continuance to elect “normal” politicians will ensure more of the same, and the farther we will be forced from our founding.

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