True Intentions

True intentions always reveal themselves, it just takes patience, time and attention to detail. The future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is currently under questionable status due to the blatant inaction of our elected officials. Resolution for these people and their families can be attained rather easily, but unfortunately, like always members of congress are lame. They are showing us that their pockets, future book deals and feelings matter more to them than actually doing their job. The democrats parade around on the shoulders of immigrants and refugees when it comes to election, but now they are cozy, warm and satisfied to let these same people suffer, for their own gain. The majority of representative do not care about the future of DACA, they are lame, since the polling is not yet complete on which way they should vote.

For the past two plus years, Donald Trump’s greatest strength has been allowing these so-called people of action to show their true colors. Impoverished people are always an assured money maker for the snakes in D.C. But only when there is no call for follow through, these frauds can basically fire and forget, move on to the next special interest that will line their pockets. Money, it has always been about money and power for these tricksters. President Trump has outlined his conditions for DACA, and instead of meddling like former President Obama, President Trump demands that congress do their part, executive actions are easily overturned or reversed, but a law has actual staying power. For DACA recipients to have any solid ground, it must be implemented into law.

Instead of these representatives beating down the door to the Whitehouse for resolution, they would rather sit back and discuss racism and other such manufactured issues to try and shift the blame. Blame shifting does not solve anything, all it does is create sides. Whatever happens with DACA is exclusively on the democrats and rino republicans. Congress must do their job, whatever they chose will be held against them. That is what the ultimate hold up is, with the mid-term elections quickly approaching, they are unsure of how to proceed to guarantee their reelection. They care only for themselves, if they wanted a resolution, then they would work tirelessly for an answer and a deal.

Power is the name of the game, and they lust for power above all else. They do not possess the self-control to abstain from the udder of incentivized victimhood and they do not possess the inner strength to face their decisions. The inaction of elected representatives has led to this moment in time. Now the propaganda of crying children and separated families is being broadcast to promote feelings of helplessness. Whatever happened to the empowered single mother, or abortions, or children are the future? All flip flops from one side to another, self-proclaimed champions of the little guy. Now words have no meaning without action behind them. The career representative is happy to rest on their laurels and celebrity endorsements, while the impoverished people freeze out in the cold, waiting for answer that may never come.

Instead of choosing sides in this battle, open your eyes to the truth of these fraudsters. They do not care, nor will they ever care, they are the privileged ones and they are the criminals that will never be brought to justice. Our elected representatives work less than teachers and bankers, yet for some reason their ability to sham and whine, deserves a six-figure salary. Weeks long vacations and sabbaticals, all at the expense of the American tax payer and the illegal votes of the illegitimate. Elected representatives that refuse to represent. For decades now, they have been able to slide by on complaints alone. But now when action is the priority, they are motionless, they’ve encouraged and promoted atrophy of the legislative process so much so, that all they understand are campaigns.

The propaganda arm of the anti-American insurgent movement is spinning their yarns, continuing to paint President Trump as lower than swamp scum. But this propaganda does nothing to fix any problem. Merely conversing about an issue regardless of affiliation, just promotes more inaction. Marches and demonstrations, will not fix a problem if the gears are out of alignment. Our representatives are lame and must be replaced by people of action, people who are willing to make the tough choices, even if it means that their tenure will be short lived. History is filled with outliers, the ones who stood their ground and took action. Time is up, we must occupy our government if we expect to get anything done. Suspend the pay and benefits of these crippled politicians, make them deal with what they have dealt us.

DACA was implemented outside of the legislative process, DACA is a political tool used and wielded to win votes for the rich and powerful. If DACA was legitimate, it would be a law, but unfortunately, it was kept out of the legislative process. If the representatives cared about DACA, then they would have put it through the legislative process to ensure it future or its demise. As stated earlier, these supposed legislators do not care about the future of DACA, their only concern is their future and survival in their leather high back chairs and climate-controlled tax payer funded mansions. After the decision is announced, they will continue their flamboyant lifestyle, nothing will be altered in their world.

Regardless of whether you are for or against DACA, see these representatives for what they are, lame and motionless. They have more confidence in maintaining in their own enrichment than they do in actually doing their job and earning their paycheck. The time to oust these malpractice legislators has long since passed, take action to ensure their time in D.C. will not progress past the next campaign cycle.

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