Racism, It’s Other People’s Problems

We have been fooled and bamboozled into buying into other people’s concerns. Racism is other people’s problems, it is not my problem, so why should I worry about it? I someone else cries racism, then obviously it is their issue that they must deal with, there is no need for me to get involved and there is no responsibility on my part to calm them down. Racism does not exist, favoritism does exist, but racism is a lie. Acknowledging racism forces people to accept and invite people that they just don’t like and don’t trust. If someone doesn’t like somebody. How medieval is it that we demand that they are included and forced together against their own will?

If racism is real, then is it possible to be racist against different foods? What about pets, can people be racist against certain pets? Labeling anyone as racist, is a crime against favorites. Instead of blaming race, just tell people that they do not have the right to choose their favorites.

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