The Humanity in Preserving and Promoting Womanhood

Women, the arguably most powerful, most protected and most valued people in the entire universe. All of these movements lately have been suggesting that women, somehow cannot access their power without regulation and intervention from men. A virgin bride, fetches the highest bidder and the majority of women are the decision makers in their relationships. To say that women are oppressed is to suggest that women, being the bearers of life have no clout. If it wasn’t for the desire of reproduction and companionship from men, then I think it would be accurate to say that women are undervalued. A man will put more effort and energy into appealing himself to women than any other aspect of his life. His life depends on it. Men, throughout history have held women in the highest regard, their safety, their sanctity and their happiness are the only reason men compete and risk their lives.

Arguably, women are more important than men, without women, the entire human race will cease to exist. Men are the protectors of women and womanhood. To make women equal to men, is to reduce their worth and their basic purpose in the partnership of man and woman. Since America’s inception, women have been protected and cherished more in America than in any other country. We must treat women with respect, courtesy and dignity, they are of incredible creation and their ability to facilitate and carry life inside them, is the sole reason we must do so. That is why a woman who makes herself available to many men, and cheapens her reproductive ability will always be looked down upon. A woman who openly advertises her intent to possibly reproduce with multiple men, in the hopes of a few seconds of carnal pleasure, willingly forfeits her rank as a desirable mate. She has voluntarily brought herself down to a man’s level and unfortunately, both women and men will treat her as such.

Men fight, compete, attempt vulnerabilities and give into compromises, all in the hopes of fetching their preferred partner and companion in life.  That is why a man will go on a bent knee to beg and propose a contract of love for the hopes of marring his woman. Marriage, is almost exclusively the woman’s decision, she will have to decide if the man that is proposing to her, will cherish her, protect her, provide for her and ultimately be her husband and the father to their future children. Strength, endurance, communication and intelligence are the core factors of how most women will chose their man. A man who lacks any of these traits will have to strengthen one to make up for the weakness of another. Women, have their pick of the litter, they know this and they wield this prowess over us.

These supposed movement lately to fight for women, promote women and defend women, is all a sham to convince women to sexually sell themselves out to men. Trying to reassign the role of men and women after millions of years, will do nothing but hurt those women who fall for these tricks and deceit. Women, who want total and equitable equality with men, in all aspects, only cheapen themselves. Women who disregard equality to men, will continue to thrive as the fairest partners and most valuable humans in existence. If equality and promiscuity worked, then pornographers and prostitutes would be happiest and most fulfilled groups of people in existence.

Rape, sodomy and molestation are crimes against humanity, and those perpetrators that would exact these types of torture on women, girls, men and boys are savages and should be treated as such. However; the woman who would make a false claim or calculated decision to provocate in such fraud, should be treated and regarded as the same savage that would carry out any attack.  If a woman cheapens her reproductive ability to enrich herself, she has then made a calculated decision that money, power and influence are more important to her than her holy and saintly purpose to facilitate life.

A man and his woman, a woman and her man, love that cannot be measured or forgotten. Man and woman are created with love. We cannot survive without each other. We are not equal and should not be treated as such. We all have our purpose, to attempt any change in that purpose, only limits and cheapens our respect and love for each other. Do not treat a woman as you would a man, do not treat a man as you would a woman. Both are slights against the foundation and tradition of humanity and America.

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