Forged Art

Lately so-called art and self-proclaimed artists seem to be rather one sided. Have they sold out in the hopes of riches and fame? The audio and visual assault that has been waged against America, seems to all lean and point to one singular place, liberalism. All the same, nothing original, mushed together with repurposed elementary level resentment against their parents. They all use drugs and celebrate drug usage amongst minors, they practice debauchery and drown themselves in mind altering chemicals, hoping to numb themselves of their own consciousness. Entertainment today requires the viewer to remain in an inebriated state, in order to laugh and clap at appropriate times. What once required skill, now is plug and play for the operator. Makeup artists and life coaches help to mold these heaps of manure into something half recognizable and only partially coherent.

The pretenders that assume these idol like characters, slowly lose their composure as they continue their plummet into oblivion. No one stands out and no one is noticeable, they all chant the same rhetoric, with the same shrill and obnoxious screams as they continue to sell their souls to the demonic and dark forces of fame. The lost souls, like vampires have leached off of every cause that came their way. They have no foundation to grow from, so they continue to float aimlessly from one group to the next. Like the pilot fish, latching on to the shark in hopes of sloppy seconds. Feeding freely off the work of the strong. Entertainers is what they call themselves, but in reality, they are a traveling circus, performing from town to town until they find a lost child along the way to feast upon. They kidnap our children, like the poisonous mushrooms found on the forest floor, bright colors, lights, sounds and curious smells, help them to lure children away from their parents forever.

They can only communicate with children and those with childish minds, they cannot attempt to talk with the parents, the parents are too wise. These jesters, dancing, twirling and speaking with twisted and tainted tongues, they want attention, they feed off of fools. Screams, forced laughter and the slow creep of irrelevance, that is their life cycle. Everyday they become more and more desperate, clinging onto fame with jagged claws and the aptitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to feel the spotlight and to see their name in print. The leaches for what they are, this is all they know and all they desire, they give no second thought to anything else. Desperate people will do desperate things and ask for forgiveness later.

They will say things like, well I am a comedian or I am a reporter, casting doubt on their own profession, asking for forgiveness and blaming their vocation for their inability to exercise self-control. Is there a central office that hands out certifications for these careers in propaganda? I thought they stood against conformity, turns out they deal in it for a living. They are fakes, they cannot live in the real world without the artificial life support that is provided, as long as they toe the line. These voices and insurgents will destroy your life if you live by their model, their entitled example of enlightened living is a farce, a trap meant to confuse the wanderers.

Whoever falls for these vain cries of insanity, will assuredly succumb to the poison that they self-inject in the hopes of finding friends. These circles of freaks do not operate under the auspices of family, friendship, love and forgiveness, no good deed will go unpunished. They will turn on each other like a wounded piranha, once there is blood in the water, they will strip their comrade to the bone.

These monsters peddle in demagoguery, masked and wrapped in counterfeit freedom of expression. They do not believe in freedom of expression, they must feed off the host, freely expressing oneself will alert the host to the infestation of moochers. It’s all the same, white noise in the background, simple enough to relax to. Easily digested, addiction is how they grasp control. They want us addicted to everything that come out of their mouths, crazy ideas and sparse knowledge, with just the right lighting to seem appealing when we are exhausted from our day on the job.

Everything, everywhere, all advertisements, navigating this life can be challenging if we devote any attention to these displays of bogus equality. The more we ignore the harder they will attempt to fool us into laying down for them to walk over our backs and heads.

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