Harlotry Drives Liberalism

Sex sells, and sexuality is how liberalism appeals to the faithless masses. Abortions rob liability from sexual relations between a man and a woman. Liberalism needs to be free of responsibly and accountability in order to entice people to engage in the orgy and debauchery of liberal ideology. The liberal will use the bare flesh of a man and woman to lure those devoid of belief into the clutches of defilement. They must be able to exercise indulgence free of guilt and consequence, any such notions of responsibility will scare them away. The liberal feigns enlightenment and understanding as a segway carnal pleasures of the flesh. They toss aside humanity and respect for one another in the hopes of a few seconds of intense release. These relations are preserved for the true embrace between married man and his wife.

Prostitution of our children, the most innocent among us, is used as equity into liberal custody. Liberalism is founded solely on consequence free sex, that is the only tenant of their perverted ideology they strictly embrace. Feminism and male feminist, tricks used to penetrate the next damsel. Semi naked or fully nude bodies wrapped together in animalistic lust, devoid of love, respect and compassion. The harlots standing on the corners, flashing parts of their bodies, advertising their availability and encouraging us to partake in their quasi warm embrace. Fundamentally we strive to achieve companionship and partnership, knowing that our lives depend on it. Foolishly, we give in for a sense of false alliance, fully knowing that what we are engaging in will never truly flourish into a relationship built on love.

To give into liberalism and to happily kill babies, those people will never contemplate the happiness and fulfillment of raising a family with the one you love. Bliss and pleasure is only genuinely achieved through monogamy, loyalty and honesty between a husband and wife. Polyamory, infidelity and promiscuity are the most expeditious ways to addiction and loneliness. These tools of the liberal ensure segregation and guilt of those who participate, which devolves down to servitude, always chasing the next high and each fix being less effective than the last. If it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Love the person and their soul, flesh spoils, but the soul remains.

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