The Zombie Horde

One year in, and the zombie horde continues. Americans are making more money, have more job security and the overall outlook for all Americans has grown exponentially. I do not know of any other American President that has promoted American growth and prosperity more than President Trump. But even after all of these monumental gains, the ignorant masses cannot grasp the simple idea that American citizens and their welfare are more important than anything else. Today, brokered and manufactured rage still persists, demanding that we sacrifice our families and ourselves for their selfish and greedy immature demands. When we the people elected President Trump, we took a chance, a gamble on a total outsider, so far, our bet has been met with the best economy in history. It’s all about the money, it always has been and it will always be. Money is what makes the world go round, it is what allows us to provide for our families and it allows us to continue to prosper.

The zombie hordes will never be satisfied, until the blood of their artificial enemies has been shed. They want death and disease to fall on those who would stand in their way, while they storm troop to total oppression. Total oppression and suppression is what they desire, the extermination of us, and the torching of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, the American Flag and us. They want all of us to burn in the ovens of liberalism. They are simply braindead and they will never stop. They pretend to champion women and children, that is the children that escaped abortion. The aborted fetuses are of no concern to them. America, our future and our freedoms are merely a rug to wipe their muddy boots on. They scream progress and equality, however; these are simply buzzwords that they regurgitate to fool the idiot into joining their death march.

Hats that signify female genitals adorn their heads, and ISIS is in their midst. These zombies are unquestionably terrorists, and they should be treated as such. Their riots and violence mirror that of the early Third Reich. They violently and fatally silence anyone that would speak out against them. They promote rape, incest and pedophilia while singing songs about peace and understanding. A chilling quote of unknown origin has been circulated for the past 100 years is “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross and espousing liberalism”, this quote and insight has come to fruition in America. More than ever, fascism is being pushed on the internet, the television, radio, schools and other institutions that are provided and enabled by freedom and capitalism. The KKK, Neo-Nazi’s, Skinheads and Antifa have all embraced this malpractice of deceit. The purveyors of this trickery do so to only enrich and empower themselves. They motivate the masses of zombie minions to carry out their killings, assaults and vandalism.

They attack our children in school, they sabotage our families and neighborhoods with empowered terrorists that enjoy diplomatic immunity. Their attacks and assaults will never cease, they are demanding an American life that is below scabies and tapeworms. All they want is destruction, the obliteration of the American family and every single American. If their dream comes true, then even they will not be immune from the totalitarian take over. This is already happening in Hollywood, the celebrities that have been identified for execution, can no longer be saved with their money and influence. This is the model of liberalism, kill everything and everyone.

So, while they riot and destroy everything they touch, remember, do not invite them into your home or family. They must be cut out, like a cancer on the humanity of America or an invasive patch of poison ivy in the playground. All they leave is waste and despair in their trail. If allowed to continue, they will put every child and citizen under the guillotine, they will sever the heads from the bodies of civilized Americans that stand in their way. They are ISIS, and once they succeed here, the crescent moon will be raised above the American flag, and we will all fall from grace. America will be quickly transformed into a land, desolate, cannibalism and slavery will rule here.

The zombie horde is deaf and dumb to basic human needs, they willingly toss aside humanity, traded for reliance on evil and dystopia. They want to be heard, to silence themselves. If we succumb to their demands, they will also falter. The zombies eat and destroy until their stomachs explode, their entrails dragging on the muddy floor, while they continue to stuff their faces. Nothing will ever satisfy their animalistic hunger, they are zombies, they have one simple function and that is to annihilate and liquidate everything in their path. Nothing is safe, nothing will be saved.

Do not allow these zombies to gain ground or increase their numbers. Allow them to starve on their own message, they must be starved out of existence, allowing just one to be fed, will warranty their movement. Cut them off, and cut ourselves off from their message, without money and influence, they cannot procreate.

The zombies must be stopped, with every step forward they take, we lose our way of life, and we endanger our children. Stop them, before we are overrun, to the last man, our livelihood and our kin depend on it. If we do not stop them now, they will continue to flourish us out of existence. Supposed “comedians”, actors, professors, elected representatives and perverse entertainers are their messengers, cut them off from your wallets, and silence their message from young ears and minds.

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