Let ‘Em Hang Ladies

Wow, just wow, there are some that want to ditch the bra, they feel that it is their right to go throughout the day sans support and coverage. Good for them, I say let them do it. If they think that ditching their bras will empower them more, I say go for it, I fully support this movement. Although I don’t think that it will have the desired outcome that they are calling for, especially in predominately Muslim areas. If women want to flaunt their business in everyone’s faces, I hope they are prepared for the amount of attention, both good and bad, they will receive. Men everywhere will rejoice at the sight of jiggly women. No more peeping toms, it’s all out in public. I highly doubt this type of idiocrasy will become mainstream, but if it does, God knows, that us men will never tire of ogling. We will have to invent new ways of staring without calling attention to ourselves. Can people really be this stupid to think that tossing aside braziers will empower and free more women?

I really don’t understand what they are trying to accomplish besides comfort and using their assets to their advantage (as they have done since Eve). How comfortable will women be, when all eyes are on them while they run errands. I thought yoga pants were a distraction, now we get yoga pants and no bras, this is the greatest idea ever. I heard Trump was going to Make America Great Again, but this is incredible, more money, more jobs, ISIS is on the run for the first time in a decade and now women are burning their bras. Incredible, its only January and already 2018 is turning out to be the best year ever!

So, go for it ladies, if you’re brave enough, just make sure you don’t expect us toxic oppressive men to bail you out of a dangerous situation. Remember to get your concealed carry license and always have your gun on you. Make sure the police only send female law enforcement! You’re empowering yourselves and like you say The Future is Female!

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