Convenient Christians

Why is it that when questioning forgiveness, the first people to cast doubt upon forgiveness are those who self-proclaim as non-believers. Or, on the other hand, they call out believers for not living up to their own standards. One of the main covenants of Christianity and believers is acknowledging sin and that everyone sins. So, when I forgive someone who trespasses against me, that is my forgiveness to give, it is of no concern to me how that will be questioned in the public square. Atheists and those of no faith will never miss an opportunity to point out perceived hypocrisy, from their small understanding of faith and forgiveness. They always look to call out Christians for not living up to their perception of what a Christian is.

Except when it comes to Islam or other religions. Christianity is under attack as it has been ever since the Jews started talking about God, a belief that broke the chains of slavery in the old testament a belief that freed the slaves in America. Christianity and faith in God has done more to free people and create a better society in America, than in any other country in all of existence. Understanding that we are all human and we all sin, gives us Christians a model to strive for, but again, we are all flawed, sin happens, asking for forgiveness from God does not absolve us of sin, but makes us more aware of how we should act. A belief in God, does not automatically make us better than anyone else. We are simply trying to live better, that is all, it is humbling and hard, it doesn’t mean that we will not give into temptation. But holding this against us, just continues to solidify our faith, you are not shaking us, your scrutiny is making us stronger.

We know that this type of persecution will never end. We are persecuted today for the same reasons we were persecuted since the beginning of time. We do not believe in man, we believe in God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus, we are persecuted because we believe in a higher power. We are not chained to popular opinion and we are not slaves to our fellow man. Christianity and the belief in God will free you more than any drug or the latest trend. I forgive, because I know that like me anyone can and will at times give into temptation. I forgive because I desire forgiveness for my sin. God will judge me one day for my life and the choices I made, my sins are mine to bear solely, the forgiveness that I give to others is also mine.

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