Trump Will Never Measure Up

President Trump and his supporters will never measure up to the left’s or the right’s idea of what is acceptable and what is tolerable. To those who cannot stand Trump, is the very reason they are blind to what President Trump spoke to and what he has stood against. They decry President Trump at every opportunity, as if it were mandated speak when applying for a job. To denounce President Trump is the same as vocalizing that they voted for President Obama. His base as they are often refed to (code for white), are slandered and mocked in the media, on campus and online, relentlessly and free of restraint. President Trump won, because we were tired of being held down and expected to thank our captors.

It’s always been that way, us as Americans were expected to place other countries and other people before ourselves. But as well all know, you must put on your own oxygen mask before you can help anyone else. If we do not eat first, then how are we expected to have the energy to help anyone else? We need to come first, before anyone else, we are the citizens, we are the American People. For decades now, our government has spent trillions of dollars helping out other countries, never giving a second thought to its own citizens, until campaign season. They’ve handed out food, built schools, provided free medical and medicine, propped up someone else’s infrastructure. All the while manufacturing and raw material refinement was being pulled out of this country and placed elsewhere in the world. With all of the vast energy sources in our own country, we were expected to pay exuberant amounts of what little money we had for imported energy.

Everywhere we turned, whether it was commercials on television or our own elected representatives, we were being lectured to either voluntarily or involuntarily put the needs and wants of other countries before our own. After generations of constantly being let down and bamboozled, enough was enough. Any person can only take so much criticism and terrorism before they take a stand, against whatever they identify as the biggest threat. Our government hands out more food and other humanitarian aid to other countries, than it does within our own borders. Why don’t all of these supposed philanthropists spend their own money on their own interests before they legislate for us to do what they won’t do on their own accord? President Trump is not a single actor expected to right every perceived wrong, but I do believe that he is the catalyst. He has motivated enough people that they can make a difference and speak their own mind, on both sides. If we are expected to continue, then regardless of each person’s side or beliefs, it is imperative that we continue to voice our opinions and not be penalized for unpopular speech.

Perhaps President Trump’s victory, halted the possibility of a civil war in America again. Telling people that they’re values and beliefs are inconsequential due to pigmentation, sex and affiliation only deepen and embolden hatred and distrust. President Trump’s election win has renewed interest and opened more two-way communication than any other person or practice has in modern history. No matter what side or lack of side each American citizen has taken, more are talking and conversing, which is how we remain in power over our own government and enforce transparency. It is more empowering and more beneficial that we talk to each other, free of fear and free from oppression. As we have witnessed from the last president and from the terrorist organizations that supported him such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, suppression is temporary, eventually the American spirit will clamor about to break free from the chains of acceptability.

As American’s we must remain free and independent, civilized citizens must continue to argue, curse and belittle. If we ever move away from vocal discourse, then the next step will be violent and fatal. Listen and speak, yell and scream, it is far safer and better for our future than sponsored military and police intervention.

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