American Projection Trumps Politics

Projecting American values and ideology does not allow any politicians or pundits on the left or the right to succeed. American exceptionalism is dependent on embracing a hybrid of perceived conservative and liberal practices. That is why for so long we have been divided on the left and the right. We are so concerned about our chosen side winning and dominating, that we often forget that in order to bring people together so they can live their own lives, free of government, both sides should be embraced in the middle to live in harmony. Our country has been able to succeed and thrive in a world of kings, queens, dictators and chancellors because both sides have equal opportunity to be represented. The quality of American life and the future of America remaining free is completely dependent upon a delicate balance of both left and right, liberal and conservative, democrat and republican.

None of us are perfect and no one is clairvoyant. We can look to history and other countries, other governments and other societies to pull examples from. But America and Americans are so different from every other people and nation, that we must decide for ourselves which path to take. It is imperative to the future of America and American citizens that we hear each other, regardless of opinion or stance, America is about freedom. If we demand freedom for ourselves, then we must demand freedom for all American citizens. The minute we forget, that if our neighbors are not free, then it is only a matter of time before we will no longer be free.

Good and bad politicians come and go, that is what is exceptional about America. If we do not hold this standard for the future then we are working on borrowed time. I know that politics can be mind-numbing, but if we constantly turn off whenever politics is discussed, then we will eventually be forgotten. Football and baseball are not our original pastime, politics, legislation, and policy are. I know that in order to maintain order, politics should not always be discussed. But that doesn’t mean that it should never be discussed. We all have opinions and it is of utmost importance that we are free to discuss and decide our own outcome.

Suppressing a side because you do not agree with them, only allows that side to grow underground out of control. Before you know it, an evil will become known and since it has been silenced for so long, the way to combat will be widely unknown. Talking amongst ourselves is how we conspire to thrive in a dangerous world. Talking, conversing and debating is what we must do on both sides to. If the left is suppressed, then eventually it will exercise terrorist methods to explode onto the scene and cause chaos for everyone, the same is true for the right, if the left suppresses the right. That is what has been lost over the decades, we all must respect each other enough to leave each other alone. Live and let live, it’s what every person desires, to be left alone.

Regardless of affiliation, we are all Americans and we must treat each other as such. We do not have to accept one another, but we must acknowledge every American citizen. If we willingly put American citizens aside for our own benefit, then we are not worthy of being Americans.

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