“Don’s Tell the Kids That There is Broccoli in the Lasagna”

It is very important to feed our children a healthy balance of protein, roughage and vegetables of all colors. But sometimes our kids don’t like certain healthy foods, so we mask those beneficial foods into more pleasing and palatable dishes. But when you do this you must not tell your kids what they are eating until they have finished it. Informing your children about putting broccoli into their lasagna, could prevent your child from trying the lasagna. But once they finish their plate, after hearing about what they just ate, they may be more inclined to try broccoli by itself next time, since their last experience was easy and scrumptious.

Last night during the 2018 State of The Union, my observation of the democrats, reminded me of the same face a child puts on when they find out that they have to eat their vegetables. The democrats are constipated and they are not smart enough to realize that if they would just drink more water and eat more vegetables, then their episodes of lack of movements would dwindle. The democrats do not realize that they must embrace American citizens if they are to be successful in the future. The refusal to hear and see their fellow Americans as their constituents has brought them to this moment. Eventually President Trump will win the immigrant vote, he has already taken the union vote, the minority vote, the gay vote and every other faction that the democrats used to bank on for guaranteed numbers.

The people in blue do not embrace American values and their fellow citizens as their employers. The more they rage, the farther left they go, abandoning legitimate American citizens, vying for their own political prowess. Willfully tossing aside their devout constituents, looking to gain more power and influence, than actually doing their job. The democrats live and die on the special issues crowd, never really including everyone, just using those few outliers to virtue signal, hoping that feelings and emotions will propel them to political victory. Unfortunate for their supporters, positive feelings and uplifting emotions do not put food on the table or keep a roof over their family’s heads.

The democrats and the rino republicans must remain malnourished, they are adults and even though they know how to remedy their ailments, they refuse to do so. They have followed the same model for over 100 years, change is hard, especially since it is that easy. They need to practice their war face in the mirror before they unveil it in public.

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