An Open Letter

President Trump,

I am very disheartened by your remarks over the past week concerning your stance and willingness to advance Gun Control yet again. I supported you during your campaign from day one. I was elated to vote for you on the 8th of November 2016. But now, regardless of all of your accomplishments so early into your presidency, I must now say, that I cannot support you anymore.

The idea that law abiding Americans must pay for the inactions of the Broward County Sheriff’s department and the criminal actions of the murderer, is beyond comprehension. Why is it that it is the law abiding American citizen that choses to exercise their second amendment right is always the one expected to compromise? Ever since the inception of the National Firearms Act of 1934, our second amendment right has been constantly under attack, with zero absolutely zero lives saved with every new form of gun control legislation. Criminals will continue to operate with no regard for the law, any new legislation will only impact the law-abiding Americans. The notion that you would not only allow this type of legislation to pass, but that you are wanting legislation to pass is too much. Mr. President, I feel betrayed by your actions against your own constituents.

President Trump, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I can no longer support you or your Presidency. I respect your opinion, but I cannot support your stance on this issue. God Bless you President Trump, I know that you feel you are doing something right and worth doing. But, Mr. President, your actions will only target the majority of your constituents.

Please President Trump, do not allow more Americans to be punished.

The Following is a Post Donated by a Friend: ICE, Oakland, and Activism

Preface: This is not the work or intellect of Bottomlesscoffee007, this is a post, donated by one of my brothers.


ICE, Oakland, and Activism

This week, the mayor or Oakland, California, Libby Schaaf, took the spotlight in the nation’s ongoing immigration debate.

On Saturday, February 24, Mayor Schaaf issued a warning to the public that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would be operating in the Oakland area the following day. On Sunday, Mayor Schaaf held a press conference justifying her public warning regarding the ICE activities. The  ICE raids, which federal law enforcement expected to apprehend approximately 1000 criminals unlawfully present in the U.S., resulted in only 150 apprehensions. This isn’t Oakland’s first rebuke of federal immigration law. On January 2, 2018, the Oakland City Council unanimously voted to bar all branches of the city government from cooperating with ICE.

ICE Deputy Director Thomas Homan criticized Mayor Schaaf’s actions as “reckless and irresponsible.” Mayor Schaaf, however, insisted her public warning was motivated by her concern for Bay Area residents’ legal rights. Mayor Schaaf also stated that her actions were based upon her values of “social justice” and the consideration of Oakland’s culture of activism.

The first sentence of this blog characterized this event as an immigration debate. The moment Mayor Schaaf issued a public warning, the debate ended and action began.The mayor’s actions, which at the very least frustrated the intentions of ICE, and at most, directly obstructed local ICE operations, go well beyond the margins of  speech. While state and local governments are free to abstain from cooperating with federal law enforcement, they are not free to impede such enforcement.

This brings me to to a more philosophical point concerning the current condition of the United States: When state and local governments are motivated by social justice and activism rather than constitutional law and legal precedent, do we remain a constitutional republic? Do we govern ourselves according to the cold rationality of law, or the passion and emotion of activism?

There is historical precedent to help us understand the events unfolding in Oakland and elsewhere throughout the U.S. There was once a time in the U.S., similar to now, when Democrat party supermajorities at the state level were passionately motivated by ideals of ethnicity, culture, citizenship, and justice. These ideas were so forcefully defended, that entire state and local governments directly opposed federal law and governance. In order to protect these strongly held values, 11 states seceded from the U.S. and formed the Confederate States of America in 1861, where local values were upheld and centralized authority limited. Then came the U.S Civil War. We all know how the rest unfolds–I hope.

Mayor Schaaf is playing with fire; numerous U.S. cities and states are stoking that fire; and the necessary philosophical and historical context has failed to be applied to such instances that many in the government and media perceive simply to be a political game.

Eight-hundred or so at-large, unlawfully present immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area will not unravel the fundamental structure of our nation. Similarly, a single sneeze will not kill an ill patient afflicted with a terminal disease.

So make your choice: Activism or law? Order or chaos? Peace or war?



Without a doubt the M-4, M-16 and every other weapon in the U.S. arsenal has liberated more, protected more and saved more lives than any other platform in history. It was the person armed with a gun that has deterred rape, that has prevented theft, that has saved many lives throughout history armed with a gun. A gun or firearm is a powerful force multiplier. An armed good guy is the only medicine for an armed assailant or a crazed mob. It was the American citizen armed with a gun that enabled the colonies to refuse the crown. It was the armed citizen with a gun that enabled America to free the slaves. It was the armed American that propelled America to the head of the table. It was the service member overseas, armed, that has allowed children to attend school and learn how to read. Arguably, an American armed with reason, intellect and a gun has liberated more people in America and around the world, than anything else in history.

If we voluntarily give up our guns, then America and the rest of the world will no longer be connected, only the dictators will grow out of control. Only the elites will be secured and safe from the evils of man and the violence that thrives in any land where the citizens are barred from owning any gun and thereby defenseless from their own government and the criminals that roam free and undeterred.

If only one fraction or party has all the guns, then there is no reason for them to compromise with us. We must all be armed to keep everything and everyone honest and just.

  • If the Nigerians armed every man and woman, the boko haram would not be able to simply steal girls to be sold as sex slaves.


  • If the citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea were armed, then they wouldn’t be starving and attempting death to escape to South Korea.

Only tyrannical governments disarm their people. Once they successfully disarm their people then there are no longer any barriers that exist to stop them. There are many examples throughout the modern world and throughout history to show that only an armed society remains free. There has never been in existence a free country like America that has not only survived but instead thrived, that was unarmed.

Guilt and Shame are Powerful Tools Against the Weak Hearted

Fat shaming is very powerful when convincing anyone to commit to perceived social acceptance. When a weak hearted person is convinced to abstain from certain foods, in the hopes of gaining perceived social acceptance, to lose weight. The blame is placed on the food or the industry that profits off the sales of that food, or the business that distributes that food. Suddenly the food product is too blame, and the manufacturer of that food, for not educating everyone about caloric content, or nutritional value, or any number of other excuses that can be wielded against a proprietor or object. Lifestyle and choices are excused to ignorance, inequality, or lack of opportunity (can’t hurt people’s feelings anymore with the truth). Personal responsibility and accountability are shifted from the person to the object. Caving to achieve any perceived social acceptance, only ensures a never-ending lifecycle of slavery to others expectations.

The same works with video games, music, entertainment, alcohol, drugs, etc. This is also a powerful tool that is regularly used against American citizens, to convince us to give up our god given inalienable rights. The corrupt bodies behind the curtain, are always looking for the masses to demand that our rights be curtailed or given up all together. Recently, with the school massacre in Florida, many have begun rioting at state and federal locations, demanding that our second amendment right be closed and forgotten. This is how we lose our rights without a shot being fired, without a door being kicked in and without mass imprisonment. The corrupt bodies know that they cannot take our rights by force, so they guilt and shame us into a model of perceived social acceptance. That way, we are giving up our rights of our own volition. We are saying to our government that we no longer want or need the second amendment.

This is all designed to limit Americans from exercising all of their rights. If we allow these ignorant sheep to demand that our right be diminished, then with the simple stroke of a pen, our rights will be taken forever. Without violence and without a fight. Guilt and shame are being used against us. Guilt and shame are the tools that may one day convince us that our government is fair and just, that our government will care for us and that our government will protect us.

Don’t allow your fellow citizen to fall into the guilt and shame rhetoric. Don’t allow our government to be handed a monopoly on violence. Our police and law enforcement are becoming more and more militarized. Armored vehicles, sniper rifles, select fire rifles, carbines and handguns, chemicals to render us incapacitated, electronic surveillance equipment, body armor. Why are we wanting to disarm while our police and government continue to build up their defenses at alarming rates?

If we fold on our right to keep our government in check, then our government will soon exercise their power over us. Once the second amendment is gone, then the first amendment will follow. Any society that willfully hands over their guns to their government will not remain free. The second amendment protects all of the other amendments in the Bill of Rights.

Without the Bill of Rights, we will fall.

Balanced State

Who are the purveyors of mental competence and mental incompetence? Are people with perceived mental deficiencies allowed to drive? Are people with perceived mental deficiencies allowed to inter mingle with the “normal” population? Or, are people with perceived mental deficiencies the victims of lazy representation and the portion of the population that continues to be ridiculed and cheapened, “for the safety of all”? What is the measure for defining a mental health issue? With all of the prescriptions in circulation, self-medication with alcohol or other controlled substances, and every other vice that induces or restricts the flow of endorphins, when are any of us totally balanced? Allowing the stripping or suspending of any rights without a day in court is the first step in the slippery slope of a tyranny in progress.

Wine, beer, whiskey, marijuana, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, LSD, social media, video games, creatine, steroids, sugar, chocolate, etc., etc., etc. We all react differently to different substances and different life events. As well, we all overcome and deal with the tragedies in our lives differently. Why is mental health a determining factor in anyone retaining their rights without their day in court? Prosecuting those with problems, prior to breaking the law, will only allow more and more to be determined to be mentally unfit. Whether somebody just has a bad day, or if someone is truly a danger. To grant the power to decide a person’s mental stability to more and broader scope of professions and people, creates a society that prosecutes only those who are different, or those who challenge the system.

I would argue that horsepower kills more people every day than gunpowder. In 2016, 40,200 people were killed in motor-vehicles.

In 2016, 15,095 deaths from violence that included a person using a firearm.

So, in 2016, 25,105 more people were killed in motor-vehicles than from a person using a firearm. But there is no call to take people’s driver’s licenses away. Kids going through puberty by law are allowed to drive huge metal boxes at highway speeds.

Gun control is about control of Americans. Mental health is a buzzword to shift the attention away from prosecuting crime and criminals. Horsepower kills more kids everyday than guns. If horsepower will not be mentioned, then why are guns being mentioned?

Our police are becoming more and more militarized. Our law enforcement has the capabilities to execute mass violence and death on us at this very moment. Why are we slowly being disarmed, while our local law enforcement is provided with armored vehicles, sniper rifles, select fire carbines and chemicals to render us incapacitated? Seems rather unbalanced to me.

Gun Control Throughout Modern American History

The National Firearms Act (NFA) was enacted in 1934. The NFA was introduced due to gangsters and the violence that ensued during the Prohibition. The gangsters used Thompson sub machine guns and other fully automatic firearms, as well as explosives, shotguns, bolt action rifles, revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, rifles and carbines. Due to the illegal activity of a minor group of criminals, American citizens had their Second Amendment Right minimized. Instead of prosecuting the criminals for their criminal activities, the American government took action against all innocent American citizens. The American government prosecuted innocent American citizens, by chipping away at their second amendment God given inalienable right. This is the first dress down of Americans and their inherent right to defend themselves in the modern era.

November 22 1963, President John F. Kennedy is assassinated. Lee Harvey Oswald is identified as the murderer. Upon further investigation it is discovered that the firearm that was alleged to be used by Lee Harvey Oswald, was ordered through the mail. Straight from the distributor to Harvey’s doorstep. Five years later, Title II of the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968 passes legislation to become law. The GCA forced all Innocent American citizens to register their firearms with the federal government. The GCA also expanded the definition of “machine guns” and included the term “destructive devices”, simply to further the power of the government over the people. Again, innocent American citizens, prosecuted for the criminal actions of criminals. This is the second time within 34 years that our second amendment right has been watered down.

April 11, 1986, the infamous FBI Miami Shootout, a gunfight between two bank robbers and eight FBI agents. The two criminals killed two FBI agents and wounded five of the FBI agents. May 19, 1986 the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act becomes law. Due to the actions of once again criminals engaging in criminal activity, the American government once again targets innocent American citizens and their second amendment right. The definition of “silencers” is expanded (not clarified). Machineguns are now outlawed and prohibited from this point forward. But there are exceptions made for the transfer and possession of machineguns by government agencies. The only lawful verbiage that is used in the act is targeted at innocent law abiding American citizens. Only 26 years since the last enacted legislation and murder still took place.

January 17, 1989, Cleveland Elementary School 32 children and one teacher are wounded, five children are killed in Stockton, California. October 16, 1991, the Luby’s shooting in Killeen, Texas, 23 people are murdered and killed, 27 are wounded. July 1, 1993, the 101 California Street shooting, resulted in eight people murdered and six people injured. September 13, 1994, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban in enacted. Arguably, this piece of legislation, targeting firearms and not those who use them to maim and kill. Did nothing to stop crime or criminals. Instead, once again the innocent American citizens were targeted for acts against humanity that they had not committed. The second amendment was stripped down once again. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban did nothing to stop the North Hollywood Shootout, Columbine or any other illegal activity committed by criminals. Only seven years this time between legislation and somehow murder still took place!

All of these laws and legislation have done absolutely nothing to stop crime, assault or murder. With all of this legislation, there are no limits on what the government can or cannot possess. Instead, we were targeted with every single piece of legislation, we are further oppressed, while the government can deal in firearms and arm whomever they desire. The only goal for expanding background checks, enforcing more gun control and prohibiting more accessories is only to solidify the governments monopoly on violence. They control us already, the more they take, the farther we move from being a country where the government works for the citizens, not the citizens work for the government. The government has no limitations on what they can possess or use. They are carte blanche, whatever they want or need to do whatever they want to do.

Gun control doesn’t work, it doesn’t stop crime. Murder, manslaughter, wounding and assault have been criminal since the founding of our country.

Why Do We Continue to Pay for The Failings of Our Elected Representatives?

The more we learn about the Stoneman Douglas High School Massacre, the more and more we have learned that our elected representatives and officials have once again failed us. So, who is expected to pay for their lackadaisical attitude towards executing their duties? The American people are expected to foot the bill for their failed leadership. We are now being told that the AR-15 is responsible, magazine capacity, the National Rifle Association, Republicans, President Donald Trump, or mental health or anything else they continue to peddle in the hopes of ridding themselves of the blame.

From what I understand the murderer took an Uber to the school. Then he, without being a student and having no reason to be there, simply walked into the school, in his possession was an AR-15 variant, loaded magazines and a gas mask. How does a grown man walk into a school, while class is being conducted, hauling that kind of hardware and no one says a thing? How does a grown man walk into a school, while class is being conducted, hauling that kind of hardware and no one observes him? Was the school secured? Who was monitoring the school grounds while all of this was about to unfold? Why wasn’t the school secured? Where was the police officer assigned to the protection of the children in that school? Was anyone in the office ever aware of who came and went from the school grounds? Whose idea was it to assign that police officer there, or was he assigned as an easy assignment while he waited for retirement?

Then the shooting commences, madness and panic abound. That police officer, refusing to advance, hides outside, he is a coward, this shame will follow him the rest of his life until his death. Three more officers arrive, instead of advancing, they decide to hide behind their police cars with their weapons drawn. They hide, while children and teachers are being massacred inside. These other three police officers are cowards as well. Who decided that these cowards would make good police officers? Who allowed these lazy selfish people to wear a uniform and pretend to be law enforcement professionals? They hid, willfully refusing to carry out their sworn oath, none advanced, all hid, all are cowards. Why did Sheriff Scott Israel allow his police force to be tainted with these cowards? Sherriff Israel is responsible for their actions as much as they are, and yet he immediately points his fingers at everything else, except himself. With all of the intelligence they had on this murderer, Sheriff Israel did nothing to police his community, the community that elected him, the community that he took an oath to protect, the community that he himself failed willfully.

Why do the rest of us have to pay for all of these willfully committed crimes against us? From the murderer, choosing his weapon, to the criminally negligent sheriff, to his four criminally negligent coward police officers. If you listen to the main stream media, they will tell you how we must now surrender our god given inalienable rights. All because a murderer decided to murder, because the school decided not to secure their students and faculty, because the school decided to leave their school open, because the school decided not to monitor their security cameras, because a few coward police officers decided not to carry out their duty, because the sheriff wanted to be left alone.

Security cameras don’t work if no one monitors them. Locks don’t work if no one locks them. The police hire cowards because of politics and popular culture. The sheriff couldn’t care less because he was a “nice guy”.

Now, we fight amongst ourselves, each blaming the other. Partisan politics and the tribe mentality in full effect. All because of the negligence of others, which led to the deaths of 17 students, faculty and staff. Ownership at every level needs to happen, and we must point our fingers at them and them alone. If we continue to bicker, nothing will change. A reckoning must happen for those who willfully allowed this murderer freedom of maneuver. If we do not place blame of the willful and negligent acts of these tax payer recipients, they will remain scot free, while we argue and fight around them. Only hoping for our side to win. No one wins, children and adults were murdered. Fix the serpentine that must be emplace.