It’s All a Sham

Solidarity, unity, transparency, charity and social evolution. All of these are simple talking points that are used in echo chambers to deceive us into thinking that all of our problems are someone else’s fault. If solidarity and unity once were, then what would the need be for the First Amendment? If our country ever stood in solidarity and unity, then this passage of the First Amendment would be stricken from the Bill of Rights. There would be no need for freedom of peaceful assembly if we were ever unified, no need to petition the government. Also, when has America ever been unified on anything? Ever since our inception, America has been built on the individual American, not on any type of unity, hence state’s rights. Solidarity and unity are a sham on the intellect and heritage of the single American and our ideology.

Transparency has been taken from us more and more over generations of lies, deceit and campaigns. We clamor for transparency, and transparency is always promised, but never fulfilled. Our previous tax code was 74,600 plus pages, and there weren’t a lot of pictures or diagrams, it was all partisan law that had been added over the years, transparency, I don’t think so. What about lobbyist, secret rendezvous and bribes to sway legislation one way or another? Lobbyist are only vilified when they are on the opposing side of our particular interest. Elected representatives, representing the lobbyist and only returning their calls over ours, their constituents. When was the last time any of us had lunch with our elected leaders? Do any of us even possess the private phone numbers of our elected members? Will they answer a late-night call from any of us? Whenever a person is elected to serve in any position, their families and personal interests become secondary to us, the people. Too bad no one in government embraces this type of servant leadership.

Charity is big business, and we are forced into charity whenever a camera is focused on a child. Government mandated charity is no longer charity, charity alone is a singular act, only driven through volunteerism. But like a criminal skimming off the top, our officials always find ways to spend money, to ensure they will receive the same funds next fiscal year. It’s not their money, so why should they be concerned about what is it spent on, the old tax code and legislation covered their movements and decisions, so they are not beholden to the citizens. They have the right and ability to draft law and regulation to ensure they have the latitude to make decisions on how to spend money on whatever they can justify. So, charity is again used against us to place the blame on the other political party, since our chosen charity is so much better than theirs, or so we think. Partisan all of it and all of it used against us, to enrich them.

Social evolution, and the idea that we have evolved into a better or worse society based on how we appear when viewed from the podium. As humans, we have remained unchanged for millions of years. And we are lead to believe that we have socially evolved more in the last 50 years than in any other period of time. If anything, we are more disconnected from our families and friends and more disjointed from our communities than ever in human history. We expect the government to fix our problems, instead of relying on our own families to support each other. The only thing that has changed in the past 50 years is popular culture. Popular culture is always changing, and measuring ourselves based off of popular culture allows us to be servants to popular culture and popular belief. We are the same people we were 10 years ago, just more life experience is what we have earned towards knowledge and understanding. Polls and popular opinions will always change, be swayed and most of the time, not accurate by any means. Polls are the foundation that social evolution is built upon, hubris and wannabe gods waving their hands at their audience, before they wag their finger at their competitors.

All of these points are used to fool us into believing in any person. People can be good, but if the opportunity presents itself for riches fame and influence, and that opportunity is quickly and easily attained, it will be taken by most. It’s human nature and human nature has proven to be evil and vile in all positions and levels of power.

All of these talking points are used to allow people the luxury to lay down and take a break, hoping that their candidate will take over and help them out. Forming a reliance on the government, legislation and regulation, forcing families apart and creating a lazy addiction of taxation and government assistance. We live outside of our means, because we want and not because we necessarily need. We want because our neighbors have, it’s a weakness that must be combated with personal responsibility, accountability and the nuclear family. The more we give to our government, the less we will always have.

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