Seeking Adversity, Challenge and Competition

The U.S. Military is an institution unmatched in the world. In any of the five branches a person will experience adversity, challenges and competition unlike anything else they will ever encounter. These exercises in extreme human development present the opportunity for an individual to rise to greatness, be part of history and achieve a level of humanity often lost in our perceived modern culture. The U.S. Military forces individuals to be part of a team and work towards a goal, regardless of personality differences and background experience. This type of head on in your face adversity demands results and collaboration between people. Aggressiveness, persistence and communication are crucial traits that will be strengthened.

If anything, the U.S. Military creates people persons. In the service you must be able to work together and focus as a single outcome. Planning, communication, team building and achieving the unbelievable, all of these skills are honed and bolstered. That is why war stories and military history are so important to our future. They give us great leaders to look to for inspiration for our future. If anything is possible, the U.S. Military will achieve it before anyone else. Excellence is always expected and nothing less will do. The war stories from our families and friends always inspire and make it that much more difficult for the next generation to succeed. But without past feats of bravery and courage, how will the future generations know what the measurement of excellence is? The bar is always being raised, and it must if we are to continue.

The greatest recruiting tool for the military are the warriors that came before them. They inspire our youngsters to one day take the lead and protect us. It is important to hear these old veterans out, and listen to what they are telling us, it gives us a model of what to replicate and how to go beyond what they have done. Every war is different and every warrior has a different biography, but it is those who came before us and volunteered to fight for us. That is the competition, they fought for us by volunteering and doing the hard work so it would be easier for us. Politics is often injected into battle, but in battle the defining factor is love and intestinal fortitude. Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen love and care for each other like nothing else in existence. The comradery and partnership between service members cannot be measured and with every test, it is emboldened and deepened.

Strict standards and tough people are what protect us from the evils of the world. These past warriors have stood guard against the maniacal forces that would persecute us to our demise, they have advanced and refused the enemies of Americans any ground. The warriors of present day continue this advance on the enemy, pushing them back and helping them to rethink their positions. The future warriors must embrace the past to motivate their initiative.

War creates the greatest leaders and followers. Without defending our country for over 200 years we would cease to exist. Adversity, challenges and competition allows the individual to become great and humble. It helps them to remember that there was once a time in their life when they achieved the unthinkable and were surrounded by the greatest of their generation.

Anybody has the ability to achieve anything, but if there is no history to look back upon and there is no adversity, challenge or competition to overcome, then there is no need for success and excellence.

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