God, Family and Country

God, family and country are the only staples any society needs to embrace and value over all else in order to prosper in a world of depravity and taxation. Belief in God enables us to appreciate human life and the sanctity of innocence. The family bond is the strongest bond and it propels its youngest members to higher levels of success and satisfaction than those who came before. Country and the need to protect your home and beyond is the only way we remain free and independent. A safe and secure country grants freedom of maneuver for your family to go out and prosper, enriching each generation more than the last, guaranteeing your lineage the ability to thrive in the future. America was built on these three principles, in this exact order. God is what creates families, family is what provides and protects, and country, the last staple, no country is possible without God and families. Ignoring any one of these principles opens the door to depravity and genocide, and invites these evil traits into your home and family.

God and a belief that man cannot control all. This belief in a higher power humbles us and gives us a model of what to strive for in life. Understanding that we cannot create life and that we are given a gift with life, is the truest form of appreciation. This enables us to do good over evil, free will is always present. If God never existed, then good versus evil would simply be tossed aside for strength and dominance. That is how America has existed in an evolving world, other governments and world powers have died out over time, while America has continued to lead. Never allowing a single man, woman or family to reign exclusively and understanding that we do not control all. This allows us to find fault within our elected representatives and strip them of power before they force their man-made power upon us in total and maniacal dominance. History has proven over and over that any society or country that promotes man over God will quickly falter and be erased from earth.

Family is what must be valued and saved. Family is how each generation becomes stronger and more resilient. Without family, we are merely wandering beings, no belonging and no roots. Family is the architecture that America was built around. If our country and traditions are to keep their foothold on humanity then family must be bolstered and solidified. Family may not always be easy, however; family and blood never change, it only empowers their offspring to build and prosper to protect the old and make way for the new. Family protects children and grants that children’s values and beliefs are founded upon continuing tradition and family-sufficiency. Children without families are quickly swept up to be molded into suicide bombers and pawns for political games. Once those games and killings are complete, then those family-less children are again thrown away by the same “charity” groups that propped them up in the first place. Family must protect and provide for its own. If family looks outside for strangers to protect and provide, then those services will always be tallied with interest and sales tax.

Country, in order to be a people belonging to a country, that land must be pure, protected and absolute. A country without borders is merely middle ground, it will be trashed and not valued or cherished. Without a defined country with laws and borders, then allegiance will never be required to police the land and protect the families that inhabit that land. Only sovereign countries and nations can leverage their authority for their own benefit. Borderless lands have no say and will never be viewed as legitimate. Bridges are used to navigate terrain features that would otherwise be impossible for the vast population. Bridges are meant to interconnect a country, not to allow other nations entrance. We are either a country or we are not, if we openly grant everyone entrance, then it is only a matter of time before we will wander like Bedouins.

God, family and country, without all of these three staples, America will fall from grace. All three must be deliberate and all three must be followed. These simple yet revolutionary practices are what we use as our opposable thumb to a world of four fingered nincompoops. Popular culture would have you believe that the resistor or revolutionary would flex against these three pillars. It is in fact these three principles that empowers America to rebel and resist the rest of the world. It is because of this agitation that the rest of the world caters to America and hates America in the same breath. The outside voices will always smile and pretend to appreciate America, when they shake hands with you, their fingers are crossed behind their backs. The world yearns for America’s demise. Thank God, hug and kiss your family and protect your house and your country. All we have is God, family and country. All we need is God, family and country.

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